Astrology Forecast July 9–15, 2018

July 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse

Welcome to the free astrology forecast for the week!  All times are Pacific Standard Time. Chart wheel is drawn using Solar Fire v.9.

This is a big week starts off with a lot of mental activity and intense communication Monday July 9:  Mercury in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio very early Monday morning. We want to feel recognized (Leo) for our thoughts/speech (Mercury) and Jupiter (expansion, growth) is in Scorpio (intense emotions). Both signs are strongly attached to what they value.  Expect to hear (and think!) and abundance of emotionally charged speech Monday and Tuesday and avoid getting caught up on the drama of others; it’s not great for business or communication, better to wait till mid-week because the noise will be confusing. Additionally, to add to the mix on Monday, Venus enters Virgo at 732pm; our values shift to what Virgo rules: health routines, purity, intellect, healing, pets and handicrafts. You might be made aware of something new or innovative in these areas early this week as revolutionary Uranus trines Venus Wednesday night. Could be a good few days to meet someone new at the gym, juice bar or Humane Society!

Jupiter in Scorpio turns direct Tuesday July 10 at 10:04am.  Big emotions are expressed, secrets are revealed and a sense of optimism returns with Jupiter moving forward. Jupiter makes the sign it’s in bigger and better, and has the potential to help us all feel the most positive Scorpio has to offer. Jupiter rules gambling and sudden windfalls, and Scorpio rules money we acquire through inheritance and marriage and other people. When Jupiter goes direct, big financial gains or losses are possible. Avoid making any big decisions or signing contracts today; there is a lack of clarity when a large planet with a slow orbit changes direction. Allow yourself to wait a day or two and then return to the decision you need to make.

Wednesday July 11 at 10:59am the moon moves in Cancer and we start feeling the power of the New Moon, which is exact Thursday July 12 at 7:48pm. Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are the signs that will most likely feel the emotions of this New Moon the strongest. Both days bring us up close and personal to any fears we have about our security. This is a New Moon and partial solar eclipse, giving the darkness of this New Moon more power than usual. The Sun and Moon fuse in the cardinal (initiating) water (feeling) sign of Cancer and both Big Lights are exactly opposite Pluto which rules death and new beginnings. Cancer is all about home and hearth, but we’ll be feeling anything but snuggled up. A helpful healing image for the regenerative power of Pluto is that of a snake shedding it’s skin; Pluto is death/rebirth, and a snake is the same/different after it’s external death. With this new moon, we may experience a death of something within us related to our sense of security and our sense of nurturing self/others.   Family and funds are what make most of us feel safe in a chips-are-down situation. And many of us simply fail to nurture ourselves, or fail to do so consistently.  Cancer is often mistaken for a weak, wimpy cry-baby and it is anything but; Cancer likes to start things, especially things that make it feel safe like a full fridge, a paid off home, money in the bank and family gatherings. Cancer also clings to the past and doesn’t like change; resistance will hurt more, though, so have faith in the new currents bringing you new information and nutrients to support your personal growth and empowerment. It’s very possible with this lunation to feel a need to end something and have a new beginning with family, tribe, home and how you nurture yourself and others. Expect emotions to be strong, but they are strong so you can return to your center with a new found sense of capacity, a feeling that you can care for yourself and others and feel safe. Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn; there is a strong earth foundation to support intense emotions and for us to release and begin anew.

Friday morning at 10:31am the moon moves into Leo. Things lighten up and we want to shine and share ourselves with friends and loved ones. Moon and Mercury conjunct in Leo Saturday at 5:01pm; it will feel good to talk with friends or entertain friends at home and share yourself, inspire and create good times. Both days will feel good after the early part of the week and both are good date nights so if you go out or stay in, have fun!

Last thoughts:  It’s possible this week to feel very aware of some powerful foundational support from the non-ordinary world of Spirit. Both water and earth elements are aligned in a grand trine (think: pyramid, super stable but also inert). If you look at the chart above, you’ll see 2 different blue triangles.  Trines support us with ease. Certainly ease can lead to laziness, that is an issue with this pattern in astrology. But for this week, with the intense energies, these trines give us great support. Jupiter in Scorpio is on the Midheaven here in Arizona, so that I think will give many of us here a sense of benediction as the sun sets on this lunation. Bless yourself and others.

My channeled suggestion for the week: Find out a new or different way to nurture yourself that’s authentic, or make adjustments and changes to ways you’ve traditionally nurtured yourself. Consciously make connections with the earth through walking barefoot, gardening, acknowledging earth spirits or just ordering a side of root vegetables.

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