Free Astrology Forecast July 16–22, 2018

Welcome to the free astrology forecast for Monday 7/16–Sunday 7/22 2018. All times are PST; chart courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Monday 7/16 will likely bring us up close to our sensitive points as Venus (values, love) and Mars (getting what we want) are inconjunct, an aspect pattern in which the two planets in question aren’t  in a flowing angle (which feels nice) but more like grinding angle, which can feel irritating; each has to make way for the other, though neither really wants to, and this sums up the feeling of the inconjunct aspect: one must adjust in the moment to get through it and resolve it. On this same date Mercury (communication, thoughts, short trips) forms an inconjunct to Pluto (power and control): be conscious of manipulations in the conversations both external and internal, you may have to consciously act to adjust to move through this energy gracefully. With moon in Virgo today and opposite Neptune at 1:25PM it’s unclear to see what’s really going on so don’t be hard on yourself, there’s more clarity tomorrow.

Tuesday 7/17 Moon goes into Libra at 12:52pm and there’s more interest in talking/socializing and having a bit more detachment. There’s a little bump Tuesday night with the socially adept Libra moon running into Saturn (authority,) at 819pm but it’s a small bump, because the moon trines Mars in Aquarius as well just before midnight so talking about conflict with people you trust (or just talking period) can lead to greater feelings of peace and security.

On Wednesday 7/18 the moon remains in Libra. It looks like a socially breezy day until 1143pm when the moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. Think: pretty young debutante (Libra) runs into a grumpy old man (Pluto) who makes her cry. Don’t stay up too late talking and socializing; it will likely grow sour the later it gets.

Thursday 7/19 sees the energy shifting with Sun in Cancer squaring Moon in Libra at 12:52 pm; both signs like to start things, but in different ways, one thinks and one feels and with the feelings, it may be family related because it’s Cancer, sign of home and hearth. Moon (security) goes into Scorpio (feelings, feelings and more feelings) at 6:13PM and immediately opposes Uranus in Taurus, and Taurus likes things placid, not emotional. When the moon moves into Scorpio, it activates a grand fixed cross with all the fixed signs: the Leo/Aquarius nodal axis of the moon, Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. All the fixed signs are concerned with values. I expect this to feel emotional into tomorrow.

MarsRXSouth Node 2018

Friday 7/20 brings us an opportunity to get in touch with where we’re backsliding in our lives right now and gives us a chance to correct our actions. Mars (getting what we want) lands on top of the transiting south node of the moon (old habits, behaviors we know well): it will be easier than usual to act in ways we know well, instead of acting in ways that are different and likely more empowering. Where are you tempted to behave or respond in ways that don’t serve your higher self? Mars is now retrograde, so this is a great time to review and look back at your own personal willfulness and make appropriate corrections where needed; Mars will move direct late in August and will move over this point again in September. Notice what catches your attention now because in 2 months you may notice it again when Mars rushes over this point again, this time with forward momentum and acting in the way Mars prefers: full steam ahead! Though perhaps this time without some of your more willful impulses. The ancient metaphoric image for the south node of the moon is the Dragon’s Tail, which is where the dragon excretes what is no longer needed. Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of freedom: where, how and with whom do you need more freedom to grow and act?

Early Friday morning the Scorpio moon squares Mars exactly, so there could be some minor shocks or moods in the morning. Later in the day the moon forms kind, supportive angles with Venus and Jupiter; it’s a great evening to spend time with your loved ones and friends you trust to share generous feelings and a sense of well-being and gratitude. Jupiter is faith. The moon trines Neptune just after midnight and it’s a dreamy evening, good for music and videos and creative inspiration.

Saturday 7/21 sees the moon in Scorpio all day. Moon squares Mercury (talk, communication) in Leo (recognition, loyalty, pride) at 100pm: brunch or lunch can be disrupted with drama and demands. The energy of 7/20 is still in effect!

On Sunday 7/22 we wake up to the moon in Sagittarius and feelings are more optimistic and there’s a sense of broader possibilities and action. The Sun moves in Leo at 201PM and at that point it seems even brighter. Leo is the sign of our heart; it rules children, loyalty, pride, passion and our personal creations (whether they are children or art). Leo is fire: the drama of the stage and screen. In the next few weeks Leo will be taking front and center stage, asking you to step more fully into the dramatic role that is your life!

Last thoughts:  I see Thursday evening till we wake up Sunday as a great opportunity to be aware of the shadow side of our personal will and make changes. Change starts with acceptance and a commitment to do better. Dear friends, family and clients, these are important steps to take now. There is a very powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27 which will occur at the same place as the Mars/South Node conjunction; it will emphasize even further the temptation, and the results, of being tempted to act willfully and with anger to advance our personal agendas.

My channeled inspiration:  The Sun is still in the feeling, watery sign of Cancer: family, ancestors, our past. Get in touch with feelings. And get in touch with the opposite of Cancer, Capricorn: the wise parent, the steward, the King. I was driving around and heard this great old song on KXCI the day before last week’s eclipse and it’s a good sound metaphor:  Hawaii ’78

Thanks for tuning in and see you next week!



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