Intuitive Astrologer Forecast November 12–18, 2018, Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast!  All times are Pacific Standard Time. That is now one hour behind Tucson.

Last week was a lot to process as we experienced big energy shifts and a New Moon in Scorpio; the moon will be full on November 22, and as it grows, it is a good time to consciously grow and attend to the need to eliminate what you don’t need in your life, and to focus deeply and get to the root of what matters and what you are feeling. There is a lot of energy impacting the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini and I discuss that at the end of the forecast.

The Week Ahead: This is a great week for love! Every 18 months Venus goes retrograde for about 8 weeks, and the week is slows down to turn back to direct is a week when romantic love energy intensifies. Venus is slowing down this week and goes direct early Friday morning; this is a great week to attract someone or to experience love-at-first-sight. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are your best days for getting things done, making purchases, shopping for Thanksgiving, traveling without delay and communicating effectively; take advantage of these days for smooth sailing, and get your chores and errands and shopping done early in the week because it gets confusing with lots of delays possible Thursday–Saturday. Your best evenings for going out? Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Monday is task-oriented and more grounded; Tuesday and Wednesday are very good for communicating and are mentally stimulating days, we want to talk and with both Mercury and now Jupiter in Sagittarius–a philosophical fire sign that runs hot and judgemental—there is more freedom and less emotion. Also, this is a good week to try something different, hang out with different people and be aware that you are more likely to meet someone unique; there is an impatient drive through late Wednesday night, to maybe take opportunities you see to act how you want: just keep in mind there may be consequences to being willful, and look for creative action versus willful action, then you’ll be cooking with gas with this energy.  The only roadblocks these days are a grumpy start to Monday which peaks at 9:57am when the Moon meets Pluto, but once the Moon gets past this bump it looks good. You could get caught up in socializing that goes nowhere Monday night; doing something with an elder is a productive way to be social on this evening.

Thursday and Friday are dynamic days with a lot of different energy suddenly in flux, so adjust your expectations: there will be delays and odd-ball problems, some odd-ball and whimsical events, and a higher potential for accidents because of multiple planets changing signs/direction. Plan for needing more time to get things done.

On Thursday at 2:21pm Mars, planet of action and getting what you want, moves into Pisces, the Zodiac sign about merging with the universe and having our own emotional/spiritual philosophy. Mars isn’t very comfortable in a water sign that would rather feel than act.  Mars will immediately square Jupiter in Sagittarius; we will have a flurry of talk/action about spiritual/religious/legal/higher-ed issues as these are areas ruled by these signs. There will be more talk of compassion and feelings.  Mars is action, and in a water sign, action happens on an intuitive, feel-your-way-forward manner; you may feel more emotional and intuitive in general for the next few months as Mars transits this sign. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly start thinking about your faith or go to religious services this weekend. Thursday looks to be a powerfully emotional night and if you feel overwhelmed with feelings, know that as humans we want to act and sometimes we cannot and we just have to sit and feel; if you’re a bit tearful, finding a sappy movie to watch might be a good way out.

Early Friday at 2:50am Venus changes from retrograde to direct motion: personal and business relationships move forward, communication is easier between partners.  Later that day at 5:33pm Mercury turns retrograde and does so forming a hard angle to gas-lighting, confusing, dissolving Neptune and this means confusion: double-check on this day, it will be a foggy one, and having a sense of humor will help to cope. Travel delays and a problematic commute home are likely. When Mercury is retrograde, it’s best not to make purchases unless you did your planning well ahead of time and know exactly what you are buying. This in effect through December 7th when Mercury turns direct. Avoid signing contracts, expect breakdowns in travel/communication as these are the domains ruled by Mercury.  Saturday looks like we’ll be processing all the feelings that are being churned up with Mars in a water sign and Venus and Mars changing direction; we have new attitudes at our disposal and more awareness of our own losses and gains. And, finally, if you are tired of all this sluggish, confusing, delayed energy that swamped us Thursday, Friday and Saturday then Sunday will be a relief as the moon moves into Aries at 7:56am and forms a nice angle to upbeat Jupiter–until 12:18pm it’s a very energetic, optimistic morning; it feels positive, and it’s a great time to get out and move and exercise. The afternoon feels more serious and sober though as the moon moves to square Saturn at 8:30pm: maybe plan to do some chores Sunday afternoon, a good way to use this energy or it can turn grumpy.

Final Thoughts:   Last Tuesday Uranus, moving retrograde, left the sign of Taurus. Now Uranus is back in Aries until March 2019 and it’s urging us to act to be true to ourselves,  based on what we learned from May 15th-November 7th in regard to our changing personal values: because since mid-May, everyone has experienced some change and awareness of something different that is important that we value and want to hold on to. This is a good time to reflect on what’s changed for you, and start to take action on incorporating your new values into yourself. Act them out.

Jupiter and Neptune are in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively, and they are strongly impacting the lives of all the mutable signs– Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo: you are even more busy, more distracted, and more inspired than usual. Neptune is making some of you feel like you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because Neptune dissolves the ego and thus interferes with our ability to function nine-to-five; this while Jupiter, the growth planet, wants to go out for a 5-course meal and head to the casino because it’s in it’s home sign of fun and frolic.  All of you mutable signs are going to feel these divergent drives and feelings even more for the next few weeks–Neptune is slowing down to turn retrograde November 24th: for the mutable zodiac signs specifically, this will add to your spirituality, creativity and further dissolve any ego structures interfering with your spiritual evolution. For all you mutable signs, expect an increase in off-beat, somewhat weird and somewhat frustrating intensity through the 24th.


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