Intuitive Astrology Forecast, Tucson, AZ: October 1–7, 2018

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Standard Time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Pluto just started moving direct after months being retrograde, and the days building up to this change have been nothing but intense as stunning disclosures and power grabs–both Pluto themes– were on full display in our politics; we’ve survived, we’re here, and what’s next? I see us all–personally and collectively–reviewing and reassessing our values first of all, and then later this month experiencing some unexpected changes once we’ve reviewed and reassessed.

Venus, planet of values, love, relationships and money goes retrograde this Thursday for 6 weeks but the energy of this transit is being felt now: Venus issues will be more prominent both personally and collectively this week. This is very interesting energy to emerge after this politically explosive week; the information I’m getting is probably not news to you, but last week’s US Senate Hearings made a huge, surprising, powerful, intimate connection with millions of Americans in a way that is amplifying the healing of trauma in ways we have yet to recognize. Retrograde motion correlates to internal processes and revision and review. We are all reviewing our values now, especially in light of this highly unexpected event.

Relationships are much coveted; Venus is in Scorpio, a very emotional sign ruled by Pluto, associated with shared money, shared values and very strong feelings; we desire and covet our relationships and assets, and at the same time they bring up huge fears about dependency, neediness and vulnerability.

Relationships are also about power–who has it, who gets to use it, who shares it. Last Thursday and Friday in the USA we witnessed historic US Senate hearings, held to address allegations of sexual assault by US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and the emotions were intense; calls to sexual abuse hotlines around the country were at record highs, as many Americans came face to face with their own trauma experiences as they listened to the riveting testimony. As Venus stations to move retrograde this week, all of relationships–their impact and value and power and what we want from them–will be front and center; what this means to us will be clearer 6 weeks from now, when Venus resumes direct motion.

Venus Retrograde October 2018

Monday 10/1 the moon is in Cancer, a watery emotional sign, and it makes nice contacts with Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio through Wednesday afternoon. The energy is nurturing and cuddly, but with stiff-upper-lip Saturn and ruthless Pluto in Capricorn opposing Cancer, the feelings may feel squashed–Capricorn is cold-hearted in comparison to squishy Cancer and as a result you may feel insecure about your intuition instead of supported and inspired. Plus on Monday we’re feeling some of the potential obsessive-compulsive behavior/thoughts due to Tuesday’s Mercury (thoughts, communication) square to Pluto (power/control) which is exact at 5:01pm; the moon in Cancer is involved, too, squaring the square and just making it more emotional. Squares are simply challenges. If you have a big project that requires mental energy with some emotion–say, organizing your photographs, scrap booking, writing notes/cards to loved ones or just studying for a test, purging an office of clutter–this is a great day for it. Otherwise, watch for controlling thinking, behaviors and conversations; this energy likes to get to the bottom of things and ferret out motives. Neither evening looks great for going out and having fun.

Wednesday the moon moves into Leo at 2:12pm and the interest in having fun and being recognized increases; there’s a little surprise or shock as it squares Uranus at 4:29pm, but after this the moon moves on to it’s opposition with Mars overnight, so going out tonight will feel lively compared to earlier in the week. Darts, pool, games and a bit of competition will feel good; it’s a night for friendly action, Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of the friend after all. Thursday 10/5 the moon stays in Leo and squares Venus, nearly at a stop, in smoldering Scorpio at 8:22am; this is friction in relationships so yield and don’t take the bait or you may find yourself late to work due to an absurd spat. The aspects in the morning and overnight into Friday are more calm and less dynamic, though Leo always loves to shine so there is always some drama when the moon is in this sign.

Friday 10/5 Venus stations to turn retrograde at 12:05pm and continues backwards motion through 11/25/2018. What does this mean for you? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. If you are married or in a romantic or business partnership and you share money, you may find yourself re-negotiating finances, this is a good time for that;  it’s not such a good time for making new big purchases with your shared monies: wait 6 weeks to see if you still feel the same way. Our values are changing and you will feel differently in 6 weeks.

2. If you are getting married between now and 11/15/2018, make a time after that date to say your vows to each other again.

3. Venus is retrograding this time in Scorpio, the only sign ruled by the 2 bad-boy planets Pluto and Mars: these planets just don’t give a F___. Seriously, they don’t; they represent, in different frequencies, our will/power/desire. This is why Scorpio gets such a bad rap. So when Venus expresses itself through Scorpio, it can get controlling and willful and jealous. These behaviors are the shadow of Scorpio. Remember, Scorpio, you can be a Scorpion, an Eagle or a Dove. My suggestion? Get your Dove on. If you find yourself grasping, it’s no-win. Defense against the dark arts!

4. In this same theme, trust is a big deal in relationships and finances and Scorpio is the least trusting sign of the zodiac. Expect feelings of suspicion to be on the rise. Before you decide not to trust, get all the facts. Venus in Scorpio is getting juiced from Jupiter, also in the same sign, and getting some indirect fog from Neptune in watery Pisces: these 2 planets are famous confabulators in astrology, and the facts may not be clear even if the emotions tell you it’s clear as day. You may be validated in the end; don’t rush to judgement. On the flip side, if you do trust your loved ones, being really emotionally honest is safe and rewarding and OK, just may feel a bit raw….but it gets us back to center!

5. You may feel increased anxiety about money; this is a very good time to get your financial values in order, organize debt and make a financial plan.

6. Don’t be surprised if people from the past show up this week, especially former love interests. Retrograde motion is the past, and past lives, so moving backwards Venus brings up people from our past for us; depending on all sorts of variables, that is starting up again in a new way for some, and for others an opportunity for resolution.

Saturday 10/6 the moon is in Virgo; with aspects to Venus and Neptune, it’s a busy day but good to be flexible; great for art projects, working to beautify, supportive of healing arts/rituals; nice day for lunch with a friend. The evening feels powerfully grounded as the moon moves to a nice flowing angle with Pluto at 11:27pm; you may feel more secure tonight talking with a trusted, possibly older, friend; it’s a good night to work, as well. Sunday 10/6 is a pleasant morning . get out and exercise/ socialize with moon and Jupiter in a nice angle; doing something healthy feels good. The moon moves into sociable Libra at 6:10pm but immediately bumps into Saturn at 11:47pm; it’s all work tonight, and feels heavy. We’re feeling the New Moon in Libra, which is tomorrow; and the theme of relationships will be once again the headline: Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, and when the Sun and Moon together go dark in that sign, we’re ready for new beginnings in this area!

Final thoughts: People in the USA are really thinking about their relationships to each other and to power in a very different way after last week’s historic Senate hearings. If you are a sexual assault survivor, chances are you are really feeling differently. Use this time while Venus is retrograde to review your values; in 3 weeks we’ll have opportunities to bring in new, innovative and surprising energy to what we value so you’ll want to be ready to bring in something new and exciting. Stay tuned!

My channeled inspiration: This past week was so intense. Going within and getting centered are key when we’re in stormy seas; otherwise, you may steer yourself into a reef and a catastrophe! Nature is key, as a way to reconnect. I spent a few days of quiet at the Santa Rita Abbey to get centered this weekend. This place is close to jaguars and is super special. Where is a quiet place that feeds your soul? Maybe listen to find your path to a place like that for you, whether it’s an actual place, an activity, a state of mind, a state of consciousness, a prayer; because it feeds you and you don’t want to be malnourished in the days ahead:)


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