Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 6–13, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT (Pacific Daylight Time); chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Well these are the dog days of summer and this week 6 of the 10 planets will be retrograde: now during these hot, slow days it’s a great time to revise, rework and reconnect. When so many planets are moving backwards, our attention is on our internal life. It’s perfectly OK right now to spend some time on your own; take stock of your situation and make peace with yourself. It’s not a great time to start something brand new. Wait till August 28th for that.

There’s an intensity and charge in the air as the week starts; Uranus, the invisible and distant planet of rebellion, sudden change, technology and radical movements is stationary and turns retrograde on Tuesday. Uranus is currently traveling through the sign of Taurus (what we value): so if you find yourself suddenly considering values you’ve never considered before, don’t worry! It’s perfectly OK and probably just what you need.

Monday 8/6–Tuesday 8/7: Both days are chatty and communication oriented with the moon in mental, talk-oriented Gemini. Venus moves into airy Libra at 4:28pm Monday and immediately forms a nice angle to backwards moving Mars in Aquarius: both planets like to talk about relationships, Libra for romantic reasons and Aquarius to improve the common good; and since both are in air, it’s detached and friendly not emotional and overwrought. These 2 are the principal relationship planets in astrology. It’s a great time to communicate with friends and loved ones about anything that needs sorting out. It’s also a great time for art projects: relationships involve objects in positive/negative space as you artists know, so if you are working out design problems in your art these are good days for that.

Wednesday 8/8–Thursday 8/9: The mood is a bit more security-centered; the moon is in Cancer. And, paradoxically, it’s easier to communicate from our heart-center Wednesday: the Sun is in fiery Leo now–passionate and creative engagement. Leo is the most powerfully creative sign of the Zodiac and rules our most precious creations, our children. Mercury is the planet that represents our thoughts/communications, and in Leo Mercury easily talks about the Self. It could be boastful, proud and obnoxious; or heartfelt, warm and generous. Try for the later. Thursday night the moon moves into Leo at 10:12pm; it’s opposite Mars, good for friendly competition. Great night for gaming.  There’s a bit of relationship insecurity early in the evening when Venus–relationships–moves into a challenging aspect with Saturn–reality and structure. It’s just a passing mood.

Friday 8/9:  The moon is in Leo all day and and feelings are optimistic. Mercury fused with the Sun in Leo Wednesday giving us a potent, yang expression of the vital power of fire; tonight the Moon (security, feeling safe) in Leo (creativity, recognition) has her chance to merge with Mercury: in short, it feels good to chat and to shine bright about what we love. Just be aware that Jupiter (big losses and gains) is in Scorpio (super powerful emotions, deep truth) and this big planet is squaring Moon/Mercury. Watch your spending and any tendency to believe something too good to be true. Instead, enjoy the dramatic nature of this energy by going out and enjoying some entertainment. Let the drama unfold on screen….rather than your front porch! The moon today makes it’s monthly conjunction (fusion) with the transiting North Node of the Moon: anything you do today to shine with creativity and help others shine, too, helps you on your spiritual path.

August 11 Leo Solar Eclipse

Saturday 8/10:  There’s a New Moon in Leo early this morning at 2:58am; most of us will sleep through it here in Tucson, feeling it mostly on Friday as it builds in potency. New Moons are times to manifest, bring into reality, the essential soul-nutrition we need to thrive:  when the New Moon is in Leo the goal is to recognize and manifest our love of Self.  Not the love of  the ego-Self (easy)  which can boast, bully and rule with absolute power; but love of our Heart-self, which has a bit of humility and lets us generously share our passion with others, not beat them over the head with it. Getting in touch with our hearts may be challenging Friday and Saturday; Pluto (power) in Capricorn (structure, parents, laws) forms a hard and unfriendly angle to this new Moon, and that means we may have to sort through the darkness to feel our hearts: you may have to find ways to adjust to powerful demands and criticisms that get in the way of your creative expression. For example, there could be an inner parent that comes out and puts you down every time your inner child goes for the finger paints. Find a way to divert that parent and grab the paints and run! Jupiter, mentioned earlier in this forecast, is adding lots of drama to this Leo New Moon: expect to hear about some hidden truth that gets exposed.

Sunday 8/12 the moon is in Virgo; it’s a task oriented day, busy. Watch for tendencies to over-analyze whatever your experience was of the New Moon. Watch also for a change in the way energy in general is expressed: Mars has been in airy, detached Aquarius since Mid-may and tonight at 7:13pm it slips into the preceding sign, Capricorn, as it continues it’s backwards motion. Mars in Capricorn is earth: it’s real stuff, not conceptions like Aquarius, and deals with the material plane. Planning, logistics, practical goals suddenly seem relevant. If you feel an urge to start something suddenly the next few days, it’s OK, because the instinct of Capricorn is to initiate business; however, with Mars retrograding just chomp at the bit another 3 weeks: because when Mars goes direct on the 28th, we’ll all start moving forward.

Final thoughts:  It may feel frustrating that things seem to not be moving forward. Just stick with what’s working, and continue to revise, edit. The purpose of this time is to bring in new values to helps us shine in our future endeavors!

My channeled inspiration:  The jaguar is the most powerful cat in the Americas. And like it’s cousin the Lion, you’d think this massive cat would have one favorite meal, the meal of kings: Sirloin Tip, T-Bone, some fancy cut of cow.  However, jaguars love frogs above steak. A jaguar killed in Tubac, Arizona in the mid 1950s had a belly full of frogs.

What is it that you love to do? What is your favorite thing to do? When you were a child, you knew the answer to this question. It was a game, an activity, it was hopping on your bike and heading down the driveway, it was the private discoveries you made out in nature.  Leo is the sign of children. As a child, you knew what delighted you. Jaguars love to swim and eat frogs; not quite what you’d think. And yet, that’s what this big cat does. What about you? What’s something you love to do that makes you feel good? Put on your bunny slippers, slide into your Underoos, pour a bowl of Lucky Charms and watch some cartoons. Whatever it takes: take a moment to do what you did for fun when you were a child, and this week the magic will follow.






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