Intuitive Astrologer Forecast November 19–25, 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PST and those times are now one hour behind Tucson time.

  • Alert: Many aspects this week make takings risks a bad idea; err on the side of caution, this energy diminishes Sunday so put the brakes on till then. Also, this week we are all under the intensifying influence of Neptune in Pisces changing direction to direct motion on Saturday: this means little clarity and lots of illusion, so this week make lists, stay focused because this energy is dreamy, inspirational and great for creative/spiritual pursuits but very frustrating when trying to deal with reality and getting stuff done. Expect an increase in psychic impressions, intuitions, idealism, prophetic dreams; as well as an increased risk in paranoia, sudden or strange anxieties/fears. This especially applies to the Mutable Signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius) and even more specifically, those born the week in the middle of the dates below:
  • Gemini–May 20–June 20
  • Virgo–August 22—September 21
  • Sagittarius–November 22–December 20
  • Pisces–February 18–March 19

Finally, Thanksgiving looks like a nice day, until the energy flips a bit later a night with the Full Moon (see Thursday below) and most at risk for experiencing some symptoms of the Full Moon are those born the very first week of the signs of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius–see dates above.

Monday morning is good for communication until 8:26am; after that the mood gets more sober as the moon moves to square Pluto in the evening, might be a moody evening. It’s an exuberant day with Mars squaring Jupiter so don’t take any foolish risks and for those of you who love to visit our local casinos, you might want to stay home today especially–it’s tempting to wager big, and the Sun is in Sagittarius now–the sign of the Gambler–and just adds to the power. Hedge your bets today and for the rest of the week as the Full Moon Thursday night just adds to the power.

Tuesday feels social early on and then throughout the day we want to be free and express ourselves, this feeling abruptly ends at 343pm when the Moon enters Taurus and with an immediate aspect to watery Mars in Pisces things may seem a bit more dreamy, moody and unfocused for the rest of the day as the the aspect just builds through the evening; if anything, the moon grounds this energy. As mentioned at the top of the forecast, Neptune in Pisces this week is making a major change of motion, and when it does, the entire sign is affected to varying degrees. Use this energy best for taking creative and social justice action and get into your idealism; make art; spiritual practice.

Wednesday the Moon makes a sextile to stationing Neptune in Pisces at 401pm: today up until this time, there are opportunities for enhanced intuition, psychic impressions, all art/creative works, prayer/meditation: the moon in Taurus grounds just a wee bit the power of stationing Neptune so enjoy it while you can, the Full Moon tomorrow is spacey.

Full Moon Sagittarius

Thursday starts out feeling pretty good as the Sun went into the sign of Sagittarius overnight and it immediately merges with optimistic Jupiter, also in Sagittarius, (in energy in effect now through December 7th). What does this mean for you? Increased optimism, increased faith, increased interest in going to college, higher education, international travel and going back to church or resuming some sort of faith/religious practice or some resuming sort of study.  Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius as well and next week will merge with both the Sun and Jupiter so some of this stuff may also be related to the past, people from the past. I think it’s fair to say Thursday will feel pretty darn good with all the warmth of fiery Sagittarius. The mood changes quickly at 9:39pm Thursday when the Moon is Full in Sagittarius: this stimulates the early degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) the most. What does this mean for you specifically and the rest of us in general? Well, continue to avoid taking big chances and big risks–this energy is very fluid and in flux, meaning that you don’t have all the facts whether this is about finance or physical exertion/activity or communication. This applies to conflict as well: come Thanksgiving or the Friday afterwards, when you have to spend even more time with family, if you get into a bit of a beef or spat, know things may not break your way. Just back down and wait till Sunday. Saturday is social but gets wonky as the day progresses as this is the day Neptune stations to direct motion at 5:09pm–if you or your friends are running late, loosing things, forgetting things have some compassion. Be mindful as others will not be. Late Saturday the Moon goes into Cancer–making nice aspects Sunday–a really nice day. Enjoy it!

Final Thoughts:  The Sun is in Scorpio until Thanksgiving; so we still have time to feel and work through annual Scorpio themes: pruning and cutting away dead stuff to get to our own seed consciousness–our own new creative DNA–and start new growth. There was a very moving tribute to some inspiring women who are re-naming the experience of trauma, a Scorpio theme–Scorpio rules all experiences related to birth/death/rebirth. Watch here

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