Intuitive Astrologer Forecast, November 5–11, 2018, Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! It’s the end of Daylight Savings time; all times are Pacific Standard Time, which is now one hour earlier than Tucson.

Since we have major elections this Tuesday in the USA, it may seem axiomatic to say that the week ahead is going to be really emotional! And yet, that’s the case. Why? Three big events that generally cause shocks and shifts in awareness are all happening during election week: one, Uranus changes signs Tuesday; two, there is a powerful New Moon on Wednesday;  and three, Jupiter changes signs Thursday–it does this once a year–and moves into buoyant, optimistic and globe-traveling Sagittarius.

Read below how this impacts you:

Cardinal Signs–Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn: Cardinal signs initiate action and really want to be moving forward now, but it’s still time to wait and plan. Venus, planet of love, continues it’s retrograde motion in Libra and this is making a lot of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn people think about and want to act on relationship-specific issues. Not the time; review, revise, revisit….but wait to move forward another 4 weeks. All Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorns born at the end of their signs will be impacted Tuesday at 10:50am when Uranus, slow-moving planet of revolution, slides backwards from Taurus into Aries, the fire sign of active and aggressive personal self-interest. If you are an Aries born about 4/15–4/19, a Cancer born 7/18–7/21, a Libra born 10/19–10/22 or a Capricorn born 1/18–1/21 you may be jolted into awareness rather quickly starting today and find yourself aware of a need to change and be liberated; this is going to add to the push for all the cardinal signs to want to push ahead but again, it’s better to wait.

Fixed Signs–Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio:  The fixed signs have 2 challenges ahead this week. First, if you were born early in Taurus (about 4/19–4/22), Leo (7/21–7/24), Scorpio (10/22–10/25) or Aquarius (01/18–01/22)….Monday through Tuesday at 10:50am, Uranus is at the very earliest degree of Taurus and may bring sudden awareness to you about your emotional values, as well as sudden change. More broadly, Wednesday is a New Moon in Scorpio that will bring more emotional intensity to all the fixed signs as some things get eliminated in the name of personal evolution. This New Moon falls smack in the middle of the sign of Scorpio, so I expect it’s intensity to to be felt by all the fixed signs especially; see the forecast below for specifics on this lunation.

Mutable Signs–Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces:  I’m giving you a head’s up here: later this month Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is stationing to change from retrograde to direct motion, and that means the week before Thanksgiving may be a more confusing and foggy time for many of you; if you have duties to cook, plan and host for the holiday, I’d add extra time to accommodate the spaciness you will likely feel. More immediately, Sagittarians will be feeling great starting Thursday when Jupiter, ruler of this positive, growth-oriented fire sign, moves into it’s native home of Sagittarius where it is the strongest; Jupiter brings more faith, philosophy, positivity and exuberance to all Sagittarians. Gemini, Virgo and Pisces will be be feeling the warmth as well as Jupiter will be squaring and opposing these signs; Jupiter is a friendly planet, so even it’s squares aren’t that difficult.

The Forecast:

This week is just very dynamic. Monday has a grumpy start but after 9:55am we have excellent opportunities for maximizing spiritual/intuitive practices and/or rituals, both personally and with others. The Sun and Neptune form a nice, harmonious watery angle that helps your connect with feelings, intuitions and Mars/Moon also form a nice angle so talking about feelings with others is supported as well.

Tuesday is dynamic, of course, being election day. Uranus goes into Aries at 10:50am and aspects Venus and Mars and the asteroid Ceres, associated with democratic movements: this energy wants freedom and self-expression in personal relationships, so you may feel sudden freedom urges in your relationships; it’s also calling for freedom in the collective, and it seems that people in the USA are really rallying against fear and they want something better. This election likely is not going to go well for the Trump administration and it seems that he is going to take a hit, this election may have big consequences for his family’s wealth as well. Also early Wednesday the moon goes into Scorpio at 5:02 and we feel the building power of the New Moon, exact tomorrow morning. All day Tuesday it’s just going to be emotional.

New Moon Scorpio 2018.jpg

Wednesday the New Moon is exact at 8:02 am. Both Tuesday and Wednesday are good for any ritual or ceremony about emotions and personal power. Scorpio ruled by Pluto, and Pluto forms a harmonious aspect with this New Moon: there are opportunities for power grabs here, as well as authentic and healthy expressions of power. The whole continuum. This is also about hidden power plays. Yesterday’s aspects involving Uranus, Mars and Venus are all highlighted today in the dark of the moon; there’s a strong drive to move forward and start something, but Scorpio demands that something be cut away in order for something else to grow; transformation through loss. I’d expect to feel strong emotions, in general. Maybe carry some tissue both days just in case.

Thursday is a game-changer in that things feel positive! Jupiter goes into Sagittarius at 4:38am this morning, the moon follows at 11:06am, and it feels sunnier, as though there are more possibilities and horizons to explore. We want to talk about new ideas and philosophize with friends. Compared to the first part of the week, it’s really much nicer now. Thursday is a nice night to go out; so is Friday, it’s much the same, it’s a chatty day, as well: these are the best two nights to go out. Saturday is pleasant and active; a good day to play sports, go for a walk/hike with friends and express your personal freedom. Saturday is a good day for ceremony/rituals about power. Just know that at 7:55pm the moon goes into Capricorn and it’s just serious; not a great date night. Sunday morning is serious and sober up and it’s a task oriented day, with more of the same Monday morning so might as well make the most of it. Clean out a garage or eliminate stuff you don’t need; this is a good way to use this energy.

Final Thoughts: Mercury goes retrograde this month on 11/17; you might want to think about making purchases this week and early next week, and then holding off until early December. I find myself returning stuff I order or buy during this period. Gemini and Virgo people please especially take note; Mercury rules your signs!

My Channeled Inspiration:

Last week I talked about seed consciousness, this idea that when stuff is eliminated–like in a forest fire– there is a seed left over, to start the next cycle of growth. This photo is blurry, and shows a tiny seedling I noticed today; it’s a rudbeckia, a daisy-looking wildflower, taking advantage of a moist crack in the brick path by the front door. I’m nurturing this particular seedling because I’d like a flower to grow there.



blog seedling image

Being a clear channel requires getting clear to begin with. The only hope for our species to survive is for everyone to get intuitive. With the Sun in Scorpio now, it’s the time of year to eliminate behaviors and habits that don’t serve you so new growth can occur.  There are multiple ways of being I can think of that promote tuning in to the world of spirit and hearing what you need to know; they all require sacrifice of ease and embracing effort. Here is a list of behaviors, attitudes, stances you can take to take steps to open up to your intuitive channel:

  • Do mindfulness practices daily
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Make Your Own Food
  • Stop eating processed food
  • stop eating fast food
  • avoid soda
  • go out in nature every day
  • move–walk or get some exercise
  • get off of social media
  • limit screen time
  • eliminate artificial air fresheners
  • make your own bread
  • use corn tortillas instead of flour ones
  • step outside and look at the night sky
  • be okay spending some time alone
  • be okay spending some time alone doing something you love
  • do something you loved to do as a child

Try any of these suggestions to feel improved health and an improved sense of hearing what you need to hear!




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