Intuitive Astrology Forecast January 7–13, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the Forecast! All times are PST which is one hour behind Tucson time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.2

The Forecast: It’s Capricorn season; the Sun moves through this sign through January 19th and annually it’s a reminder to get to work, get disciplined and plan to achieve goals. Patience and the long game and preserving the status quo are all Capricorn qualities. With several other planets also in this practical earth sign, Capricorn is stronger than usual this January. Don’t fight it. It’s best for the next few weeks to get to work on something, even if it’s not what you want to work on–in fact, its likely you will not have the luxury of working on what you love, only because Capricorn knows duty and knows in this world you just have to work, period. This energy needs an outlet, and without rolling up your sleeves and getting to the nitty-gritty on something, you’ll just find this energy will instead work against you, blocking you as you try to assert your will and leading to feeling ineffective. The energy I’ve been talking about involves Cardinal signs–Capricorn and Aries–that like to start things. There’s another big square between Jupiter/Neptune in the Mutable Signs of Pisces and Sagittarius and that is building in strength until this Sunday–that is powerful fantasy energy and so I see a lot of folks getting caught up in both powerful patterns and feeling a lot of pressure and confusion. Keep it simple this week. Here are the highlights:

Monday January 7th–Venus moves into Sagittarius at 3:19am. Venus is what we love, and Sagittarius wants freedom, travel and likes to horse around. Venus in Sagittarius is warm, fun and likes to party.  Along with Jupiter, Mars and Uranus in fire signs, Venus will just add to our love of freedom this week. Which is at odds with serious Capricorn and responsibility.

Tuesday January 8th–Mercury in cautious Capricorn squares Mars in impulsive Aries at 2:05am this morning. For the days leading up to this transit, it’s just a lot easier to get into a fight, start a fight or find yourself suddenly and without warning involved in some sort of spat. Mercury talks/thinks carefully; Mars is not cautious one bit and wants to assert it’s will now. Remember, there are 3 other planets in Capricorn right now giving Mercury a dose of steroids; this simply does not feel good. This can lead to accidents only because of the impulsive nature of Mars being blocked.

Sun Pluto 2019.jpg

Thursday January 11th–The Sun meets up with Pluto at 21 degrees of Capricorn at 3:36am today. If you’re wondering why this week feels so intense this is why. The Sun is the planet of free will and in Capricorn, our free will is subordinated to the requirements of work, responsibility, duty and stewardship. Meanwhile, Pluto is power, control and secrets. Capricorn is all structures and organizations–in this case, thinking about your own personal structure may be helpful. What secrets do you keep from yourself? What secrets need to see some light and be released?  Use the days leading up to this transit to get to the bottom of your own secrets to make your own structures more sound. Nothing like a secret crack to take down an otherwise nice piece of architecture.  You may run into someone on a power trip in the days leading up to this as well as a need to repair things that are broken. Get to work!

Sunday January 13th–There are 2 big aspect patterns today. Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces at 11:01am:  this is a challenging pattern of energy that calls us to bring our dreams and ideals into reality. So many of us, though, are caught up in  impractical dreams/fantasies with no basis in the world of 5-senses. Reality testing is a good way to think about how to handle this square–is there a place in your life you are being too idealistic and thus in denial of reality? Collectively and personally there are easy ways to deny reality all the time and the consequences are usually dire. This is the first of 3 squares this year. Strive towards your ideals; and keep your feet on the ground. Escapism, whether escaping into religion (Sagittarius) or fantasy games/worlds (Neptune), tends to be the rule though.

Also, Mercury and Saturn meet in Capricorn at 5:31am today; Mercury is thinking/communication and Saturn is limits/caution/reality: these 2 planets together tend to make us serious, sober, depressed in our thinking as it seems like cold hard reality is all there is. This can feel a bit ruthless, too, as though there’s no room or capacity for anything that feels nurturing or feeling. Serious study is helpful in the days leading up to this; expect an uptick in negative self talk and be kind to yourself.

Business and Money: It’s an intense week with Sun/Pluto in Capricorn; Saturn and Mercury are here too so any long term planning projects involving business growth are favored. It’s a poor week for communication, though; people are feeling cautious about moving forward with their money as well.

Socializing: Thursday and Friday nights look best for heading out for fun, looks OK through Saturday morning at 11:20am but after that, the Moon in Aries is headed towards Mars: high chances for conflict and running into blocks. Maybe stay in Saturday night. In general, if you can get your friends to work out, go for a walk or work together on a project you may fare better as you’ll be bringing in the spirit of work (Capricorn) to your socializing this weekend.

Emotional health: Last week I mentioned the need to focus on self care. This still is the case. Capricorn is notoriously under-performing when it comes to self care: that is the terrain of Cancer, sign of all things creature-comfort and opposite Capricorn. Please make time to sleep, eat and rest this week to cope with the overall intensity.

The Mundane:  In the US, the partial government shutdown will continue with this Capricorn/Aries energy blocking all progress forward. It’s all to easy to dig in and refuse to budge, just as it’s easy now to try and rush forward only to get blocked.  Mars in impulsive Aries is spoiling for a fight as it builds to a square with Saturn January 21st and then Pluto February 1st. Expect to see even worse authoritarian behavior from the President this week. With the Sun meeting Pluto Thursday, we will likely see a government/military secret involving power revealed and move to exert considerable power at the executive level of the federal government.  Increasing torrential rain events are possible with Jupiter (which makes everything bigger) challenging Neptune (God of the Ocean and the planet that rules all rain events).

Forecast for the Zodiac Signs (for more info on Sun Sign dates click here)

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus):  you are all feeling a bit of a reprieve but starting January 20th you will start to get a challenge from the Sun in Aquarius. You will all benefit from reflecting on what changes you felt in 2018 between mid May and mid November last year, because this March those themes will be returning when Uranus enters Taurus for a 7 year transit to stir up all the fixed signs. Use this time to reflect because change is coming your way.

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Cardinal sign (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries) then my heart goes out to you: there are 4 planets now in Capricorn putting a lot of pressure on all of these Cardinal Signs and many of you are simply feeling frazzled and way too tense because there simply is no smooth way to initiate a smooth start to anything now, and Cardinal signs love to start things. As I said last week, just focus on planning, taking care of business and don’t shirk your responsibilities. There is a real ruthlessness about Capricorn sometimes: it can feel very annihilating due to Pluto being there and pointing out to you that everything you do is, well, pointless.  Uranus is in Aries demanding you be liberated from old ego habits, too, so being a Libra, Capricorn, Cancer or Aries right now means you are going through transformations left and right.   This week your challenge is to avoid getting sucked into arguments, find ways to release your personal secrets and to stay disciplined to avoid depression.

If your Sun, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Mutable Sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) then you are feeling the impact of the Jupiter/Neptune square exact this Saturday. At it’s best, this energy is exciting, dynamic and thrilling with all sorts of creative and broad-minded ideas, thoughts and communications swirling around; it feels like all you have to do is reach up into the ether to pull one down to earth. However. The challenge is grounding fantasy in reality. Some of you are really into escapism now, which is fine if you know you are; the problem here is when you don’t know you are in a fantasy world, or if you are denying reality. It really hurts when you come crashing down to ground, just ask Icarus. Make sure you are playing with a full deck this week Mutables!


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