Intuitive Astrology Forecast September 24–30, 2018: Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ:  Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours if you’re on the US east coast. Chart Wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

If you feel things are intense, they are!  Pluto is stationing to turn direct this week; it appears to have stopped motion, and as it lingers in one spot it really drills down into the collective psyche: if you have personal planets that are close to 18 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries this will be a very intense week for you. Pluto’s station is very close to the degree of the USA natal Pluto and this means big shakedowns and shakeups in our government and institutions.

Pluto represents all manifestations of power, and depending on how you’ve been living your life, you can see your power (wealth, influence, etc) grow or be taken away in an instant with this transit. The changes that occur are permanent, complete and inescapable. Use your power wisely this week.

Full Moon in Aries 2018

Monday 9/24–Wednesday 9/25: Monday is a bit of a slow start and unfocused, the moon is still in watery dreamy Pisces; we are wrapping up concerns from the weekend; things amp up at 4:04pm when the moon moves into Aries and is full at 7:52pm, highlighting the opposition between me-first Aries and the cooperative win-win Sun in Libra. The full moon energy will be an abrupt change, impacting us as we wrap up the work day. Not a great night for happy hour.  So what does the full moon mean for you? Between now early Thursday morning, expect lots of energetic thoughts, communications and behaviors related to relationships (and the need to possibly be free from them!); this full moon will also bring up fears about not getting your way (Chiron in Aries), and when this fear is present bullying is a common mass consciousness reaction, so maybe more on bullies/bullying the next few days. Or maybe a feeling of bullying yourself; self-nurture is your way out if your are beating yourself up so practice self-care. Saturn exactly squares this full moon. Saturn is the planet of authority and responsibility and puts limits on how free Aries (me) and Libra (we)  get to express themselves.  Just like you and me, Aries and Saturn don’t like any limits! But they are necessary. Saturn reminds us that there is only so far we can go in any human endeavor and at certain points things come to an end. Saturn is authority figures, and with this full moon conflict with authority figures and leaders is a real possibility. If you’ve gotten as far as you can go in a relationship you might find it ending. Mercury (words, communication) is involved in this full moon so there could be strong, excited and combative words. Verbal fights are possible. Because of the weight of Pluto in the background, this full moon will just be more intense all around. Some people will find it impossible to keep their mouths shut. Don’t be one of them! Really, if you feel yourself getting pulled into a fight, just know that conflict will run a bit hot tonight and you might want to check yourself. This full moon exaggerates the influence of last week’s Mars/Uranus square, which is still within orb; these two planets urgently demand change and liberation immediately when they clash. Don’t forget the magical Jupiter/Pluto sextile and Jupiter/Neptune trine; these nice angles are still within orb giving us access to healing energy and higher realms of consciousness and this energy, too, in enhanced with this full moon: manifest a big healing dream to actively (Aries) get your life back in balance (Libra).

Thursday 9/27–Friday 9/28: The moon is in placid Taurus both days starting very early Thursday; the moon makes nice angles to the powerful slower moving planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. This is grounding;  less dynamic. It’s easier to turn within with this energy; if your mindfulness went out the window earlier this week, you may fare better now. Thursday morning could grate at around 8:50am when the moon (security) squares Mars (will).  The big aspect of the day Thursday is the Sun in Libra making a nice flowing angle to Mars in Aquarius. We’ll  be feeling this early in the week and it is exact at 4:35pm. What does this mean for you? Energy.  You’ll feel more energized, especially to champion just causes or simply get work done on a project to help yourself and others.  The Sun when it’s in Libra is concerned with justice, balance, harmony, peace and beauty in relationships; it evaluates. Mars is the action and warrior planet, and in Aquarius (the sign of social justice, group causes, the underdog, the rebel, the revolution) Mars wants to improve social causes and wants a fair fight. When these two meet up and support each other, there’s strong will and drive to advance causes related to peace and justice; ideals run high, too. This is a great time to act on principles and matters you care about. Thursday and Friday are both nice evenings to go out after work because of stimulating oppositions between the moon and Venus and then the moon and Jupiter.

Saturday 9/29–Sunday 9/30: The moon moves into chatty Gemini at 6:26am Saturday; with the Sun in Libra and Mars in Aquarius–the other 2 Air signs–all things airy predominate this weekend: chatting, writing, communicating with friends/siblings, taking short trips: it could be busy! Psychic and intuitive thoughts may come and go at lightning speed. Pluto stations starts direct motion at 7:01pm, and with the forward momentum, awareness of the truly awesome power of regeneration: with this cycle ending, now time for new awareness of where next we need to regenerate ourselves to be the most powerful we can be.

Final thoughts:  I heard 2 voices this week that spoke to the astrological themes of the week.   Cathy Griffin spoke on the Breakfast Club Power Radio about her experience being blacklisted, and it’s really quite moving and revealing, two words I wouldn’t normally use for this brash comic. I’m really not even a fan of her comedy–it’s too in-your-face for me. But she spoke out, acted out and was punished by the system–her story of regeneration is very apropos: Pluto rules this type of experience of complete destruction and rebirth, and this week Pluto is the biggest player on the astrological stage. But aside from the lessons of Pluto, this is week 1 of Libra season, and Libra like the other 2 Air signs Gemini and Aquarius loves to gossip and chat:  Why let the intensity get to you?  Hear Cathy dish on celebrities from Kanye to Cooper.

This week we were reminded of the 10 year anniversary of the 2008 Great Recession. This is a good time to think about your money as Venus, planet of cold hard cash, will be going retrograde in a few weeks in the sign of Scorpio, which knows all about sharing/regenerating money: we’ll be thinking a bit more about our values and our assets. Just like Cathy Griffin was all over cable-TV 10 years ago, so, it seemed, was the ubiquitous Susie Orman; she repeats some of her well-known (to her fans) financial advice in this interview; and she also shows a side of herself you didn’t get on mainstream cable back then. Maybe take a listen and learn something new and commit to being smarter with your money. She says, “Fear, shame and anger are obstacles to wealth.” Think you don’t have something to learn from Susie? Wealth is so much more than just money. Give a listen. You have dishes to wash and toilets to clean, why not listen to some good advice while you do so?

My channeled inspiration:  This is the week to get into your power and transform yourself, remold yourself, take that step to not just change your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes but to BE change. Literally change your shape! Shape-shifters change shape all the time; form is meant to be malleable and form is what you want others to see of you. But your shape/form is also a stance; you don’t have to go all Carlos Castaneda or Transformers to literally change your shape, you simply change your shape by changing your attitude which is also a stance and a posture. Make. It. So. What seem like small choices to make now in the way you choose to be in the world, small changes to initiate, small adjustments to daily habits that seem so unlikely to matter…..sometimes it takes years to see the wisdom of your course of action. Decades. But like compound interest, your choices now to use your power wisely–to end something, to speak your truth, to out yourself, to invest in something, to divest of something–will lead to success over time. Use your power for forces of good! Any ritual you might use for personal power will be well supported this week.

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