Your Astrology Forecast for February 18 thru 24, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PST which is one hour earlier than Tucson time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9

The last 6 weeks were just popping with frustrated energy, stalled progress and a general sense of futility as Mars in Aries squared Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars and Saturn are the traditional bad boys of astrology, and Pluto is a modern one; the times when these 3 planets interact are rough on all of us.  We got a break last Thursday, when Mars moved into the sign of Taurus and things suddenly slowed to about 5 M.P.H.  Enjoy the placid pace while you can. Remember these last 6 weeks, Grasshopper, because in late June 2020 Mars once again returns to Aries…..and it stays there for 6 bleeping months in forward and retrograde motion, once again squaring (i.e. aggravating) Saturn and Pluto and also Jupiter in Capricorn. That will be epic.

But for now, this week there are 3 astrological events of interest.

1: Monday afternoon  2/18 at 3:04pm the Sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces, from mental air to emotional water. What does this mean for you? The Sun will amplify the values of Pisces: intuition, forgiveness, compassion, healing, art/dance, spirituality: the shadow is addiction, martyrdom and victimization. Right now Mercury is in Pisces and Neptune, the planet that rules this sign, is also in Pisces: the more planets in a sign, the more the energy is felt. People with the Sun in Pisces are the least likely to actually feel like their Sun Sign; Pisces is so mystical and sensitive and anti-ego in nature and other planets in the chart muscle in and take over. Pisces knows how to let go and flow. Check out this catchy tune by Grapetooth : the repetitive lyric–“I don’t mind living, I don’t mind giving it up”–is SO Pisces.

Virgo Full Moon 2019

2: Tuesday morning at 7:54am the Moon is Full in Virgo; this happens quickly, as the moon changes signs an hour before, so expect this morning to quickly develop into patterns and outcomes you didn’t anticipate. Be mindful with your commute–Tuesday morning will be rainy/snowy in Tucson. This Full Moon emphasizes Mercury, which rules commuting/short trips. People are not going to be paying attention and will be distracted.  Virgo is one of the 4 Mutable signs, and these are the signs famous for always being busy,  thinking a lot, and self-improvement on one hand, and endless philosophical speculation, over-indulgence and spaced-out behavior on the other.  I describe more below in the Sun Sign section, because while the Full Moon impacts all of us, it impacts Mutables especially. Don’t be to hard on yourself if you find yourself painfully confronted with reality. It doesn’t mean your dreams or impulses to better the world, yourself or others are in error. If there is an opportunity to talk with an elder who can help you with whatever crisis comes up for you today, that may be an option to get a more kindly and mature reality check. Saturn makes a nice angle to Mercury with this Full Moon– and Saturn rules all things geriatric.

3. Finally, Venus meets up with Pluto Friday evening at 7:49pm. Venus is the planet of love, but in Capricorn and stuck between Saturn and Pluto, Venus is not a fun-loving romantic. This energy is building all week. What energy exactly? Saturn is reality. Pluto is power, control. Venus is values and love. Some of you, depending on your chart, may find yourself blindsided by seemingly out-of-the-blue obsessional/possessive/manipulative/jealous thoughts/impulses as they pertain to your love relationships, or lack thereof. Just chill. Intense love feelings are the rule with this aspect. You may need to focus on your essential values and figure out what is really important to you in your relationships.

Date night:  Monday night is dreamy and romantic; Tuesday night good to go out with someone older; Wednesday night could be a bit critical; Thursday and Friday look like they could be emotionally contentious with Venus/Pluto; Saturday night is good for a date that has some games or competitive element involved–Mars opposes the Moon at 712pm. Including a little action in whatever you do will help move this energy along, and help you avoid sharp words.

Forecast for the Zodiac Signs (for more info on Sun Sign dates click here)

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus):   you have all been getting a few curve balls and challenges with the Sun in Aquarius since January 20th; the Sun is the planet of free will and in Aquarius it wants you all to detach from emotions and possessions and your love of Self (that’s you Scorpio and Taurus and Leo, in order) so you can be free and liberated from what is tying you down and stopping growth. Have you joined new groups, met new/different friends, been stimulated to do something different than normal or else have been dealing with chaos or hearing the siren call of freedom (just another word for nothing left to loose, yes, butit is a thing for Aquarius).  Starting Monday afternoon at 3:04pm when the Sun moves in to Pisces it’s all feelings and the pressure is off. Also, you fixed signs, Mars entered Taurus last Thursday and will be there the next 6 weeks. Mars energizes and wants to act. For Taurus, this means you’ll be feeling more of an urge to do things, and as Taurus is the laziest sign of the Zodiac this should be noticeable. This squares Leo and Aquarius, so look out for more conflict if/when you assert yourself, and don’t be surprised if you are asked to prove or defend your actions. For Scorpio, the same applies to you, but as this is an opposition for you so you may find you achieve something you’ve wanted and been working towards, or else something is coming into your life through conflict (Mars) or values/resources (Taurus). Whatever the case, look out for moodiness with this transit.

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Cardinal sign (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries) then congratulations for surviving the past 6 weeks because it was quite the challenge with  Mars and Uranus in Aries putting pressure on Capricorn, Libra and Cancer: it was a purge of anything in your ego that is keeping you stuck, unhealthy and not being true to yourself. You can expect to still feel/see these themes: Uranus remains in Aries through March 6th, but Mars is no longer there really activating and provoking this energy, so the intense volatility is gone. I discussed at the top of the forecast the Venus/Pluto/Saturn conjunction in effect this week, so that energy really applies to you in spades because the 4 planets involved are in Cardinal signs. Relationships and love and what you value are really on your mind this week and if you are not careful, jealousness, possessiveness and romantic misunderstandings are possible due to the intensity of this energy. Venus is not very strong in Capricorn relative to the other signs, and since this gassy love planet is not very strong in the sign of the CEO, Saturn and Pluto might be bullying you to control what you cannot control.

If your Sun, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Mutable Sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) then Tuesday and Wednesday this week will be busy, stimulating, exciting with lots of details and information available to you to recognize, discover or confront and it is all meant to help you expand and grow. This Full Moon is ruled by Mercury, which rules you Geminis and Virgos; and Mercury is being squared this Full Moon by the rulers of the 2 other Mutable Signs, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces and Sagittarius respectively. Because of this, I expect to see issues related to Mercury highlighted: traveling on short trips, siblings, neighbors, all communication devices/methods, dreams, education.  Time management issues may come up, if you are too scattered and too busy–you may learn a lesson about needing to slow down and get real.  Saturn stabilizes this Full Moon and is a reality check on fantasy, if you’ve been in a fantasy world you may get a wake-up call. Mutable signs have trouble accepting Saturn and reality: Sagittarius wants unrestricted growth, Pisces wants a utopian rainbow/unicorn world, Virgo works wants to always be busy because work is the solution and Gemini is always in motion and restless: none of these states is sustainable for too long.  This especially applies to those of you born in the very early days of your Mutable Sign; this Full Moon is at 1 degree of Pisces/Virgo.



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