Intuitive Astrologer Forecast Oct. 29–Nov. 4, 2018; Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the Forecast! All times are PDT. This week I will give each of the Zodiac Signs a shout-out and then give you the highlights for the week.

The fixed signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio… reviewing relationships, reconsidering what’s important, giving some people and some things that are important to us a second chance….these are the themes this week for the fixed signs. Additionally, if you were born on or in the week after the following dates–January 21, April 20, July 23 or October 23–you will be more likely to experience some of the following: running into people from the past, getting some second chances, meeting eccentric people; there’s a higher than average likelihood you’ll have some sudden upset or surprise (welcome or unwelcome) in a relationship. Anyone you meet for a new romance will likely be short-term but exciting. The best way out of any stress here is to adopt the most generous, loyal, heartfelt response–including your response to yourself!

The cardinal signs: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra…you’ll notice Venus moving from Scorpio to Libra on Halloween afternoon at 12:42pm; this especially applies to those born in the last week of these Sun signs. With both Pluto and Saturn both in Capricorn for the next few years, all the cardinal signs are feeling more pressure and intensity. Expect to be thinking more about relationships and values, and more importantly, expect to want to start new relationships and projects. Venus is still retrograde, and Mercury goes retrograde next month the day Venus moves direct; simply put, the cardinal signs like to get things started and there is nothing to start until December. Make plans. Get to know someone first. But wait to act.

The mutable signs: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius…the Sun is currently in fixed, watery Scorpio and this week it’s building towards a trine–a strong, major, easy, flowing angle–to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is currently gas-lighting all the mutable signs by bringing it’s ego-dissolving influence to all of you; it’s hard to live without an ego, but Neptune doesn’t care, this is the planet of mystics, saints, artists, poets….and addicts, charlatans, swindlers, martyrs. This week Neptune is getting juiced by the Sun in Scorpio so it’s stronger.  Neptune rules non-ordinary reality. This could be a big intuitive week for the mutable signs. Try to stay focused, and, if it’s too good to be true it probably is!

The forecast:

Monday 10/29 and Tuesday 10/30 are optimal days for anything that benefits from quiet intuitive time or time with family and loved ones: talking about feelings is well supported. This is an excellent time to share emotions and be involved in creative/expressive arts. These are great days for financial planning, estate planning, talking with attorneys or financial planners about wealth management. There is a shift in consciousness late Tuesday when Mercury moves from quiet, intense, investigative Scorpio into broadminded, philosophical, free-wheeling Sagittarius; the evening is expansive, it’s a good evening to think about bringing in new ideas, adopting a broader view.  Expect both days to be intense. Venus is opposite Uranus very early Wednesday. Surprises and upsets in relationships, welcome or unwelcome are the standard the first half of the week. .

Wednesday 10/31 Venus moves into Libra at 12:42pm; no longer in Scorpio and no longer opposing Uranus, the pressure is off and things get a bit more friendly and congenial as the afternoon progresses. Get your freak on in the morning because by the afternoon, Halloween’s emphasis is more on cooperation, win-win solutions with a definite preference for calm, peace and beauty. Venus in Libra immediately forms a flowing angle with Mars in Aquarius; and with Venus moving backwards, this starts a phase of review/reflection on social values related to fairness and equity between women (Venus) and men (Mars). More reflection on the social justice of #metoo through mid-November with this aspect.

Thursday 11/1 is a pleasant day, it’s a bit dramatic because the moon is in Leo and it squares Jupiter one last time at 8:25pm;  next week Jupiter changes signs, so with this last contact, there might be one last dramatic demand to be recognized; things settle at 10:48pm when the moon goes into Virgo, and from Thursday night through early Sunday 11/4 it’s task-oriented, practical as the moon moves through this busy, work-oriented sign; these are good days to feel good about eliminating things and routines that are unhealthy or simply taking up space. Focusing on reusing, re-purposing is helpful. Both Friday and Saturday are good nights to go out and have fun, good date nights for movies and dinner and fun with friends.  Sunday 11/4 starting before dawn there’s a desire to talk to loved ones, or maybe talk this morning with whomever we met the night before? But there are obstacles in the way of us being heard because of Saturn in Capricorn; communication and our feelings in general improve after 10:11am, so if you have something to say wait till after then; make the most of the afternoon, by evening we’re feeling more intensity and not very social as the Moon, now having passed Saturn this morning, is now approaching it’s square with Pluto tomorrow morning. It happens once a month and it’s just a moody morning; and we feel it build the night before.

Final thoughts:  The deadly shooting spree in a synagogue by a white supremacist is horrifying; there just aren’t words. According to Carolyn R. Dodson’s “Horoscopes of the U.S. States and Cities”, Pittsburgh’s first charter is in 1794. Last week’s full moon was very volatile and dynamic; this shooting was within 72 hours of the Full Moon. Certainly, in the USA last week there was extreme volatility. I pulled up the chart for Pittsburgh April 24, 1794 and compared it to last week’s full moon; Pittsburgh was rocked, Uranus at the very zero degree of Taurus along with the full moon added a huge surge of energy to the city’s Sun-Mars opposition–a volatile aspect in itself–and from an astrological perspective, this opposition/Full Moon hit the part of Pittsburgh’s chart that has to do with it’s ideals and vision of itself. This event is going to galvanize the city in a unique way; other communities experience mass shootings and it’s not a thing, anymore, but in this case Pittsburgh will seriously change.

If the President of the United States visits Pittsburgh this week, it won’t go well. The President’s Mars is in Leo and poorly aspects Pittsburgh’s chart.


Pittsburgh, PA First Charter 1794 and Full Moon.jpg

This is the time of year to honor the dead; Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, however you do it, this is the week of Halloween. Light a candle with the intention of helping the dead find their way; share a meal with friends and set a place for the departed, as they are always welcome at our table, and share some of the bread you break with the creatures outside your home, the visible and the not quite visible ones too. The time between light and dark on Halloween is unusually powerful and if you can spend time in a quiet, natural place at sunset you’ll appreciate what you feel.

And, speaking of things that are between and upside down, since we don’t have Season 3 of Stranger Things this Halloween, there are only re-runs; so  I invite you to watch the trailer for Season 2–set during Halloween in 1984 and released for viewing Halloween of last year. Complete with the Vincent Price bit from Thriller. Yeah I know it’s old news; but it’s a great trailer.

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