Intuitive Astrology Forecast September 10–17, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the Forecast! All times are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours if you’re on the US East Coast. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Most of the time I write about the Moon; it moves quickly and sets the tone for the day. The other 9 planets move slower; their phase of influence, or orb as we say in astrology, is longer.  This week these other 9 planets play a starring role; and as they move slower than the Moon, they impact us longer. So you may find that when you read about Wednesday you say, Hey I felt that way Monday. That’s because the planets are building in strength as they start to form their perfect angle to each other, and planets that perfect their angle on Wednesday for example are already close enough on Monday that you’ll feel the impact. The Moon is only in a sign for 2 1/2 days so it can’t pull you out of yourself days ahead of time like the other planets.

Mars Enters Aquarius

Monday 10/10 the moon is in Libra through Wednesday morning. Relationships and values are on our mind when the moon is in this Venus-ruled sign. However our awareness of these themes is heightened by several larger forces.  Tonight at 5:56pm Mars enters Aquarius–the planet of willfulness and desire is in the sign of social justice, groups and revolution–and immediately mixes it up with Uranus (freedom) and Venus (values, love).  Uranus and Venus are opposing each other: so we have Mars, our ego, butting heads with freedom needs in relationships! This is the kind of week you learn your partner suddenly needs space or that your new love interest has a freaky side. In general, expect some of the following themes tonight through the end of the week: sudden upsets in love relationships, freedom in how we express our values, restlessness, surprise opportunities in love. In anticipation of this energy, it’s a great time to use it instead of being used by it: do (Mars)  something new  (Uranus) for you in the area of Venus (arts, cooperation, love) and, and do it deliberately: maybe go to an art gallery, art event of some sort. Group projects are also a good idea with Mars in Aquarius. That stalled work-group in the office may finally accomplish something.

Tuesday 9/11 the energy just continues to intensify. Just after midnight tonight Jupiter and Pluto form an exact sextile (opportunity); in Scorpio, Jupiter gives us faith to uncover secrets and hidden truths and let them be healed by the light of day. In Capricorn, Pluto seeks to destroy and rebuild outdated structures that govern us. These two planets have met up like this January 15th and April 14th; this is the last pass and we have another opportunity to get in touch with our authentic power and purge dis-empowering thoughts/behaviors/relationships. A mass consciousness expression of this opportunity is a power grab, a power play; and certainly, this can be seen expressing itself collectively in authoritarian regimes world-wide, and in the U.S. the question of executive power has been in the news this past week. On a personal level, you could be exposed to powerful, manipulative energies; don’t think these come just from others who seek to oppress us, very often that powerful, controlling voice is our own: you might use this transit to release your own secrets and feelings of inadequacy. It’s not like you alone have something hidden! Release and move on. In business affairs, this energy is excellent for growth; if you’ve been putting effort in over time in your business, this is the week you may see some very positive returns. Business ventures related to art and buying art are favored today and tomorrow as well.

Wednesday 9/12 is a very dynamic day. Relationships and values are on our minds and we’ll find it easy to get pulled out from ourselves and our preoccupations. Early this morning Venus (love, arts, values) made it’s once-every-225-day opposition to Uranus, that bad-boy planet of sudden change and freedom needs. Maybe last night or today you’ll be surprised by something or someone, or you’ll find a way to be liberated from something that’s been holding you back. It’s not uncommon to meet someone very different and find them attractive under this transit. The moon goes into Scorpio at 11:15am; it gets moody this afternoon. It’s a great day for the arts and solving creative problems related to art projects. Don’t get sucked into the emotional drama of others.

Thursday 9/13 the moon stays in Scorpio; there are plenty of aspects today that support emotional intensity and the healing of strong emotions that don’t serve us. You can notice and release these painful feelings as they come up. Today is just, simply, a confusing day. Mercury, planet of thinking, communication and short trips is opposite Neptune, planet of obfuscation. It’s simply not clear today. If you learn something surprising, or some secret has recently been exposed, don’t rush to act on what you learn today, give it a few days. You’ll likely have a clearer picture after this weekend. Neptune is painfully confusing because it doesn’t care about the ego; it wants to connect us to the Eternal Now, the divine. And Mercury likes to think about the ego and how to advance our agenda. You can see how these two cross up!

Friday 9/14 continues to feel a bit heavy with the moon in Scorpio. At 5:45pm the moon goes into Sagittarius and forms a nice angle to Mars in airy Aquarius; feels a bit detached, finally, and there’s a spirit of friendly competition. Nice for happy hour involving sports, darts, games; or go for a walk or bike ride after work, Sagittarius loves exercise.  On Saturday Mercury in Virgo forms an easy angle to Pluto in Capricorn at 7:52pm tonight; if you have to hit the books, or do anything requiring mental focus, you are well supported today. You may find yourself having tunnel vision or being a bit OCD. Mercury in Virgo is a very busy thinker; and Pluto in Capricorn loves to administer, control and manipulate. It’s a good day to learn something new or explore something psychological/hidden. Know that what you have to say to your loved ones will carry extra weight today.  It’s a good night to stay in and watch a movie; this energy is a bit solitary-feeling, and tonight at 10:13pm the moon squares Neptune, reminding us of yesterday’s lack of clarity. The moon stays in Sagittarius Sunday 9/14; go out in nature, be with horses or animals, go for a hike, walk, run or ride: this type of activity will help you connect all the dots and details you experienced this week, and help you reflect on your changing personal philosophies and values. Sagittarius loves to exercise, hunt, fish and loves horses. Horse around with friend.

Final thoughts:  Pluto will turn from retrograde to direct at the end of this month; we’ll start feeling it mid-week. This adds just more intensity to our awareness of power in all forms, and our relationship to power. If it feels intense, it’s because it is! Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, Mars the ancient one: Mars just went direct in motion and now Pluto is about to follow. Jupiter is in Scorpio until early November, and once both of the rulers of that sign go direct expect secrets to be dramatically revealed. When Jupiter went direct July 10th, the story about CBS executive Les Moonves broke; another sexual predator. This weekend more allegations came out; he will likely be forced out in these last days of Jupiter in Scorpio. If the White House leak who wrote the recent anonymous NY Times article critcizing the current US Administration survives this current transit of Jupiter in Scorpio (over November 7th), then that’s once secret that may remain concealed for some time. But whoever it is, the Jupiter/Pluto sextile this week ferrets out secrets like nobody’s business; it’s a tough week to remain hidden.

My channeled inspiration:  Power and shame go hand in hand; we frantically manipulate our environments to conceal what we feel shame about. It’s an uncomfortable subject, ruled by Pluto and Scorpio, energies which are powerful this week. When we feel internal discomfort it means we’re on to something we need to address to feel better….but sometimes it’s hard to get in touch with this raw nerve, we’ve buried it so much; I mean really, who wants to dwell on insecurity, shame? How we deal with our money (not having enough, for example) is a common place to find shame. If you’re up for it, try watching this skit from the new HBO show Random Acts of Flyness .  Sometimes we need to practice little bits of exposure to what makes us uncomfortable. If it makes you cringe even for a minute, maybe you can more readily find what you cringe about more personally in your daily life, and if so,  this is a great week to let that sucker go. Scorpio loves a good purge!


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