The Intuitive Astro Forecast for January 14–16, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the Forecast! All times are PST which is one hour behind Tucson time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.2.

The Sun continues to move through Capricorn through the end of the week and hard work, discipline, patience and duty continue to be the only way out if you are feeling frustrated and hitting a wall.

Monday and Tuesday are relatively grounded days this week.

Wednesday January 16 the Sun makes its annual pass over the South Node of the Moon. The South Node is a point that represents the past–our personal past, our collective past, past lives, past relationships.  Since it’s the past, we know it well and repeating it means we’re stuck in a loop. This is the backsliding point. So, note to self, on this day….you may very well have a choice to go down the same old path. Try a different route and choose to evolve.

Thursday looks relatively calm.

Friday January 18:  If there was ever a day to call in sick, it’s this one; there are 3 big transits today, and they are all dealing with vastly different subjects and conflicts, so expect competing agendas. Mars (ego, sex drive) makes an easy  angle to Venus (love and money) at 8:50am; normally this is very pleasant energy for love, romance and fun times but the Capricorn/Aries square going on now has everyone feeling cock-blocked, and Venus is under the spell of Neptune (fantasy, illusion) so you there is plenty of room for romance to both feel fantastic AND be grounded in absolutely no fact-based reality. Today and the days leading up, though, are still favorable for romantic, business and creative expression; these planets are in fire signs and fire loves drama: mixing it up with dance, theater and film might help. Just remember, if it’s too good to be true it is. This is great energy for artists working on projects. On this same day, to make things more confusing, serious Saturn (limits, reality, The Man) meets Mercury (thoughts, words, communications, short trips) and the 2 merge at 12:01pm leading to serious, sobering, depressing thoughts and traffic snarl-ups. Find a project to concentrate on in the days leading up to this energy; it’s a great way to break up the mental intensity. Find something to organize structurally. These planets are in Capricorn, sign of the long-game, perfect conveyance, strategic planning, structures for business and commerce: find something to plan or organize. This old Sesame Street video is the perfect metaphor for Capricorn: a structure that effortlessly transports, with a reward at the end of the work. Finally, at 5:30pm, just in time for rush-hour and happy-hour, the Sun in Capricorn forms a square to Uranus in Aries and these 2 planets have nothing in common except they both want to prevail. Capricorn wants the status quo and Aries wants freedom NOW. Expect strong freedom urges, demands for space, break-ups and temper tantrums. There could be novelty, exposure to something new and exciting.

Saturday January 19, night looks nice for a dreamy date night; staying in and keeping it comfy with candles and the right mood, or going out for music are all indicated with Neptune and the Moon forming a nice, watery angle; it’s very intuitive with emotions flowing strong. If you are up past midnight, the Sun goes into Aquarius after midnight…..this might be a slight shock, only because Aquarius rules all things shocking, surprising, unexpected.

Sunday January 20 starts with a bang when the Sun moves into Aquarius at 1:00am PST–our Star, symbol of free will, is now expressing itself through the fast-moving element of Air: things feel a bit more detached, lighter, more social and it’s a bit easier to talk to others. However, there is a lot of intractable Capricorn energy getting poked pretty hard by Mars in Aires today and the next few weeks–that doesn’t feel social or fun and that’s the problem Sunday night  at 9:15 PST when the Moon is Full in Leo. Leo likes to be recognized. Don’t push things Sunday night or demand to be seen or be heard as this could quickly escalate. Instead appreciate yourself and what you have to share with the world to improve the lives of others: what is your unique and special light, and what are you doing to make it shine? Since last November we’ve had ample energy to move forward to advance our agendas, as we’ve synthesized all the new knowledge/data/intuitions gathered and integrated since Uranus went into Taurus last Mary 2018. and this full moon is a lunar eclipse and the normally brilliant moon goes dark. This eclipse highlights the signs of Leo/Aquarius. Feeling secure in shining as our Self, who we are, and feeling at home in the human family and valuing that family are all very positive ways to work with the energy of this full moon. This is an eclipse, making it a more potent Full Moon, and there are a couple other big energy patterns forming as this Full Moon brightens, and they are–

1–Mars square Saturn, a hard angle with very hard planets that humans have observed with fear and dread for millenia, is exact just after the Moon is Full. What does this mean for you? Well, this full moon is more likely to see conflict, arguments,violence than usual. I expect the news cycle to reflect this. When these 2 planets butt heads, it’s all about ego butting heads with authority/limits, and it can get ugly. Mars does not like Saturn and vice a versa.  Exercise, working on projects, and avoiding conflict are excellent choices this weekend; be an introvert and work on something on your own (Saturn rules hermits), and if you need to be recognized or want attention, try to give a little to get a little, as the Sun is in Aquarius now and Aquarius likes to share. Look for heightened talk/interest about military and law enforcement, and more talk about our military: we are pulling out of Syria, so expect to see more of that in the news.

2–Venus square Neptune, a hard angle with very soft planets: all that means is that whenyou get screwed, it’s nice and soft with pillows, comfy bedding and modd lighting. Venus is relationships and Neptune is the longing to be part of the collective. Neptune likes to sacrifce. Tthis pattern makes relationships and values confusing. If you are trying to make major relationship decisions, or even have a serious talk about your romantic/relationship values with a partner….don’t. Give Venus another few days to move along and then proceed. Neptune makes Venus seen princes where there are frogs. All the time. Working on an art project is a great way to use this energy in a positive way.

Forecast for the Zodiac Signs (for more info on Sun Sign dates click here)

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus):  pay attention to what you’re doing Sunday night, especially if you were born in the very early days of the Fixed signs. You may feel a sudden, inexplicable urge to do something different, dramatic, unusual; you might want to think before you act, as the energy of this full moon is unusually volatile and confusing. Not a great backdrop for your debut, if you were thinking of making a bold new move.

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Cardinal sign (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries) then this week the pressure builds! Just what you wanted to hear. Already you’ve been coping with Uranus in Aries, especially afflicting you born during the last week of the cardinal signs, this planet is revolutionizing the ego, giving you one last chance to get ride of out-worn ego structures. The Sun’s annual trek through Capricorn hasn’t done many of you many favors, or so it seems, as it’s disciplined you all and put your diets and fitness regimens since it entered the sign hard work December 21; but not to worry, the Sun leaves this sign early Sunday morning and you will all feel a bit less pressure overall.

If your Sun, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Mutable Sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) then this week Venus, planet of relationships, is building to a square with Neptune in Pisces, and this just means there’s a lot of love/creative feelings that are potentially very romantic/idealized. This is great for art projects, but watch for rosy colored glasses in matters of the heart.  This especially impacts those of you born in the middle of any of these signs.


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