Intuitive Astrologer Forecast October 22–28, 2018 Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDT. Chart wheels courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

This week begins with a tense, dynamic and value-challenging Full Moon in the sign of Taurus: personally and collectively, there is a clash of values and sudden revelations about what’s really important. Taurus is a security oriented earth sign; peace, comfort, collecting resources and money to preserve a comfortable status quo.  Is money our only value? You might want to think about that.  This Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Scorpio, and that sign wants to reveal the deep dark underbelly beneath all that well-funded security and comfort. In our personal and collective psyche, Tuesday and Wednesday will be days to watch for sudden, new information about money, taxes, values; there can be sudden gains/losses as well.

Monday 10/22 starts with minor blocks/delays as we deal with reality; the Moon squares Saturn at 7:59am. It’s a great day for deep research, detective work, digging for the truth, communicating about the paranormal when Mercury and Pluto form a nice angle at 12:11pm. Unusually deep conversations are well supported by this aspect, as well as a building aspect between social Venus and mature Saturn that we start feeling today and that’s exact on Wednesday. Both Mercury and Venus are in penetrating Scorpio; they are personal planets that rule thoughts and feelings, and since they are closer to earth and easy for us to see, they are easy for us to understand; on these days they are in easy aspect to Pluto and Saturn–planets that are not personal, that represent limits/processes that are harder for us to understand, that connect us to larger responsibilities and universal laws about life and death. Opportunities to communicate, forgive and connect dots in relationships on a very deep level are strong through mid-week.

Tuesday 10/23  the morning feels active and blocked at the same time; energy is not well synchronized: the moon in Aries (my way) makes angles to Mars and Pluto before noon, making it feel both flowing and blocked at the same time.  What really makes it feel much different than yesterday is the Sun, it’s moved from Libra into Scorpio before dawn. The Sun in Scorpio feels things with a legendary intensity and is very secretive due to being so vulnerable to emotions: just as Taurus is about money, Scorpio is about the power of that which is a secret or hidden.  This morning the Sun instantly forms a 180 degree opposition to Uranus–planet of disruption/revolution–in the sign of Taurus–money, values, possessions. Expect to have some new feelings about what’s important today and tomorrow, when the Full Moon further activates this energy.  Look for unexpected events and new radical developments both days; and be wary of accidents: this is fixed energy that can pop under pressure.  Uranus rules surprises–welcome and unwelcome. It’s no coincidence the drawing for the largest Powerball Lottery in U.S. history is tonight!

The trend continues  Wednesday 10/24 with the full moon in Taurus at 9:45 am PDT.  Uranus and the Moon are both tightly together in Taurus; this pairing wants new freedom in the status-quo. However,  Saturn (structure/government/law and order)  forms a very stabilizing angle to Uranus: the radical spirit in this Full Moon is  forced into business-as-usual forms and shapes. This energy is volatile and dynamic.

Taurus Full Moon 2018

Thursday 10/25 the moon stays in Taurus; there’s a road-bump at 3:18pm when the Moon squares Mars and we may feel a bit emotional, but it’s a pleasant feeling day, mostly, because of the building Venus/Sun conjunction, exact tomorrow: Venus loves peace and beauty and wants harmony, and brings this quality to the Sun (Self, self-expression).  Friday 10/26  morning feels good with the Sun and Venus conjoining at 7:15am; if you have emotions to communicate to someone, this is a good morning to do so. The Moon moves into Gemini at 12:41pm and there is more talk. Nice day/night for talking, art appreciation; nice date night. Saturday 10/27 starts soft and disorganized until the Moon in chatty Gemini squares dreamy Neptune at 12:48pm; after that, things are clearer: we have a nice grounding, easy angle between Sun (self-expression) and Saturn (structure, reality) at 7:52pm and at 9:37pm the Gemini Moon makes a nice angle to Mars in social Aquarius: it’s a great date night, just expect your date to talk a lot, maybe do something that’s friendly-competitive like board games, poker, darts. Sunday 10/28 the moon remains in Gemini: you might be on the phone more today talking and texting as Gemini likes more than anything to communicate thoughts. At 4:27pm the moon moves into watery, home-based Cancer: it’s a good time for late-afternoon family gatherings, there is energy to support tolerance–no rare thing these days!–when the moon makes a nice angle to free-to-be-you-and-me Uranus at 5:03pm and then the moon makes a nice angle to Venus in Scorpio: socializing feels comfortable and there is no urge to make waves. It’s another nice evening to go out, even if going out turns into staying in with your date! When the Moon is in Cancer there is a tendency to want to retreat to home.

Final Thoughts: The horrifying story that’s emerged this past week of Jamal Khashoggi’s grisly murder by torture, supervised by a medical autopsy doctor, is still a news story and we hope it will continue that way, for the purpose of freedom and justice.  We will see more exposure of this story, as Wednesday’s Full Moon lights up the charts of Republic of Turkey (October 29, 1923) and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (August 31, 1985); there will be likely news out of Turkey on these days which will put more pressure on bin Salman. Turkey’s Natal Sun is at 4 degrees of Scorpio:

Turkey Foundation of the Republic

Bin Salman’s Pluto is at 2 degrees of Scorpio:

Mohammed bin Salman

The Saudi Royal Family is worth about 4x that of the British Royal Family: so, with that amount of power and wealth, one Full Moon is probably not going to take down Mohammed bin Salman. But I expect to see cracks for sure this week.

My channeled inspiration: The Sun is still in diplomatic, poetic, artistic, evaluating Libra. Libra people often can’t decide what to do and end up choosing nothing as a choice because deciding is too difficult. That’s a tough place to be. What do you choose? Nothing? Something?  We have an election ahead. Choices are on our mind this week.The following poem is a favorite; one to read and draw upon during difficult times.


Nicki Giovanni Poem






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