Intuitive Astrology Forecast, Christmas 2018

Tucson, AZ:

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice and Happy Solar New Year! The 12 days after the Solstice are annually very strong days to manifest new intentions and receive strong intuitions as to how to proceed. Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Standard Time PST–that is one hour behind Tucson time now.

I’ve been away for a few weeks. My mother, now 77, moved back to Tucson a few weeks ago. Everything takes longer when you are older and elders require support and time.

But as to the forecast; here’s what you need to know:

The Astrological Trends:  Where’s the Sun? The Sun is moving towards mid-summer again, and just a few days ago if we were at Chaco Canyon or Stonehenge we would have seen the Sun line up to mark this significant turn of our Star from seeming death to life. And thus is the basis for so many of our spiritual traditions. Not long ago in the northern latitudes, winter was rough and only the strong survived; without science, who would know the Sun could reliably be counted on to swing back towards long sunny days for agriculture and hunting. This is time of year the Sun is in Capricorn, the earth sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the taskmaster, teacher, realist, Father, Government, Military, discipline. People with a strong Capricorn or Saturn influence are very responsible, hardworking and disciplined above all else: think West Point. The Sun is in Capricorn now through January 19th. Currently 2 other slow moving powerful planets–Saturn and Pluto–are in this sign and the Sun will only enhance their energies through this time and make this Capricorn season more hard work, more serious and disciplined. Through this work, though, is the possibility of transformation.

Business and Money: The mood is going to get serious quick in the New Year with all this Capricorn and the January 5–6, 2019 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Generally it’s not a great idea to start new projects and launch things the week before an eclipse. It’s traditional to align our new beginnings with the new calendar year. If you are starting something involving contracts, shared monies, shared resources you might wait till after the eclipse. The good news is that now through December 28, 2018 at 1:27pm—when Venus and Pluto make a harmonious angle–is a great time to make business deals, finalize contracts, make financial gifts, decide how to share resources. Mercury is moving direct and has moved passed expansive, over-spending Jupiter in Sagittarius so move your money with confidence. This energy is in effect through the end of the month.

Socializing: If you have family obligations to socialize, 12/26 is stable and feels pretty good but it gets busy fast on 12/27; the moon is in Virgo both days but makes lots of quick aspects to other planets on the 27th so expect a quicker tempo. The moon goes into Libra on 12/28 at 12:23pm and starts stirring things up with the Capricorn planets; there’s more energy to start things, or try to, and to socialize. Best nights out this week are 12/26, 12/27 (intense, but stable), 12/30 and 12/31 with New year’s eve looking dreamy….but more on that next week!

Emotional Health: We have 4 very masculine and powerful planets in the signs of Capricorn and Aries; these signs can and do and are beating up on Cancer, the sign of nurturance and self-nurturance. Pay attention to how you care for yourself. Use the power of Capricorn–planning–and schedule self-care: schedule times to cook for yourself and your loved ones and take some down time. Right now, actually planning to care for yourself is the most likely way you actually will do so. On a larger level, plan about how you would stay secure in an emergency. Cancer knows to prepare for bad times. I’m not saying you need to be a prepper. But. Do you have enough resources to be secure in an emergency? Food, water and money for a few months? Maybe try for a few weeks and build up from there.

The Mundane: In astrology, the astrology of the everyday world of events and politics is called Mundane astrology. In our political world last week, we had epic events in the federal government here in the U.S.A.  Of greatest concern of all the many stories about corruption and malfeasance at the executive level of government last week, the most concerning was the resignation in protest of Secretary of the Defense Jim Mattis, and then the further hastening of that resignation by the executive, leaving what many feel is a dangerous vacuum in power at the highest levels of national security, with only an unstable President at the helm. The reason I mention this is to prepare for next week’s eclipse, in which these themes will only be stronger: security, personal and national. A national security crisis is likely; whatever happens in the next few weeks will presage the eclipse a year from now in early 2020 which will be even more potent.

Forecast for the Zodiac Signs (for more info on Sun Sign dates click here)

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus):  Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, stations to move direct on January 6th, 2019 and we’re feeling it now; this planet moves slowly, and when it stops to change direction it’s intensity intensifies. This specifically impacts Aquarians because Uranus rules this sign; expect more energy and intuitions you Aquarians, as well as an uptick in irritability .  Right now for 2 more weeks, Venus is in Scorpio: all fixed signs may find challenges and new awareness about relationships, finances and chances to purge emotions related to relationships. Transform instead of staying stuck.

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Cardinal sign (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries) I’m very sorry but you are getting hammered right now. Cardinal signs are the self-starters of the Zodiac and right now 3 very intense slow moving planets are hanging out in the Cardinal signs, giving all of you simultaneous drive to start new things….and at the same time, inconvenient and stubborn barriers in the way blocking your progress. Pluto and Saturn are already in the sign of Capricorn, and the Sun just went into Capricorn and gives these planets more light to shine and be energized in our lives, for better or worse. Pluto and Saturn are all about control, transformation and power in the areas of government, business, structures, military; the Sun, as the principle of Self and how we shine, just gives this serious energy more energy to be front and center in our lives. Meanwhile, Uranus is stationing to go direct on January 6th at the 28th degree of Aries; so if you were born in the last week of your Cardinal sign, you will feel this the most as some challenge or opportunity related to liberating your ego somehow now through March 7.

If your Sun, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Mutable Sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) then you have been heavily influenced by slower moving Neptune (dreams, illusions, mystical inspiration, addiction, codependency) and Jupiter (good times, spending too much, gambling, telling stories, horses, your personal faith, legal issues). Both of these planets can gaslight like nobody’s business so watch out you don’t get swindled or taken advantage of. Mars is transiting Pisces through January 1st so these next few days of the year you may feel more feelings than usual, especially on 12/28 when Mars meets Chiron–might be emotional as old wounds and hurts get poked at or recalled, so just pay attention to what comes up as it’s fuel for positive change.  Chiron is the archetype of the wounded warrior/healer and when Mars passes over it, old emotional wounds might come up–in Pisces, it’s the fear of never feeling connected.  All of you Mutables have been very busy, very tired and very stimulated by all this new energy and whirling opportunities. Self care!


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