Intuitive Astrologer Forecast, Tucson, AZ October 15–21, 2018

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT. Add 3 hours for US Eastern Time.

This week is light and flows pretty good compared to the weeks before and the weeks ahead. This week is a good one to review projects, reconnect, rework plans,  and re-purpose. This is not a good time to move ahead with love, business, professional relationships; wait till Venus moves direct mid-November.  While the quick-moving moon makes her daily, quick-moving aspects to the other planets, thereby setting brief moods day-to-day, there are few transits among the other planets this week. The one transit to look out for is Friday morning when Mercury squares Mars: this tends to be restlessness and irritation, so watch out not to get caught up in irritating conversations or irritating traffic, things can get out of hand and you can fly off the handle or get in a fender-bender. Other than this, the general energy this week is positive and social; So it’s a good week to go out after work nearly every day if you want to socialize.  Make use of this Venus retrograde time to reconnect with other people, old friends, old hobbies, old art projects, forgotten values.  Next week, the pace picks up!  I’ll give some extra info in Final Thoughts (see below).

Monday 10/15 and Tuesday 10/16 the moon is in work-oriented Capricorn; since 2 of the more slow moving and serious planets–Saturn and Pluto–currently occupy this sign of hard-work, the mood tends to be more sober and controlled the 2 1/2 days/month when the Moon is in this sign. Feels a bit nicer this month as social Mercury and Venus conjoin at 1:20pm Monday, and there’s generally pleasant speech and pleasant socializing when the planet of communication (Mercury) joins with the planet of peace and harmony (Venus)–in Scorpio, things get emotional and deep. Capricorn likes antiquity and elders: making time for elders, or meeting up with a friend a bit older than you might be a nice thing either day as the energy continues through Tuesday.

Wednesday 10/17 the moon moves into Aquarius at 12:36am; there could be a little surprise or you may feel restless overnight as the moon squares erratic, freedom-loving Uranus at 2:17am. Otherwise it’s a social day, perhaps a bit too social and undisciplined as the day goes on and the Moon and Venus square each other: it’s a soft square, both are soft planets that just want to be pleasant, it’s not business oriented, feels more like wanting to take that late lunch straight to happy hour. Overnight Thursday 10/18 the moon squares Mercury and then conjoins Mars; it can feel moody, irritating Wednesday night through early Thursday morning, but Thursday is generally a pleasant, sociable and feels increasingly intuitive as Mercury (communication) forms a pleasant angle with Neptune (intuition, dreams, fantasy) that perfects at 2:48am Friday 10/19.  Look for powerful dreams overnight. Friday is a dynamic day and has a very energizing start; the Moon (security) in social Aquarius makes a nice angle to social Sun (self-expression) in Libra early Friday–normally this feels like a flow, but just a few hours later in the morning Mercury (communication) squares Mars (my way or the highway) at 10:23 am: instead of a flow, now there’s a drive to get irritated and restless. This is accident-prone energy because of the tendency to be restless and hasty: check yourself! The moon goes into dreamy Pisces at 1:20pm and things are a bit more grounded in the afternoon; it’s a nice evening to go out or stay in, good stabilizing energy to talk about your feelings and be heard. Saturday 10/20 the moon remains in Pisces, and it’s a fantastic day for creativity, intuition, channeling, making art: the moon conjoins Neptune at 5:08pm and makes a nice angle to Mercury at 10:14pm– a gentle evening of poetry, music, conversation, film are all in order. Sunday 10/21 the moon is in Pisces all day and forms a nice, friendly angle to expansive Jupiter in Scorpio at 4:41pm: sharing emotions, structuring rituals about shared resources, releasing old emotions: share and have gratitude!

Final Thoughts: As an astrologer, I’m often asked about free will. Specifically, is there any? For some insight about free-will, and the surprising way in which our brain works, I recommend this week’s episode of Hidden Brain: now, it’s a nerdy episode, and it seems to go all over the place….but hang in there, even though the topic is how we experience coincidences in our lives and assign meaning to those experiences, there are some profound implications about free-will: specifically, how in the very process of assigning meaning/value we impact our experience of will.

From next week until mid-day PDT on 10/31, there is a powerful opposition going on in the heavens between social, fun Venus–what we value, what our relationships are like, what we prefer–and and Uranus–what we want/need to break free from, what we have the urge to do now, what we want to make different right now. These two drives are going head-to-head. All of us are re-examining our values and our relationships. There’s pressure to change, to bring in new things. Take this week to revisit old connections, things you haven’t thought about; maybe give yourself a second a chance. Next week the tempo picks up so enjoy time to review.

My channeled inspiration: This week the channel is closed due to collective overload; it’s been an intense past few weeks. Next week I look forward to sharing more insights with you!





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