Uranus in Taurus: Your Forecast for March 4 through 10, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast. All times are PST which is one hour behind Tucson time, except for March 10th, when the times are PSDT, which is the same as local Tucson time. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

Hold on to your sombreros! This week Mercury goes retrograde, there’s a New Moon in Pisces, and Uranus ends it’s 7 year stay in Aries: all this happens early in the week! We end with some fabulous grounding, mystical, meditating and highly altruistic energy starting Friday through Monday; dust off those Zafus and Zabutons!

This week the usual advice for Mercury Retrograde applies: through March 29th, try to avoid making new expensive purchases, signing new contracts, initiating new business ventures and buying stuff online–you’ll return more purchases.  Allow more time for driving. Expect more rain than usual; Mercury rules the weather, and as it retrogrades through Pisces, it gets caught up in ongoing Jupiter/Neptune square. Jupiter makes things bigger. Neptune rules Pisces, and water and wet weather.

Monday March 4  is a social, upbeat day if not super-intense as this is the last few days of Uranus in Aries, today it makes it’s last aspect to the moon in Aquarius just after midnight; this is the evening to connect the dots about your sense of individuality/freedom and having a healthy (as opposed to a bullying) sense of ego. These are some core lessons of this planet in this sign, which after Tuesday come to a close.

New Moon Pisces 2019

Tuesday March 5 the moon is in Pisces at 12:11am, which is when we start to feel the impact of this very emotional/feeling/intuitive based New Moon which happens the following day, Wednesday at 8:04am. If you wake up suddenly feeling things don’t worry. It totally makes sense, as this New Moon has not just the Sun and Moon in the same sign–Pisces–it also has Neptune (ruler of Pisces, so, super strong here in it’s own turf) and Mercury also in this sign. When this many planets occupy one sign, it just is the prevailing mood;  this New Moon energy is in effect through 12:27pm Thursday, and yes, up until the very last minute expect to experience an increase in the way you feel things, more emotions; it’s easier to get drawn into fantasy, and paranoid/fear-based thoughts with no basis in reality too, so you might want to check yourself if you start thinking you smell an unfamiliar perfume on your man when he comes home from work when it’s just the new Febreeze you just got on sale. Why the unhinged thoughts? Mercury is the planet of thinking–it rules the nerdy, thinking signs of Virgo and Gemini. But in Pisces, Mercury isn’t very comfortable. Pisces likes  poems/images/metaphors/ballads not precise words. So, that is part of the problem; the New Moon is the darkest time of the lunar cycle, and in Pisces logic goes out the window, so you might think twice. One way to work with this energy is to let yourself do less and explore film, stories, songs, music, movies and let your imagination help you open up to your intuition and flow states of consciousness. Spiritual practice, dream work, art making, and releasing the deepest hurts are really possible in these days! Specifically, releasing painful family crap that is karmic in nature; which is to say, the stuff of others unloaded on you. The transiting North Node is in the sign of Cancer (family) and it forms a strong, easy angle to Mercury. So go for it! The painful shadow of Pisces is the victim. Think about getting rid of this if it applies to you.

Making all of this even more likely–letting family stuff go, making art, getting paranoid–is that Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces Tuesday morning at 10:19 am. It goes retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces. 29 degrees is always the most intense degree of any sign; and in this case, it’s the last degree of the last sign of the Zodiac, so it’s like reaching degree # 360 in the circumference of a circle. The end. Mercury is stationing–at a standstill–from 10:19am Tuesday until the same time the next morning, meaning it is stationing during the New Moon. Healing of all sorts if very well supported during this time. You will likely experience some sort of ending, or the awareness of one.

Let me share with some more about Pisces. This sign is so feeling-based and shaped by the element of water that form in life is hard-fought for: people with the Sun in this sign find it almost impossible to develop a sense of ego, it takes decades. Pisces is many sided and never moving in one direction; that’s why it’s symbol is the 2 fish moving in opposite directions. Because of it’s lack of clear direction, it’s ability to emotionally read others and feel them and be easily led/misled by them means that Pisces people can be easily led astray. Pisces people often live lives that seem like they belonged to another person, or a foreign person, once they start to feel their own authentic identity. It’s a peculiar problem unique to Pisces, but it makes perfect sense. Neptune, ruler of this sign, dissolves what prevents us from getting closer to our spiritual, collective, all-is-one nature–and our ego generally is the thing that gets in the way of us expressing these qualities in our lives–so Neptune tends to have a dissolving impact on the ego, making it hard to grow a strong ego when you are born under this sign. I recently heard a great interview with master-spy John le Carre, and his stories about assumed identities, betrayal and deception and are a good metaphor for the shadow side of Pisces.

Wednesday at 12:35 am Uranus goes into Taurus. This is the biggest astrological event of the year.  Uranus will be in this sign for 7 years. Taurus is conservative and wants stability and security above all else: this is the sign of values. Uranus is completely unpredictable–it’s the planet of Freedom, sudden break-ups and shake-ups, because you have to break with something holding you back to be free.  Taurus is an earth sign concerned with banks, money, values, collections, beauty industry, textiles, the Queen of England. Nothings says Uranus in Taurus so much as Brexit: the ultimate upheaval (Uranus)! In a nutshell, Uranus and Taurus would rather have nothing to do each other. But they are stuck together for 7 years. Uranus makes no aspects to any planets for several weeks, just the moon, so it will be a while before we collectively feel and express this energy. I’m looking to April 20th and then to Mid-May, when I’m looking for underwater volcanoes to erupt–certainly a dramatic prediction, but that’s what it looks like now. We’ll see–certainly some natural disaster related to the earth.

Sunday March 10th at 9:21am Mars is in practical, value-oriented Taurus and makes a nice angle to creative, altruistic Neptune–it is a magical, grounding day and you are likely to find yourself taking action on new values, feeling good about helping others or really getting into your meditation practice! We don’t see this energy too often; it’s in effect starting Friday through the end of the day Sunday. Excellent time for taking action on any spiritual, creative or compassionate endeavor and getting a lot out of the experience.

Forecast for the Zodiac Signs (for more info on Sun Sign dates click here)

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus):  then get ready for a 7 year change of pace as Uranus in Taurus gives you all an uptick in energy and a push to change. Right now, those of you born in the first week of these signs are likely to feel some sign of change ahead this week–and it would be something unexpected, out of the norm, if not a shock of some sort. Venus, planet of love/values, is in Aquarius now and is building to a square with Mars in Taurus later this month. This energy wants to detach and be friends; there is less interest in physical values, more in ideas, friendships, pals and a lack of convention.

If your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Cardinal sign (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries) then starting Wednesday the pace of your life drops a few beats and you may find yourselves less….in motion. These signs like to get things started, but now that Uranus has abruptly left this field of influence, the urge to just break away and do what you want has vanished. You may feel a bit more lazy or inclined to hang out instead of going out, just because this shift may feel so different.

If your Sun, Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is a Mutable Sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) then please avoid getting caught up in schemes or relationships too good to be true. Do not have an affair with a married woman and expect to elope to Bermuda next week; but, seriously, these are the kinds of deranged fantasies that can bleed into reality at times like these. Rosy colored glasses risk is at an all time high for all Mutable Signs this month as Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces and opposes Virgo and Squares Gemini and Saggitarius. Avoid making serious decisions, try to ground yourself with adequate sleep, nutrition and trusted friends/family; this whole month is the Flux Capacitor month for you guys, so much is changing shape for you you can’t really discern what’s happening or the ultimate form/outcome so just let it go for now. There is great inspiration to you all with Jupiter/Neptune squaring each other; as both rule Pisces, it’s a friendly square, the only risk being they both get carried away: get into your positive life philosophy, plan binge-watch after binge-watch, meditate, make music, dance, dance, dance and find ways to let your authentic self to see the light of day.




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