Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 20–27, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT; chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

It’s been hard for some of you to cope with the intense energies lately; there are planets in astrology for depression, anger, war, hostility, violence– Mars and Saturn– and both are flexing their muscles this week and next as they prepare to stop motion and move direct. Additionally, both are in the sign of Capricorn: Saturn rules this sign, so it’s super strong in in it’s own territory of business and responsibility. Mars seeks to assert/advance causes dear to Capricorn: business, commerce and socially constructed reality. With the distant, dark Pluto (think power and control) also in Capricorn, this sign is on steroids the next few weeks, both collectively and in our consciousness.

Mars stops to change from retrograde to direct once every 2 years, and when it does it brings our awareness to the presence of our ego in our lives, showing us where we need either a little more or a little less personal will.  Capricorn is one of the 4 signs of the zodiac that likes to initiate action (Aries, Cancer and Libra are the other self-starters); moving backwards, Mars in this sign is frustrated because it’s natural ambition to move forward is thwarted.  Mars rules the military, war, aggression as well as our own personal acting out of anger; so conflagrations will be evident this week as Mars slows down and appears to stop Saturday (the day of the full moon) and then move direct next Monday. Mars touches a very sensitive spot in the natal chart of the USA (July 4, 1776), landing right on top of the USA natal Pluto when it moves direct; even astrologers that differ on whether to follow the Tropical or Sideral Zodiac agree that some sort of national military action or national business merger/power-play is likely around this time.

Monday 8/20: Today is a nice feeling day with moon in Sagittarius; it’s detached and fun loving and makes a nice angle to the Sun in another fire sign, Leo, at 4:47pm.  Happy hour looks good! Mercury went direct 2 days ago; things feel like they’re beginning to turn around. It’s optimistic after work until 8:59pm when the moon moves into Capricorn; even though it’s time for bed we might feel instead like it’s time for work.

Tuesday 8/21 and Wednesday 8/22 the moon is in Capricorn; it’s work and task oriented with both days potentially hitting a raw nerve. On Tuesday at 3:51pm the Sun is in the last days of pay-attention-to-me Leo and makes a hard angle to Mars in Capricorn. The Sun wants to shine, be recognized as Sovereign Leader and Mars says no-way we are starting work now on our long-term plan. These 2 planets are very much about our ego; and when they don’t communicate well, as in this aspect pattern on this day, there’s often some frustration. Don’t fly off the handle; instead watch others do so…..from a safe vantage point.  Wednesday is less dramatic; but it may feel emotionally painful in the morning when the moon (security) in Capricorn meets up with Pluto (power and control) at 1145am. The tension breaks at 9:09pm when the Sun moves into grounded, earth sign Virgo. The next 4 weeks as the Sun moves through this busy, thinking, health-conscious earth sign more of us will be thinking about health, fitness, diet, work routines, pets and anxiety. Virgo is ruled by the thinking planet Mercury. You may feel unexpectedly anxious tonight, maybe thinking about some of the recent emotional intensity. Give yourself a break and head to bed early.

Thursday 8/23 the morning starts off with a bit of a mood as the moon, STILL in Capricorn meets Mars at 7:19am.  This combination usually adds up to a bad mood; if so, it will last till 9:56am when the moon moves into detached, emotionally absent Aquarius.  The moon squares the ruler of it’s sign, Uranus, at 2:55pm: a surprise, something odd or out of the ordinary. Maybe resistance to a new idea or value. Friday 8/24 the moon stays in Aquarius; it’s a social day, unlike earlier in the week, with the moon making aspects to mercury, Jupiter and Venus all day and all night. Get out and have some fun; the only caution is, with Jupiter (big) in the mix, you could overdo it with the fun so pace yourself.  It will feel good. The social, friendly and detached energy makes happy hour and date night look promising. Saturday 8/25 it still feels good. The Sun in Virgo makes stabilizing, harmonious angles to Uranus and Saturn today, both also in earth signs. It feels grounding. Use this to your advantage if you’ve been feeling spacey; and if you’re already grounded, don’t let this stability turn into….stasis. That can be lazy. Stay focused on your long game! The moon goes into Pisces at 10:32 pm; a water sign, Pisces is feelings. Expect a lot of them: the moon is full in just a few hours!

Pisces Full Moon August 27, 2018

Sunday 8/26:  The moon is in dreamy Pisces today and the moon is full in this sign at 4:56am. Pisces is a psychic sign; you may have strong intuitions and psychic insights with this lunation. The Sun is in Virgo, opposite the moon; and Virgo is the sign of discernment, what Pisces needs to sort valid, authentic intuition from fear-driven anxieties and controlling negative self talk. Sun, Saturn and Uranus are all in the early degrees of Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn; this earth makes for a stabilizing full moon.  Lurking in the shadows is a very strong square between Venus (love, values) in Libra (relationships) and Pluto (control/power). This square forms just twice during the 225 day Venus orbit and the 2 days it does are usually emotionally difficult. Even though the full moon is intuitive and stabilizing, that’s not always positive-feeling; this energy could have you feeling very stuck/stabilized about intense emotions about relationships. If so, the feelings wane after 12:18pm. I don’t see it as a good day for brunch. The morning might be testy; if you can, maybe get out in nature instead. People will be prickly.

Final thoughts:   The right use of power is a real problem for us humans.  Through mid-September there are abundant and powerful energies at play; we’ll have opportunities to feel and use our personal power, as well as heal from abuses of power we’ve personally experienced in our lifetimes.  Gender is a bedrock of power inequity. A reporter for a Boston newspaper recently talked about his observations of the power and ease he experienced in the workplace when he transitioned from being a woman to being a man. Fascinating insider information!

My channeled inspiration:  Capricorn at it’s best is a yin earth sign that teaches hard work pays off; it’s the Wise Steward/Wise Father. The benign CEO. At it’s worst, it’s Pharoah in the Old Testament, that guy who always hardened his heart when Moses asked for a hand: the autocrat, the dictator, Yul Bryner looking his best.  Avoid the heart hardening. For those of you physically able, vigorous work is the best prescription for Mars in Capricorn. Clean that closet, garage; organize something; exercise: in this sign, Mars likes to work so use this energy to help you, not stop you because you’re not getting what you want right now (very possible as Mars is retrograde!). I’m remembering what Jesse Jackson once famously said: “You can’t go to freedom school on a Pharaoh scholarship”. Get to work! Liberation is a possible unintended consequence.







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