Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 13–20, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

This week looks less intense than last week!  We still have 6 planets retrograde, still not a good time to sign contracts or start new projects: things won’t launch or will be delayed. However there are great opportunities for reconnecting with people who are important to us; connecting now means we’ll have more peeps on our side when the planets start moving forward, so connect and reconnect! Mercury goes direct Saturday night; Mars and Saturn will move direct in another few weeks (dates below) and then we’ll be cooking with gas. The headline this week though is Saturday, when Jupiter (growth, optimism, faith) forms a durable, flowing angle with Neptune (urge to connect with the cosmos, the world of spirit, the martyr, the addict).  Big spiritual healing is possible; so is being sold a bill of goods or living in a fantasy world. If you have images/ideas you are trying to promote for business, politics, or art this is a week when people will be receptive. Neptune is the planet that rules photography and film. When these two planets flow together it’s inspiring and daydreamy; don’t expect logic to make a strong showing this week. Wait till next week to make any serious decisions, if you can.

Monday 8/13: Today feels busy; the moon is in detail-oriented Virgo and forms an easy angle with Mars (personal will) in Capricorn (business, logistics, planning) at 9:37p.m. and you might find yourself working on a project late, feeling confident.  The mood flips at 9:57p.m., though, when the moon moves into Libra (thinking and evaluating relationships), and forms an immediate square with Saturn (reality-check): after a long busy day you may hit the sack feeling insecure about how you relate to your peeps. Don’t worry; it’s just a blip. On Tuesday 8/14 the moon stays in Libra and merges with Venus, also in Libra, at 11:05a.m.: together 2 planets want to keep it light, fun, conflict-free and chatty. It’s an excellent day for a romantic lunch; make your reservations now! Venus moves on to form a nice angle to backwards moving Mercury later in the evening: it’s also a good evening to go out for a romantic dinner. It’s a social day; more short trips,  possibly because you’ve forgotten or lost something because Mercury is still retrograde.  We wake up Wednesday 08/15 and it might feel very secure insecure because the relationship-focused, flip-flopping Libra moon getting a challenge from Pluto (control, power) in Capricorn (business); maybe our flirty ways lead to some manipulative behavior. Take the high road! The mood improves throughout the day as the Libra moon has a sweet angle to the Leo Sun: air and fire sparkle. Like Tuesday, it’s a nice afternoon and evening and fine for going out and having fun with friends.

Thursday 8/16 the moon is in Scorpio at 1:54a.m.: with Jupiter already in that sign, the emotional intensity of this moon is amplified, and the moon forms an immediate square to Mars, so if you’re up in the wee hours watch for irritation and sharp words. At 6:27a.m. the moon moves opposite Uranus (surprises, radical change) so you could find yourself shocked by something/someone this morning: perhaps a noisy leaf-blower waking you up an hour earlier than planned. Or maybe you just hear something that gets you thinking outside the box as you drive to work. The moon is also in an easy angle to Saturn (stability) in Capricorn (business); so there’s good support this morning to get to work. Friday 8/17 the Moon meets Jupiter; the two merge and together form and a nearly perfect flowing angle to Neptune (urge to merge with the cosmos, the illusion of duality) in Pisces (the sign associated with Neptune: so the urge to merge is double strength!).  This is very powerful healing and spiritual energy; it allows us to easily participate in a divine experience, whatever that means for you. Forgiveness. Compassion. Just little stuff like that is just a bit easier to connect with.  It’s fair to say you might feel unexpectedly tearful or emotional, especially if you have planets natally in signs like Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer. It can feel like you’re a dry sponge soaking up all the emotions around you from everyone whether you know them or not: so if you’re tearful, it might not just be you. This energy peaks on Sunday at 12:48a.m.

Mercury Direct August 18, 2019

On Saturday 8/18 the moon is in Sagittarius starting at 9:45a.m.  Sagittarius isn’t concerned with emotion at all; it’s the spirit of adventure, the sporting life and the armchair philosopher. To add to the sense of broader horizons, there’s a sextile (opportunities) aspect between Venus (love) and Mercury (communication, thinking) in the morning as well. Mercury is stalled during the day, getting ready to turn direct at 9:25p.m., so it really lingers with Venus all day improving odds that you could have a romantic opportunity.  The energy between these planets really sparkles; and it helps that both are in signs of the zodiac that prioritize love–Leo and Libra. Leo for the passion; Libra for the aesthetic. But when your eyes are star-crossed, does it matter the difference? This is an excellent day to reconnect with friends, make phone calls, enhance your love life; new romance is possible as well as rekindling some old flames: this energy supports both. On Sunday the Jupiter/Neptune trine perfects overnight; the morning is good for communication and if you spend the night with a loved one, the mood won’t sour in the morning, it’s safe to stick around for a late breakfast. In the afternoon the optimistic Sagittarius moon squares dreamy Neptune: don’t miss out on important facts and get caught up in a fantasy. Music and the arts are a nice way to spend the afternoon and safely get lost in illusion; staying home with a movie at night might be the wisest course.

Final thoughts: It still feels like the doldrums out there; not much seems to be moving ahead. Continue revising, revisiting and reviewing because when the momentum moves forward it will feel rapid and we’ll miss these dog days of summer. Dates to keep track of:

August 28: Mars has been retrograde for about 3 months, most of that time in non-starting fixed Aquarius, and moves direct at 28 degress of Capricorn; if you’ve been chomping at the bit to move forward and are being blocked, doors start to open today. Capricorn likes to get things started and Mars is always strong in this sign.

September 6: Saturn has been retrograde since April 17 and turns direct on this date; business will move forward with a bang!

Mercury in Leo is very active this week; the planet of communication is in a very outgoing, masculine sign associated with pride and self-confidence. Big, expansive Jupiter continues to square this and the trend in bellicose speech that doesn’t back down will continue. Both planets are in fixed signs and they dig in.  Avoid taking extreme positions no matter what the consequences, it won’t end well. Look at Canada and Saudi Arabia; their current diplomatic crisis is fine example of this energy in the collective.

My channeled inspiration:  The Jupiter/Neptune trine this week is a spiritual gift; however it is you do faith, this is the week to plug in! I’m really hearing it’s time to let your grasp on logic slip a bit and know you can do this and be safe and supported. Being illogical at times is a useful stance; it’s not clownish, ignorant or uninformed. All cultures teach of the Wise Fool.  So being a bit illogical may bring magic into your life. Also know this week the images we look at carry extra weight and seep into our consciousness, shaping our beliefs (Jupiter) and spiritual vision (Neptune): find photos, pictures, paintings, videos, screensavers that feature positive emotions you want in your life. Take a scenic drive or ride. An image of First Responders might inspire courage; an image of nature might inspire peace. This movie trailer about artist Andy Goldsworthy might help get you started.





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