Intuitive Astrologer Forecast November 24–December 2, 2018

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Standard Time, which is now one hour behind Tucson time.

Last week was dynamic and full of action; this week is more calm, with conditions great for business, education and spiritual/metaphysical exploration. This is an excellent week to gather and synthesize all kinds of information about what is important to you, and start making plans about what you want to do early next year. The energy is going to stall in the New Year for a bit, with folks feeling frustrated about not moving forward; rather than feel delayed, blocked or stymied then, use this week’s excellent energy to gather facts and get a plan in order for study, travel or business in the early part of the New Year. You’ll be sailing forward while everyone else is hitting a wall.

Monday is good for work and getting things done; I’d keep the focus on your own tasks. Overnight Mercury squared Mars, meaning there is residual energy today to get into verbal arguments. Check your facts. Mars is in Pisces, a water sign that detests conflict and gets stuff done by going in a roundabout manner; Mercury is moving backwards in Sagittarius, a sign famous for shooting first and asking questions later. You can avoid conflict by first making sure you are clear on your information. The Moon in sensitive Cancer today makes hard aspects to Pluto in the morning and Uranus at night; nurture yourself. Tomorrow will feel much better.

Tuesday the mood is completely different; lots of fire today and much enthusiasm for just about everything. While not a great time to move agendas forward in business, due to Mercury being retrograde, today is an excellent day for business in terms of getting all your ducks in a row so you can execute your plans in a few weeks when conditions are more favorable. This is a great day for any skilled work with metals, stone, jewelry; any work that requires discipline and a steady hand. Saturn (work) and Mars (action) form a nice angle. Also today, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun are all conjunct in Sagittarius; today feels more wildly optimistic than usual. Sagittarius loves stories and narratives and satire and humor. Education, travel, satire, law are all domains of Sagittarius as are sports, gambling and too much fun. Don’t let happy hour stretch till closing time; on this day, it’s a definite possibility. Wednesday we are simply deflating from Tuesday and we are continuing to gather and synthesize new information, new thoughts, revised and revisited thoughts (Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius).

Thursday the mood gets a bit pickier and the pace picks up; the Moon is in Virgo today, work oriented and critical, and makes angles to 7 of the planets throughout the day; all this means is that the mood today will shift every few hours, with it getting more serious and potentially more combative as the day continues. Watch for moodiness in others when Mars opposes the Moon at 6:19pm; no need for a supper-time spat over nothing. Friday feels task-oriented and serious; Moon in Virgo making a nice, if you can say that, angle to Pluto in Capricorn. Even the nice and easy angles to powerful planets are not really nice and easy, they just make it easier to feel the flow of that energy, for better or worse. Pluto likes power, the moon likes security. On Friday Venus opposes Uranus at 6:12pm; if you have dinner plans, expect the unexpected as Uranus always brings unexpected events and change. All week this aspect has been building up: Venus is our values and love/relationships, and in Libra, it’s own sign, Venus really loves relating to others. Uranus on the other hand could care less about relating, it wants to advance the cause of liberating the self from all constraints. Uranus does not like the ball and chain. This aspect brings different and unique people into our lives, and it clears room for freedom in relationships. Don’t grasp and you’ll be okay.

Saturday Mercury slips backwards into Scorpio early in the morning. Saturday is a really nice day for socializing and catching up with friends, hanging out; the mood gets serious in the evening, though, as the Moon in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. Does not feel like a generous, fun loving night; if you can make thrifty sexy, then this will be a great night for you to get it on, otherwise I’d stay in. Sunday the Moon stays in Libra, but the energy is not very social. There’s a Sun/Mars square today in the afternoon, driving us all to do whatever we’re doing that much harder. Physical exercise and physical tasks are the best way to use this energy, just don’t over-do it. Dance and music are great ways to use this square as well: Sagittarius and Pisces are both ruled by Jupiter, both love the arts. The Moon squares Pluto in the evening, so it’s another sober-feeling night. Maybe just get ready for the week ahead tonight. It’s going to be a big one with a New Moon on Thursday!

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