Your Astro Forecast for February 24 through March 3, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the Forecast! All times are PST, which is one hour behind Tucson time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v. 9.2

The first 3 days this week are upbeat and optimistic, getting off to a cheery start Monday February 25th; the Moon is in Sagittarius now through Wednesday night at 10:48pm.  Monday is the most benign, it gets a busier and a bit more opaque Tuesday and Wednesday as the Moon starts squaring the Pisces planets (Sun, Neptune, Mercury). Enjoy these days–these are your best days/nights for fun. It’s also more energized because of a nice easy angle between the Sun and Mars, exact Wednesday at 6:33pm: this is less about being energized to do physical activity and more about being energized to work well with others and enjoy activities that involve the senses like nice food, comfortable blankets, nice lotions and fantasy books/TV shows. Thursday and Friday Saturday will be good for keeping it detached and at the friends-level, with Venus/Moon in Aquarius that night–this is the sign of friendship and getting your freak on, but is not known for romance or the game of love. Same for Sunday night. This is a good week to communicate about business and logistics; in a week we’ll start to feel Mercury starting to get ready to go retrograde–thinking is a bit clearer this week, which isn’t saying much as Mercury is in foggy, mystical Pisces.


The major (and anti-social) aspect this week is Friday March 1 at 4:31am when Venus, planet of love, money and relationships squares Uranus in Aries, which wants freedom, independence and no restrictions on movement. Venus is the last planet to form an angle with Uranus while it’s in Aries, and since it’s the last it packs more of a punch. What to expect? Close relationships are strained, you feel unsure/uncertain about where you stand in your romantic/business/personal relationships, you or your partner may want sudden change; generally, the more intense the emotion involved, the more likely it is that we are the ones putting our issues on to others. Try not to panic if you’re not feeling the love from your loved one, and don’t push for a confrontation because it likely will not end well.

This transit of Venus squaring Uranus is short-lived, but has more power than usual because these are the last 10 days of Uranus in Aries. It’s at 29 degrees, which is the most potent degree of any sign because it is the end of the sign, and the sum of that planets’ experience of the sign this time around.  Since 2011, Uranus (freedom, the iconoclast, the humanitarian, Prometheus, the Future, technology, revolution, friendship) in Aries (Me, I, Self, courage, self-assertion, pugilism, narcissism, personal will, the Warrior, Armies, Militias, pioneers, trailblazers, bullies). Various combinations—-of these symbols played out for us from 2011–2019, such as:

  • Invention (Uranus) of the Selfie (Aries)
  • Arab Spring (many countries involved had modern charters established during the last time Uranus was in Aries 1927–1935, and experienced national Uranus (freedom) returns
  • Personal Fitness (Aries) Revolution (Uranus) in the form of the Fitbit and Mirror Fitness
  • Global increase of militaristic, narcissistic, willful dictators (Aries) by way of revolution/breaking up norms (Uranus)
  • Marie Colvin, Tim Hetherington
  • social media
  • transgender/non-gender conforming identities
  • all things cyber from cyber-bullying to cyborgs

It’s mind-blowing to think of all the rapid change we have experienced in the past 7 years during Uranus in Aries. As we get one last brief salvo of a challenge from Uranus this Friday, don’t take it personally: Uranus is all about detachment from emotions so you can be free to see yourself in the big picture. Maybe let your values, and what your care about, have some space. If you can skillfully negotiate whatever challenge comes your way, you are well equipped to handle the biggest astrological event of the year, coming next week when Uranus moves in to Taurus–for 7 years–starting March 6th.

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