Your Astrology Forecast: February 11–17, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PST, which is 1 hour behind Tucson time.

It’s Aquarius season, and the Sun will continue to move through this sign for another week. With the Sun here, the emphasis is on intellect, detachment, humanitarian concerns and in general marching to the beat of a different drummer. Freedom is the  biggest concern for the natives of this Sun Sign and for this reason Aquarius will burn any bridge at any time. Intellectuals and rebels tend to have strong Aquarius. Angela Davis has her Sun and Moon in this sign.

The call to freedom will be ringing rather loud and selfishly, if one is not careful, the beginning of this week. Some break-ups will be unavoidable, but some are avoidable; so proceed with caution. The Sun in Aquarius is making an easy angle to Uranus, ruler of this sign; the Sun is our free will, at any given moment, and Uranus is a slow moving planet that embodies the values of Aquarius–sudden volatile change and the need to be your authentic self first and foremost. Uranus is not emotional. It’s about the essential need to be free so that your real self/identity can have more room. So, this angle will be bringing up these themes and make it easy to make some final breaks with people, habits, environments, jobs…just about anything that is holding you back. Uranus is currently in the sign of Aries, a fire sign that likes to start things, and Uranus leaves this sign March 7th, ending an 84 year cycle–so this is significant, as it’s once in a lifetime. When a planet is about to change signs, it sits at 29 degrees, waiting to flip to Zero degrees of the next Zodiac Sign. On March 7th, Uranus will move to 0 degrees of Taurus, but until then, it’s at 29 degrees of Aries and the last degree is always the most volatile, unpredictable and intense of all the degrees–it is the sum of the experience of the planet in that sign. Mars, ruler of Aries, is also at 29 degrees of Aries on Tuesday February 12th and will merge with Uranus at 10:19pm.

Mars Uranus 2019

So what does this all mean? Mars is action and Uranus is change: expect sudden change. You would probably like more specifics, but this is truly the expect-the-unexpected transit so that’s all I’ve got. There is a real push to get rid of anything that stands between you and your authentic self. You may not be happy with getting rid of stuff related to your identity, but it’s meant to free up space so you have room for new growth. Expect to see false beliefs about yourself, as well as relationships that don’t support you,  go out the window. To get a sense of how fast your relationship can end, check out this clip of Tiffany Haddish  who shows how fast you can take it to the next level and burn that bridge. It helps to see the whole Showtime special, to get her hilarious reference to synchronized swimming classes.

Things settle early Valentine’s Day when Mars moves into the stable, placid sign of Taurus and the energy slooows down, relative to the preceding days. Still, the freedom theme this week is still strong, and break-up risk continues with the change-related energy strong and unpredictable through the weekend. Lots of opportunities to have new experiences, meet new people and be willing to try new things. Things gets more fluid, emotional, and super-intuitive Friday February 15th as Venus forms a nice angle to Neptune; this is romantic and dreamy. It is not practical. Beauty is the order of the day. Find a way to bring beauty into your home this weekend. The Moon is in Cancer Friday and Saturday; both days are ideal for romantic comedies or just comedies, taking it easy at home daydreaming and trying not to be too serious. Sunday the Moon is in Leo, the morning is mildly irritable with some moody squares, but the afternoon looks great for socializing and going out–this would be a great day to try something new with friends.

On Monday things soften even more with the Sun moving into watery, peaceful Pisces and a Full Moon in Pisces the following day. More feelings and less productivity. Stay tuned.

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