Free Astrology Forecast June 17 thru 23, 2018 PST

If you can’t access the link below on your phone, please scroll to the bottom of the Welcome page where there is an alternative audio link.


This week sees Neptune station retrograde on Monday June 18, 2018 at 4:27 pm: if you need a reality check, chances are you’re feeling it now. Neptune rules higher states of blissed out consciousness, and while divine inspiration is really possible under it’s station and following trine to Mercury 6/20/18….it’s also possible to be deceived (by yourself, always painful) or not really be seeing things as they are. Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune form a grand trine this week so abundant energy for healing and communicating our emotions and feelings to others and the universe so go for it, you can express yourself! Mercury opposes Pluto at the end of the week: don’t let anyone else use fear or control to keep you in check when it comes to living your feelings about your new values. With Cancer in the mix expect family to be a priority starting Thursday.

And at about 1 minute in when I say the Sun is in Leo I mean the Moon is in Leo! Because the week starts with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Leo.



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