Astrology Forecast March 18–March 24, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! And Happy Spring Equinox! All times are PST; same as Tucson. Chart wheel courtesy Solar Fire v.9.2

This week especially our thoughts and prayers are with New Zealand. I’ve been to Christchurch and have very fond memories.

Vernal Equinox 2019

This week has two parts: the part before the Equinox/Full Moon (same day/time), and the part after. Last week was very dreamy and inspirational for those of you who have been short on faith and wanting to get more connected to what matters to you and your feelings, creativity and/or spiritual practice; it was also busy and easy to get distracted and pulled in too many non-productive mental directions. With the Sun in Pisces right up until this Equinox/Full Moon Wednesday afternoon, expect more of the same energy.  With the Moon in Virgo these days, it’s busy and there will be lots of details and an uptick in worry, fretting. Virgo likes to be busy and heal in the practical real world, but with all the Pisces energy opposing it (Pisces and Virgo are opposite signs) and Sagittarius squaring it, the moon is pressured and gets emotional, in a Virgo way: pick pick picky. Don’t beat yourself if you’ve been lazy, unproductive, slothful; it’s the dominance of earth and water, but that changes Wednesday!

We start the week with opportunities to communicate what’s important to us–whether in a letter, a phone call, or just you communing with nature–our values, with feelings, to ourselves and others. Why? Mercury, communication planet, in the sign of Pisces is forming an easy angle to Mars, action planet, in the sign of values–Taurus; this happened Sunday March 17th, but expect to feel it until the Sun leaves Pisces Wednesday afternoon. More letters and cards are being written, calls made, loops of relationships opened, closed and mended. Mercury is going retrograde and will not make this connection with Mars in direction motion: Pisces is the karmic sign, so what you learn/think/talk about this added weight. Since it’s retrograde it’s internal, personal, subjective, poetic, nonverbal. Just flow with it.

Now let’s talk about the mood/opportunity changer on Wednesday:

The Spring Equinox, which is the same time as the Sun enters Aries; this is the exact time up here in the northern latitudes that the Sun crosses the ecliptic and begins the climb to midsummer–this is Spring. With this urgent sense of new beginning, the Sun in Aries is a dramatic change from the feeling, dreamy and hard-to-define vibe of Pisces we’ve had the last 4 weeks. Aries is fire, so it’s passionate about what it loves; and what Aries loves is itself, because Aries is ruled by Mars, the ego planet, and ego does love ego. Not to diminish Aries, at it’s best this sign is courageous, pioneering and child-like in a positive way.  It’s just that when the Aries shadow is present, you generally get a bully. Expect a change in tempo on this day at this time; also, possibly a little bruise to the ego or an awareness of a shortcoming. Chiron currently occupies this same part of the sky, also in Aries. Bullying, fears about our sense of courage or adequacy might come up; this is more likely for folks born the first week of the Cardinal Signs, more on those dates here. If you were born in the early days of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra you will likely feel this more than others. The United States is likely to initiate some military action during the Sun’s transit of Aries possibly in Venezuela.

To add to Wednesday’s dynamic nature, just a few hours after the Sun enters Aries, the moon is full in Libra. Libra likes relationships, and a peaceful environment; Aries wants to go solo and doesn’t give a hoot: these signs oppose each other, but each needs to learn from the other to be whole. When the moon is full, it highlights other aspect patterns among the planets and gives those patterns more power. Venus is the planet that rules Libra, the full moon in question; and the ruler is squaring Mars, in stuck don’t-want-to-budge Taurus. Squares are challenges; with Venus and Mars, it’s between the sexes. These planets are in fixed signs so relationship issues, and conflict about what your value, are likely to erupt Wednesday afternoon and evening. If you can avoid conflict, find an escape route or keep quiet until Thursday morning after 1:08am (when this Venus/Mars square is exact), we will start feeling the positive feels of Venus making a sweet easy angle to Jupiter, exact at 7:16am but it lingers through the day and into tomorrow; you’ll fare better if  you put off any potentially difficult conversation or relationship discussion until after the square to maximize the Venus/Jupiter energy. Venus/Jupiter is luck, optimism, good times.  Thursday night is a nice night to go out. Friday likewise feels the same until the moon goes into Scorpio at 7:16pm, where it stays through Sunday night at 11:06pm. The moon could stir up feelings related to whatever happened or came up for you during the full moon.

The first 10 days of Uranus in Taurus:  Uranus has an 84 year cycle and just changed signs March 7–it rules all technology, and shocks, and fanatics, and what is brand new/innovative. Uranus is the symbol for the collective, humanity, the human family and  high ideals.  Taurus is a very conservative sign; it seeks to conserve what is of value and the status quo. Two shocking stories dominated the news this week and highlighted some of these themes and correspondences. Both Boeing 737 Max 8 passenger planes that crashed due to a software glitch went down when Uranus was in the earliest degrees–just days–of Uranus being in Taurus. Last October, Uranus was just 8 days away from moving from Taurus back in to Aries, and this past Sunday Uranus was just days into the sign when there was the tragic crash in Ethiopia: 0 degrees brings us something new we haven’t seen before. We haven’t seen “software” take control of and crash passenger airliners before. Likewise, the New Zealand terrorist attack saw the perpetrator utilize social media and live streaming video in ways never seen before–all Uranian qualities. The PBS Newshour had some very unusually cogent analysis of the white power movement yesterday and it is well worth a listen/read as it frames the issue as a social movement of great danger, due to the way technology allows the movement to grown and spread.

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