Intuitive Astrology Forecast September 3–9, 2018

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

This week’s big news is on Thursday 9/6 when Saturn makes it’s once-yearly switch from retrograde to direct motion: Saturn is in it’s own sign, Capricorn, and this is the sign of work, deadlines, pressure to get things done and managing time. Up through Thursday expect to feel more pressure about work, deadlines, logistics, business. When Saturn stops to turn direct it exerts more pressure on our psyches, and in it’s own sign it carries more weight. After Thursday your business plans will start to move ahead!

Monday 9/3 the moon is in Gemini; it makes pleasant contacts to Mercury (communication, short trips, siblings) and Venus (relationships, values): this is a great day to communicate, talk on the phone and catch up with your social network.

Tuesday 9/4 the mood changes when the moon goes into watery, moody Cancer at 504am; this is the sign of the moon, and the moon is at home here in the most security-oriented of the signs. At 922am the moon moves opposite Saturn in work-oriented Capricorn. It might feel a bit more insecure and/or emotional; the moon wants to be unfettered in it’s ability to feel and Saturn is all serious hard work, no time or interest in emotions as they don’t do anything practical from the ringed-planet’s perspective. The moon makes a nice angle to Uranus this morning so you might surprise yourself and come up with a creative solution/view of whatever it is that is setting off your feelings. The emotional trend continues Wednesday 9/5: the moon stays in Cancer and makes flowing aspects to Jupiter and Neptune, both in water signs of Scorpio and Pisces: with all the water there’s feelings, and it’s definitely possible to be emotionally overwhelmed or just tearful for no apparent reason. Listening to uplifting music and grounding yourself in nature are good approaches this morning. The moon opposes Pluto at 1241 pm and this is the peak of intensity today. Like Saturn yesterday, Pluto has no real concern about feelings and is very much into control/power; if you feel a bit insecure it will pass. Mercury–the quick moving messenger planet that connects us through communication–moves into the sign of Virgo tonight at 739pm. Virgo is Mercury’s home sign, and this planet loves to be in the practical, grounded earth element where it can analyze what’s going on in the real world and improve upon it immediately: this may give us all some helpful mental perspective on what we’ve experienced and giving us some much needed stability. For those of you you are strong, active thinkers you may find it hard to get to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night.

Thursday 9/6 is a potentially aggravating morning. There are a variety of brief but grating aspects. Before the moon goes into Leo at 654am, it squares Venus and opposes Mars: early morning will be dynamic. Saturn goes direct at 410am. And the moon squares Uranus at 1030am. Uranus is surprises, so you could just have a bit of a surprise at work. Once we get past 1030am, though, the stabilizing energy present yesterday with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus all in earth signs continues today through the weekend: it’s a very grounding energy to help us stay focused on our goals and values, and with Mercury (thinking) in the mix we may find it easy to over-think and over-analyze. Also after 1030 am today the moon in Leo moves to merge with the transiting north node, also in Leo; the north node is that point of grace/karma, and we can consciously intend this afternoon and evening to connect with our heart (Leo rules passion and heart-felt sentiments). What are you feeling passionate and creative about? Because with Saturn going direct today, this awareness could help you feel more optimistic about the much needed changes you are making.

Friday morning 9/7 the moon is in Leo; time to shine and enjoy sharing yourself with others. With Mercury in thinking Virgo expect to have a busy mind, and this could be a minor problem up until 1127am when the Sun (conscious identity, will, Self) makes it’s once-a-year opposition to Neptune (fantasy, dreams, spirituality). The Sun is in discerning, reality focused Virgo and Neptune is in unfocused, reality-denying Pisces: this is simply confusing energy as the two are completely different. Since it’s a work day keep this in mind if you have anything you really need to intensely focus on, as you’ll want to do that in the afternoon. The moon squares Jupiter this afternoon as well, so the confusion could seem big and dramatic. Tomorrow is the better night to go out.

Saturn Direct September 2018

Saturday 9/8 the moon makes nice aspects to Venus, Uranus, Saturn and Mercury; it’s a task oriented day, and grounding as well. There’s a potentially irritating square (challenge) between Venus (love, values) and Mars (willfulness, getting what you want). Both are in signs that like to start things: Libra and Capricorn. Venus and Mars are relationship planets. This energy has been building the past few days and is exact at 139pm. It’s not the best day for lunch; if you are planning on socializing, better after this time. Both planets want to get their way. Take a step back if you find yourself in a relationship squabble. Little things can get out of hand. Tomorrow you may get some perspective on your relationships/values when Venus, the planet of values, moves into emotionally deep Scorpio and immediately opposes Uranus in Taurus, the sign of values; maybe today you’ll get some surprising insight, detachment about whatever has been going on in your relationships. Today is the New Moon in Virgo at 1101am. Affirmations for the New Moon in Virgo generally involve manifesting intentions/behaviors related to health and wellness, discernment, daily routines, intellectual pursuits, handicrafts, craft guilds, pets and anything related to healing arts. Neptune in Pisces closely opposes this New Moon, adding a strong spiritual and mystical component; these are the domains of Neptune and Pisces. This is a powerful time to make your spiritual practices a priority, to incubate spiritual intentions and to dare to feel your spiritual power.

Final thoughts: Last week it felt like things finally started to get a bit unstuck; there is at least a sense of some forward momentum, or the possibility at least is in our awareness. This week Saturn moves forward. When planets are moving backwards, we experience internal change, often it’s unknown to us that internal transformation is happening. It feels instead like it’s stuck. Our will is stymied. That mood is changing now! Whatever plan that has either recently come to your awareness or that you’ve been quietly nursing along for some time, with Saturn moving forward expect more forward motion, some of it surprising as Uranus is supporting Saturn in a harmonious angle.

My channeled inspiration: When you pay attention the energy of whatever land you stand upon will speak to you. Up through the soles of your feet, the top of the head, through the air. This is a gem of green cleared land here on the very southern-eastern tip of Newfoundland and it was cleared by people in my father’s family. It is now lovingly preserved by a cousin. It takes enormous will and energy to clear land and make it arable here; and prior to machines, back in the early colonial period, I simply can’t imagine the difficulty. And the beautiful spot it is now over the centuries:

What do you need to clear that is related to to Saturn–such as other people’s rules, structures, pre-existing conditions, your own self-imposed fears and limits–so you have fresh clear new space for your new dreams and goals and plans? Nothing can move forward in a tangle or a thicket. Use this intense Saturn energy this week to clear out what you become aware of that’s in your way. And be kind to yourself as you do so! You might need to clear out boulders in your life, but don’t tread on your softer, slow moving parts:

Slow change is OK; just keep moving along!

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