Uranus in Taurus Ingress Reflected in PBS NewsHour Video Clip

From an astrologer’s perspective, May 15, 2018 was huge: Uranus, planet of sudden change, revolution, and all things humanitarian moved into Taurus, the sign of our values. And in my experience, when most people talk about their values it’s often related to money. Not just literally coin, benjamins, Gs, the cold hard cash:  but, attitudes about it, love of it, ways we use it, receive it, share it, hoard it and have shame about it.

I loved seeing this story on the PBS News Hour online extra on the 15th, the day of the Uranus ingress.  On the day Uranus (intelligence, humanity, science) starts it’s transit of Taurus (money) we have here a scientifically proven bit of research about who this more likely to get rich. And it’s not smart people either. Turns out even a very smart sociopath would have a run for her money, literally, against the…..mediocre and the lucky. Watch to see more! Revolutionize your idea of the face of wealth! And rethink the wisdom of venerating the rich. Why venerate the mediocre and lucky?

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