Intuitive Astrology Forecast September 17–23, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Daylight Time. Chart Wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

We start the week feeling the restlessness and tension of the final Mars/Uranus square; the first was May 16, the second August 1st and now the final one is on Tuesday. Uranus and Mars are the most forceful and volatile of the 10 planets; see Tuesday, below, for more info.

Mars Square Uranus 3rd pass 2018

Monday 9/17 the mood is all about work; the moon is in Capricorn (the sign of work) through Wednesday afternoon. Capricorn is currently the home of Saturn and Pluto, planets not know for their warm and fuzzies: it’s all about getting work done. Monday sees Uranus (innovation) form a nice angle to the moon at 7:57a.m.; a unique solution, a new insight to start your week? The moon also forms a nice angle to Venus at 3:03p.m. so afternoon at work is cooperative, friendly. Tuesday 9/18 is a soft start as the work-oriented moon makes an easy angle to Neptune (dreamy and definitely not into work). The big aspect of the day is at 4:00p.m. when Mars (ego, will, desire) meets retrograde moving Uranus (revolution, freedom from constraint) in a square (in astrology, a challenge).  Mars in Aquarius (social justice, groups, ideals) and Uranus in Taurus (values, banks, the establishment) both butt heads. There is a very strong urge to react to authority figures and to assert freedom and rebel from obligations, commitments and prior courses of action. We all need to periodically free ourselves of outworn behaviors, thoughts and relationships; if you are in need of a change, you’ll feel this transit.  These planets are squaring  for the third time since mid-May and August 1st. Think back then to get an idea of what might come up for you now. Outbursts will likely occur on the collective level as well; this square really puts pressure on the USA natal chart I expect some convulsive news this week, though that hardly seems like an astrological predication these days. Resist the urge to act rashly and wait a few days and cool it.  Expect to feel this tension through the Full Moon next week. Moving forward, Wednesday 9/19 is a good morning for meditation, concentrating on a task; the work-oriented moon makes nice angles to Mercury (thinking) and the Sun (Self); when the moon moves into Aquarius at 4:52p.m. it will stimulate yesterday’s square: I wouldn’t make any evening plans. Exercise, as always, is the best prescription for Mars; if this energy is getting to you, head outdoors to burn off some steam.

Thursday 9/20 is an important day in the Mercury cycle. For all you Virgos and Geminis ruled by Mercury, listen up. Today Mercury, which was recently retrograde, catches up with the Sun; the two merge, and then Mercury continues to race ahead until it can go no more and then will turn retrograde (next time, 11/17/2018). The day (today) when Mercury catches up with the Sun it can communicate a message to us about the recent retrograde period. Pay attention to what you learn today, what catches your attention, what you dream and daydream about and how it is related to your personal goals. The Winged Messenger helps us connect the dots. Both the Sun and Mercury are in the sign of Virgo: the message will be filtered through the values of this sign: health, wellness, endless mental analysis, discernment, exercise, pets, work routines, habits, our hands, crafts, intellect and healing others–Virgos are healers!

Friday 9/21 the moon remains in Aquarius: social, detached, friendly. Tonight at 8:40pm Mercury moves into the sign of Libra: this sign is air (mental), and here Mercury likes to think/evaluate personal and artistic relationships. It’s a change from the work and self-sacrifice of Virgo. If you’re up late talking, chatting, thinking don’t be surprised; it’s a nice night to talk with friends and loved ones.

Saturday 9/22 the moon is in Pisces (watery, dreamy, feelings) starting at 5:27am; it makes harmonious angles to Uranus and Saturn, so the water is structured: meditation, creative projects, silence in nature are all well supported with this energy. It might be nice to have a quiet morning; we have a big uptick in socializing energy tonight when the Sun (at 6:55pm) and Venus (at 9:22pm) follow Mercury into Libra. Venus (the planet of love, relationships and values) is in the sign it rules, and so is comfortable expressing itself and wants to start relationships; with the Sun adding vitality, Saturday night is a nice date night, though expect it to be a chatty one because the element of Air loves to talk. Don’t be a brute and tell your loved one to zip it!  Libra is the sign of the diplomat, the artist, the military general, the counselor, the peacemaker: all require an understanding of role of strategic cooperation in relationships to keep relationships going.  For you artists, this energy is great for tackling/resolving issues related to positive/negative space. Sunday 9/23 we come down to earth. Mercury in Libra is squared by Saturn; might be some negative thoughts or hard words about relationships, what you did last night or with whom you woke up with this morning! Mercury is also making a nice angle to Mars, adding to the potential ease of acting (Mars) on our thoughts: you don’t have to share or talk about everything! Make conversation win-win. Use this energy to study or tackle beautification projects in your life. Libra is mental energy and is at odds with the gentle, healing, peaceful Pisces Moon in the background making deeply spiritual contacts to Neptune and Jupiter, letting us accept and heal. You might feel a bit insecure as you are pulled from mental world to the intuitive one and back again.

Final thoughts:  It’s hard to believe that just 6 weeks ago a majority of the planets were moving retrograde and not much was moving forward. Now it feels like there’s a definite quickening of energy;  this flow can hasten the breakdown of blockages and flush them right through your system! You cannot move forward with a heavy load; and you can simply ask your higher self, your god/goddess–to be relieved of any burdens you are carrying, both the ones you are aware of and the ones you are not. Because it’s the baggage you are unaware of, or deny,  or have forgotten about that really drags us down; it’s still getting us to think and behave in ways that are part of our past, not our present or future. Truly, some of this stuff we do is so autopilot! All the more reason to make this intention a part of your practice.

My Channeled Inspiration:  These are the last days of the Sun in Virgo. Virgo is the sign that rules purification.  Bathing, smudging, sweat lodges are all means of purifying onself. Not too long ago, in many parts of the world, women walked–descended–down from daily life to wash self and wash their wovens and knits in moving water; purification of self and the garments that get worn and need to be renewed, cleaned and ready for new life.  There is of course a shadow to this matter.  Purity has taken a whole new meaning in the patriarchal era.  I heard a radio story this week about the Purity movement in evangelical Christianity; women and girls are expected to not just maintain their purity but the purity of the men they interact with. I think you all know what purity means in this context. That is some trip to put on a girl or woman. We don’t think much about purification these days; maybe we think we can’t ever be that clean and wholesome, or think of it as a religious thing. It’s an attitude, helped by ritual. Take back your purity. You’ve done hot sweaty work to keep your life on track; think about a bath, a fast, a prayer, an intention, a spiritual practice or something else you can do to feel clean, clear and pure and uncontaminated by your life stressors, circumstances and relationships.





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