Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 27–September 2, 2018

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT, though I’m currently on vacation in Newfoundland and let me tell you the Newfoundland Time Zone (3 1/2 hours minus UTC) has been messing with me.

Chart courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Mars Direct Augst 27

Monday 8/27 the moon is in Pisces all day; in the morning there are easy aspects between the moon and Jupiter and Neptune–both of these planets are also the rulers of Pisces. Spiritual practice, contemplative practice, art making, creative incubation, dream work are all indicated when these energies are strong. It’s dreamy feeling. Mars has been stationing at 28 degrees of Capricorn these past few days and irritation for some people has come to head; today Mars feels better as it gets to move in it’s preferred motion–full speed ahead! This morning and all day you may feel an increased sense of possibility that you may actually be able to move ahead with some of your plans and goals; as well as feeling an increase in personal energy. On a more collective level, as I mentioned last week, Mars just happens to station practically at the same degree of Capricorn as the USA natal Pluto; Mars and Pluto together are a merger of power, control and will and both are in the sign that governs government. Expect some important news related to the US government/military around this time; certainly in the last 5 days as Mars has stationed on the USA natal Pluto there’s been some significant developments in the Muller investigation.

Tuesday 8/28 the moon is in Aries starting at 0935 am. Aries is all about Mars, and with Mars going forward yesterday there is more of a feeling of moving forward today through Thursday evening; there will be some short emotional blips along the way, but nothing you can’t handle. At 2:37pm when the moon squares reality-check Saturn you may just need to measure twice and cut once, don’t worry if you feel a bit held up with real stuff instead of the stuff of your passionate dreams, it’s not going to be forever Aires! There’s a similar little blip Wednesday night 8/29 when the moon runs into Pluto, also in Capricorn, at 9:57pm and issues related to power/control (could just be your own self-talk) could seem to interfere with your moving forward. If so, pay attention to what it is to improve your response next time around. Overnight into Thursday 8/30 it’s social and chatty, once the moon is done with Pluto. Thursday the forward momentum continues; the moon in Aries squares Mars, it’s ruler, at 4:04pm: don’t blow up this afternoon over something small and stupid.

At 6:30pm Thursday the moon goes into placid Taurus and meets up with where’s-the-revolution Uranus by 10:50pm. You might hear or see something surprising this evening, or become aware of an important new value you have. Saturn stabilizes this energy. It’s a great evening to work on a project. Adding to this stability, the Sun is in Virgo (busy, work-oriented, detail-obsessed) and may help you get stuff done, or at least finally get physically grounded after the first few days of Mars moving direct. Friday 8/31 the moon stays in Taurus and it’s a great day for socializing as the moon makes a nice angle to the busy, healing and super-smart Virgo Sun; there’s balance and flow here with masculine/feminine earth and the moon also forms a nice angle to Jupiter later in the evening, enhancing positive feelings. Nice opportunities to share what you’ve learned recently with your friends. We’re starting to feel the pleasant impact of Monday’s Mercury/Venus sextile; it’s just a pleasant angle between how we think (mercury) and who we like/love/value (Venus) and this makes this weekend feel good to communicate with loved ones. Expect more of the same on Saturday 9/1 with the moon moving to form a nice angle to Mars by the end of the afternoon; it’s a good day to do at least a little hard work on something you need to tackle. It will feel good.

Early Sunday 9/2 the moon goes into Gemini; with the Sun in Virgo, you may notice a bit of an uptick in anxious thinking as these 2 signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of thinking, and these signs square each other,meaning they challenge each other. Challenging thoughts are generally not relaxing so try for more mindfulness now through Tuesday. It may make a difference. Neptune is in Pisces, another sign that squares Virgo and Gemini, adding to increased thinking about things that may not really help you much. Labor Day (USA) Monday 9/4 the moon in Gemini makes nice angles to Mercury and Venus, and at 10:27pm the Mercury/Venus sextile perfects: this is a nice day to communicate your heart out. Talk, text, write, get on the phone; this is a positive day for communication.

Final thoughts: Mars moving direct allows us all to move forward. Next week Saturn joins in. Expect the pace to pick up; where you’ve been stalled you’ll see forward motion.

My channeled inspiration: We’re in Virgo now for another almost 4 weeks. Virgo is a practical earth sign that rules discerning what’s useful and what isn’t, the wheat from the chaff. It rules healing arts and pets. Virgos like to heal and therefore fix things and get obsessed about perfection to this end. I was thinking about pets and then thought of the the sheep here in Newfoundland, where I’m on vacation, and then thought of St. Agnes….and she’s always depicted with a lamb. Someone who was once a Catholic nun said, St. Agnes symbolized humility and innocence….and are those qualities always good for women to have? Because, many women relate to the idea of “always” having to be nice; because until recently, that was always the case, women and girls were not supposed to expect parity with men and boys, and were expected to smile every time (that is, every day) this was made clear, whether at home, in the school, in the workplaces and in places of worship. When Jupiter went into Scorpio last November, the #Metoo movement was just starting it’s huge upswell and opened the discussion, finally, on this universal demand by the patriarchy that women always be nice and finally it’s getting more OK more of the time to at least sometimes not be nice. There will likely be a last big push, collectively, in the #Metoo sphere before Jupiter leaves Scorpio in November. Just remember it’s OK to not be nice always.

As you move forward and accomplish more of your goals don’t forget to be as gentle as a lamb in the way you talk to yourself.

These are sheep. But think: lamb. These guys are so cute it’s easy!

Sheep courtesy Aylward Farms in Port Kirwan, Newfoundland from just before sunset today.

But that doesn’t mean to be sheepish in moving forward, either!

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