Mars Square Pluto 2019: Your Intuitive Astrology Forecast

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PST, which is California time and that is one hour behind. Here’s your forecast:

Mars square Pluto is the big transit of this week on Friday February 1st, exact at 7:15pm. These two planets are hefty, powerful, energetic and action-packed; and in a tense combination like a square, they are explosive.  Everything we want to do and how we do it and execute it is just way more intense this week. And ruthless: because these two planets are the most willful.  NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt was born with a powerful Pluto/Mars square and he was one intense mofo. So, as you navigate your week, you might adopt an Earnhardt type attitude at times to get through it all.

If your Sun is in one of the Cardinal signs–Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries–you will feel this quite strongly, especially if you were born within 10 days of the following dates: January 11, April 12, July 13 and October 13: these are roughly the annual dates each year when the Sun is at 20 degrees of each of the Cardinal signs, and this powerful square is happening at 20 degrees of Capricorn/Aries.  We all have these signs/planets in our own charts, and many of you have a Moon or Ascendant in a Cardinal Sign, so there are plenty of ways to feels this energy in your own chart besides the Sun! The symptoms of this square? Generally, you will be at risk of wanting to take action about something, and then run the risk of being thwarted and feeling hurt about it. Then–in some cases–getting into a beef about it. The beefs are bigger this week. So. Avoid getting into power struggles now through Friday night; and if you are in a power struggle with someone and you know it, watch your back and take evasive precautions because you do not want to be caught off guard or be victimized.

It’s been SO tense this month as Mars in the sign of Aries has systematically formed squares to all the planets in Capricorn–Mercury, Sun, Saturn (think: US Government Shutdown)–and now with it squaring the last planet in Capricorn, Pluto,  people/circumstances that might have barely maintained some control/composure the last few weeks just will not be able to maintain under this pressure and unleash. Proceed with caution. Of all the 12 Zodiac Signs, Mars likes Aries best and functions at it’s purest, strongest and most intense here. In Aries, Mars does not give a F_ck.  How to deal with this energy personally, if you find yourself veering towards being too intense or going off on someone else? This energy wants us to prove ourselves somehow; find a safe way to prove yourself to yourself, through an athletic challenge, a cooking challenge (great nurturing antidote), a logistical/organizational challenge in your home…. something that requires effort….just pace yourself and be mindful to avoid injury. You may even be feeling compelled to take on a much needed job or task that need a lot of effort right now, knowing the time is right to re-organize the kitchen, structure a plan to cook at home.  If you are stuck indoors due to the coldest weather in decades for much of the US, you may have to devote your energy to mental concentration, studying something, memorizing something, or doing something that requires effort/discipline/concentration and your sense of feeling powerful in some (healthy) way. Exercise is a great idea, always.

On the bright side, there is another strong aspect pattern building in intensity this week, a kind angle (a sextile) between Saturn (reality/form/structure/rules and regulations) and Neptune (dreams/art/music/reality/intuition/ideals)–exact Friday January 31 at 6:31am. But the sextile between Neptune and Saturn does not vibrate as strong as a square does; instead, this angle operates subtly and provides us with opportunities, but it’s up to us to recognize an opportunity when we see one. There will be more of them, so pay attention, you might have more of a chance to bring your dreams into reality. Seriously. Just have a nice dream please. These 2 planets will be dancing the close dance all year, meeting up exactly again 2 more times–all year they will help us structure our dreams and help us bring our ideals into our reality, in whatever shape or form that is for you. Please know that some dreams of reality include ISIS fighters dreaming of caliphates and 99 virgins….so just saying, make your dream something nice we can all share in peace and love: there are competing ideals out there about what reality can look like!

Finally, Tuesday January 29th at 6:52pm Mercury (consciousness/communications) catches up with the Sun (free will); this is an important day in the Mercury cycle. Both planets are in the sign of Aquarius, associated with strong intellect, detachment, humanitarian concerns, ideals about the humanity: what thoughts/communications come up for you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday? Whatever comes up will have an Aquarian flavor: something about a group you belong to, finding a new group, tech, futuristic visions, utopias, nerds, science, electricity, eccentrics, and, again, intellectual stuff.  If you are a Gemini or a Virgo especially pay attention, as Mercury rules these signs. Often we can get some insight about something that came up for us when Mercury was last retrograde, which in this case was last November 17–December 6th.

The Mundane:  Just as in our personal lives, there is a lot of blocked will in our mundane  political world as well. Will the government shut down again? The days leading up to February 15, the date of the next potential shutdown, are very volatile, with Mars in Aries at the 29th degree and about to switch signs.  Uranus currently occupies this degree, so when Mars moves through  it will feel a bit seismic for some–it is meant to be liberating, exciting, thrilling to be free, but change is generally unwelcome. And the shadow of this energy is purely selfish power and disruption. We are all purging our ego of what we don’t need–but for many, the opportunity to release our ego’s grip feels very threatening–instead of welcoming change, there is instead a violent defense in order to hold onto an old, outworn identity.  This Mars/Uranus energy, right before Valentine’s Day (think about that you lovers!), wants change now, and it forms a very nice angle to President Trump’s hyper-ego-centric Mars (and Ascendant) in Leo–basically, it makes him even more likely to go completely off the impulsive deep end.  Leo has a problem with pride, and the President had his pride wounded when the US government was re-opened last Friday.  Hearing that a woman beat him probably is adding to his wounded pride. We will likely see him react by this Friday. Mars/Pluto is very martial; look for a military event, or some act of domestic terror by an aggrieved group: this energy stirs up the fear of some Americans that they are not being heard and. some may take action


































































































































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