Intuitive Astrology Forecast Happy New Year 2019!

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! Happy New Year! All times are PST, Pacific Standard Time, which is one hour behind Tucson. Chart wheels courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

There is an eclipse this week so the forecast is long.

The Forecast: By the end of this week we’ll have 5 planets–Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn– in Capricorn, the sign of hard work, ambition, duty and business: this is an unusual number and means the focus in on this sign and it’s values all week long.  The South Node of the Moon is here as well, and all that means is that there’s temptation to take the low road and be cold instead of taking the high road and share.  Here are the highlights of the week and what to look out for:

*Mars enters Aries on New Years Eve 2018, where it will spend the next 6 weeks. Mars in Aries is the strongest placement for Mars in astrology, so it has a lot of potency here. Mars here is the courageous warrior, the competitor. However, Aries forms a square to Capricorn; both of these signs like to start things, but in very different ways, and thus constantly run into conflict with each other which means we’ll all be seeing more conflict in general. There will be more fighting and more warlike behavior.  Mars will be squaring all of the Capricorn planets above between now and February 1st. What does this mean for you? Don’t lead with your ego and insist on getting your way: instead use the prudent path of Capricorn–planning, caution and then action–when you need to advance your agenda. The Capricorn energy is there to be used: plan your next move, don’t rush headfirst.

On January 1st at 9:50pm the Sun in Capricorn meets up with it’s ruler, Saturn, also in Capricorn and the two occupy the same spot in the sky. The Sun is our sense of free will, and Saturn are the limits of reality and when the two merge most folks (except Capricorn types who are already used to this) feel a bit down. Most people don’t like feeling limited; this tends to be a sobering energy. Find something disciplined to do today as a way to use this responsible, hard-working energy to it’s maximum instead of feeling depressed.

*Thursday January 3rd, at 9:12pm Mercury, planet of communication and thinking and short trips, forms a kind angle to Uranus at a standstill in Aries, waiting to move direct. This is genius energy, with there being potential insights, new ways of thinking and revelations meant to liberate you in areas of self-esteem, faith, spirituality, travel and your personal philosophy/narratives–your stories about yourself. It’s a dour week; the days leading up to this aspect could generate some creative thoughts about how to plan your way out of whatever is blocking your progress. Or help you solve a problem.

*Friday January 4th at 10:50 am the moon moves into Capricorn and the power of tomorrow’s solar eclipse starts to make itself known. At 7:40pm Mercury goes into Capricorn; thoughts are suddenly more grounded in reality.

*Saturday January 5th at 5:26pm is the New Moon in Capricorn at 15 degrees. This New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse, not visible in Tucson. The solar eclipse makes the New Moon even more powerful–the darkness of the New Moon is just more dark–and when the Sun and Moon go dark, the other planets really dominate. With Saturn and Pluto moving closer together, it’s all about the power grab and power play in the dark of the night–Saturn is the government/military and Pluto is power. I’m curious what will come out of the Trump administration after this eclipse. With Mars squaring all the Capricorn, possibly some military action. On a personal level, whenever there are lots of planets in one sign, the focus can’t help but gravitate towards that sign. I know we look to our weekends for fun, but this weekend seems less about fun and more about work, duty, productivity, planning, organizing, setting goals and being task oriented: these are all qualities that come easy to Capricorn, and with an abundance of this energy, you’ll feel better if you just get to work on something. If you want to socialize, include an elder; Capricorn rules chronological time and aging.  The Jupiter/Neptune square that will be exact next week is building in strength and will also be strong during this eclipse; it feeds into Capricorn via Neptune. Jupiter squares–challenges–Neptune every five years. It can be at it’s best inspiring energy allowing us to be creative and inclusive with our spiritual expression and personal philosophy; at worst it’s a guru like Jim Jones. This is very idealistic energy. We want to believe. Just try to keep both feet on the ground this week and next and don’t get carried away. There will be an increase in torrential rain events, when it does rain, through January 11th due to this square. Finally, there is a hard aspect between Venus and Uranus that is highlighted in this eclipse; freedom needs in relationships will come up, with impulsive and willful feelings to break free a definite possibility.

Business and Money: In the week before an eclipse it’s generally not a great idea to move a lot of money or make big business decisions, and you don’t want to do it on the day of the eclipse, either. Next week is more favorable.

Socializing: New Year’s Eve has plenty of room for impulsivity with Mars entering Aries, this makes for more excitement and the need for more caution. News Years Day will be serious feeling due to Sun/Saturn; not much fun unless you are working together on something. Wednesday looks lighter with the Moon in Sagittarius lightening things up and it gets better Thursday–nice night out. Friday and Saturday are just serious and heavy with the eclipse. Sunday with Uranus going direct, I’d expect plans to suddenly change or there be some sort of surprise. It’s a good weekend to work.

Emotional Health: It’s all about self-care, as I said last week. Every Zodiac Sign has it’s opposite sign, and that opposite sign needs to be accepted and incorporated into oneself–like yin/yang, anima/animus, shadow/light. With the extreme emphasis on Capricorn, there’s a need to bring in  Cancer, the opposite of Capricorn, the sign that knows it’s okay to be emotionally vulnerable and security means feeling good at home with enough food and supplies to last for months. Find ways to nurture and care for yourself; plan to do so.

The Mundane:  With the ongoing Aries/Capricorn square, I see no resolution to the partial government shutdown; in fact, it’s just getting worse with the President digging in and the Democratic House taking over in the new year. Look for signs of a power grab at the time of the eclipse. Maybe there will be a breakthrough on the shutdown when the Sun goes into Aquarius January 20th, but it may take until after March 7th when Uranus goes into Taurus. That’s going to shake things up.

In other news, last week, we heard very good news about former Philadelphia NPR radio affiliate (WHYY) journalist and current political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mr. Abu-Jamal was shot and accused of murdering a Philadelphia cop in 1981: here is the chart of murder, time courtesy Wikipedia. Mumia Arrest

In this chart the 12th house of secrets is packed with powerful, secretive planets; secretive Scorpio is the Rising Sign with Jupiter right there making it even more secretive; and the 8th house of death has the moody moon in Cancer moving through it: any astrologer looking at this chart of an event would definitely predict a crime, and big powerful secrets and death and betrayal. After all these years it looks like events may conspire to set this man free. Let’s hope so.  Last Thursday, a judge ruled that Mr. Abu-Jamal can re-argue his case again. This is great news. I’ve looked at the progressed chart for the crime above; and then I looked at the chart for 12/27/2018 the day of the ruling that the appeal may go forward. To me, it looks  like opportunities favorable for Mr. Abu-Jamal’s freedom will occur when Uranus goes into Taurus March 7th, and when Jupiter in truth and freedom loving Sagittarius stations to square the Mars in the event chart above around April 10th. That’s also about when when the lunar nodes return to where they were in the 1981 event chart above. Now, in the nearly 40 years since this event occurred, Jupiter has squared the Mars 3 times previously (Jupiter has a 10 year cycle); and the lunar nodes have already once returned to their original position (the lunar nodes have a 20 year cycle) and the lunar nodes have a 20 year cycle: nothing changed then.  What’s different now is that for 30 years, this event chart had a Scorpio Rising sign until 2011, the year that Mr. Abu-Jamal was let off of death row–that’s the year the Rising Sign progressed into  Sagittarius and opened up new ways to access the Sagittarian planets in the chart. Scorpio is about secrets; Sagittarius is about the truth. Let’s hope to hear Mumia’s free voice on the radio in 2019!

Forecast for the Zodiac Signs (for more info on Sun Sign dates click here)

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus):  Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, stations to move direct on January 6th, 2019–this especially impacts Aquarians and is indicated by an overall increase in intensity/vibration: slow down and whatever comes up for you that is surprising or shocking is meant to keep you on your path or get your back on it. Aquarius is visionary but None of the fixed signs likes change, so keep this in mind if you find yourself resisting change. On January 5th and 6th Venus in the fixed sign of Scorpio spends her last 2 days in this sign of shared financial assets; it makes a hard angle to Uranus as it stations to go direct, and this hard angle is all about adjusting yourself to the willful demands of your ego. Sudden unexpected irritations in the areas of relationships, money and vales can come up and your best bet it to speedily adjust; Venus is in Scorpio and Uranus is in Aries and these 2 signs are the most willful and it can get ugly. Those of you born the last 4–5 days of the fixed signs (click here for the dates) are most likely to feel this intensely, though it’s strong enough to be felt as widespread irritation.

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Cardinal sign (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries) then this Saturday’s eclipse on January 5th will most definitely impact you; it occurs at 15 degrees of Capricorn, which is to say the middle dates of that sign and every Cardinal Sign (click here for the dates).  I addressed this above, but for you specifically, avoid getting into power-plays with yourself and others from Friday morning PST until your head hits the pillow (cool side) on Sunday night PST. Issues related to authority figures on a personal level–teachers, parents, important elders in your life, government officials/workers and perhaps most importantly your own internal authority: who calls the shots when your talk to yourself. The voice of this authority, and it’s corresponding judgement, will be loud and clear this New Moon with so many planets in the super-judgy sign of Capricorn: remember, Saturn–Timekeeper, Taskmaster, Teacher, Government–is in charge of Capricorn and it takes no prisoners if you are irresponsible and procrastinate your days away like the Grasshopper in the old fable about the Grasshopper and the Ant. Saturn just tells you to get a grip and carry on and don’t be so bloody stupid next time. Seriously, that is the sound of Saturn–the sound of judgement. This New Moon, look for where this sound is in your life and use the Capricorn energy of planning to your favor. Those of you born the last week of the Cardinal signs, you will feel the impact of Uranus turning direct January 6th, most likely as some sort of challenge to your ego, or a relationship challenge, that is about you getting liberated. Fly and be free!

If your Sun, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Mutable Sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) then things have felt better since Mars left Pisces on 12/31, where it was stirring up fantasies, illusions and confusion. However, you are all contending with the building influence of the January 11th Jupiter/Neptune square, which is making things very uncertain, confusing and promising at the same time: this combination of energy wants to bring ideals into the world.  But. Lots of ideals don’t make it to reality. Those of you who were born in the middle week of the Mutable signs are especially affected–click here for those dates. Watch that you don’t over-estimate yourself or your resources, avoid foolish risks. Gurus and the shell game make out well with this aspect. Find ways you can put your spirit and your ideals in action, commit to learning something new about Spirit or philosophy, music or dance; work spiritually with horses, find new ways of moving and exercising that lift your spirit.

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