An Intuitive Astrologer’s Forecast for October 8–14, 2018: Tucson, AZ

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Standard Time; add 3 hours for US Eastern time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

There’s a lot of restless mental energy and chances for hasty thinking through Wednesday morning; make lists if you’re trying to get stuff done, and save projects that need more disciplined thinking for Thursday and Friday. On the plus side, powerful intuitive energy is available to all Tuesday and Wednesday; you may get some psychic hits! Relationship-wise, sexual energy is strong this week with a Venus/Mars square; talking out problems isn’t going to work, action is preferred over talk and probably will yield more positive results.  Maybe have the make-up sex before you need a reason to make-up? Read on for more details!

New Moon Libra 2018

We start the week Monday 10/8 with a New Moon in Libra, exact at 8:47pm. Libra is the one sign of the 12 signs most associated with all partnerships–romantic, business, adversarial. The Sun and Moon in Libra are hit by unfriendly angles from Pluto and Neptune; Pluto makes you feel like you have no power, or, conversely, that you are overpowering someone else (don’t forget we can bully ourselves!); Neptune shows you where you struggle with illusions in your relationships. Looking at how you might be dis-empowered, victimized and deceived in your relationships may not sound very upbeat, but it is the theme of this New Moon. You might be just kidding yourself about your partner….or kidding yourself about yourself. Libra’s metaphoric image is the mirror: you might need to take stock of that face you see looking back at you and make some changes.  To ad to the stew,  a dynamic square between Mars and Venus is building today (see Wednesday), and this sexual energy stokes the already in-place Sun-in-Libra preoccupation with relationships, and fans the Libra flames whether we’re single or partnered. Additionally, a tense square between the Libra Sun and Pluto and Capricorn is exact on Thursday; that, too, is felt on this New Moon as pressure about our relationships. For some of you, this New Moon can help you start new changes in how you relate to your partner, or help you come up with the courage to eliminate relationships that aren’t working so your can start something new. Today is a great day to launch new projects, start new ventures. Libra likes to start things!

Tuesday 10/9 continues the same themes, until 5:41pm when Mercury–thinking, communication–goes from Libra (airy, superficial) to Scorpio (watery, intense); the Moon follows into Scorpio at 9:09pm. Both immediately oppose Uranus occupying the earliest degree of Taurus; the switch into Scorpio will be felt as a mild shock, since it’s an opposition the shock/insight/intuition comes from the environment, from outside of you. From 5:41pm Tuesday through Wednesday 10/10 at 10:33am when this opposition is exact expect an uptick in intuition, you may get some accurate intuitions just give them some time before you rush to act. Doing something different Tuesday and Wednesday are good ways to express this energy. Hasty, quick and shocking words/thoughts are the order of the day when these two planets oppose each other; this could be a sleepless night for some of you as well, Uranus intensifies the mental energy of Mercury.  On Wednesday it’s another relationship-focused day, the moon stays in Scorpio and intensifies the focus on hooking up as it juices the Venus in Scorpio/Mars in Aquarius square exact at 7:29pm. There’s an intense focus on the physical, visceral, sexual nature of our relationships; if you start something new today, it’s likely based purely on physical needs and may not last long. Mars is the ego and sex-drive and wants what it wants; Venus on the other hand is all about cooperation, beautifying and loving. The ego can get loud in this square, so relationship squabbles can happen. For those of you married or partnered-up, it’s a good night for sexy stuff. Scorpio and Aquarius combined are astrological kink; they both like to get freaky, so if your partner wants to try something new you’ll know why. Thursday 10/11 the moon remains in emotional Scorpio; moon and Jupiter meet in this watery, intuitive sign at 4:12pm and emotions may be running strong because of the pressure of the building Sun/Pluto square. Tonight at 9:07pm the Sun makes it’s twice-annual square to Pluto: the Sun likes to shine, express him/herself and Pluto is a powerful, transforming force that exerts pressure, demanding change. This transit is typically felts as pressure, either from yourself or from an authority; how you handle the pressure/challenge will tell you what you need to know, if the challenge has you in tears or just changing gears, pay attention and use the lesson for your person growth. This transit often feels like a need for some radical change, often in a relationship. Right now, Scorpio energy is strong, and Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is trying to get Libra to do some ruthless elimination; maybe focusing on how you can eliminate things around your house or property, and thus beautify (Libra) your living environment is a nice way to express this pressure in a positive manner.

Friday 10/12 the moon goes into freedom-loving Sagittarius; it’s a nice day, no major aspects except for a Mercury/Saturn sextile overnight which helps with disciplined thinking. Looks like a nice night to go out. Saturday 10/13 the moon remains in Sagittarius, a sign that likes to roam and explore, and when this fire sign meets up in a friendly angle to the Sun in airy, romantic-minded Libra it’s social and fun; a day-trip, playing a game, going out for a hike, taking a drive are all good activities today and tonight.  Things feel broad-minded and optimistic through Sunday 10/14 at 12:17pm when the moon goes into Capricorn: it’s all business now. Use this task-oriented, practical and ambitious energy to tackle a weekend-warrior project. It just gets more sober as the day progresses; the moon meets reality-check Saturn in Capricorn at 7:40pm and our focus remains on work.

My final thoughts: I’ve been listening to a lot of voices over a lot of frequencies lately. It’s been noisy! I heard a story recently from a writer for The Atlantic, on the NY Times radio program, and it’s a story that really ties together so many themes about power, shame, forgiveness; it’s not a tearful story, it’s nerdy, and as a narrative it succeeds at offering multiple layers of meaning and understanding to the consequences of non-consensual sexual behavior; and it makes it clear that remorse and forgiveness are essential to recovery and getting power back. Listen here.

My channeled inspiration:  The mass consciousness energy is really dense right now; emotions are strong. Many are angered and bewildered by their feelings; the recent U.S. Senate Hearings about Brett Kavanaugh struck a raw nerve and the backlash now is mobilizing–Jupiter goes into Saggitarius in less than 4 weeks, and that is a very strong patriarchal energy. Many out there are wanting to feel more powerful, in light of all of this abuse of power. Are you in a dis-empowering relationship? With yourself or in your marriage/partnership? You might need to forgive yourself for getting into that situation to begin with before you can find a way out; and then forgiving those you relate to who have harmed you, that is then another way to get power back. So much has been written about forgiveness. Try listening to John O’Donoghue:

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