Astrology Forecast March 24–31, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Daylight Saving Time, which is to say, the same time as local Tucson time. Star charts courtesy Solar Fire v.9.

What a week we just had, the Spring Equinox blew in some winds of change for sure and that spate of lazy, dreamy energy we had is a thing of the past. Though do not expect this week to be crystal clear by any means:  as our week starts, Mercury appears to be stopped in the sky and  turns direct early Thursday morning. These will be days of confusing communication so adjust your expectations. Metaphors, images, poetry are more useful than logic. To add to the dearth of logic, Tuesday afternoon through late Saturday night all 10 planets are in earth, water and fire signs: no air, the element of detachment and thinking. This week is a good week to feel and use your intuition to help you make decisions and take action but not a lot of support for conceptualization. You will also need to use your feelings (water) and sensations (earth) to tack action (fire) when it comes to romantic/creative opportunities this week, of which there are a few good ones.

The strongest aspect pattern this week between the planets is between Venus (love and the things you love) in Pisces (dreamy, escapist, fantasy) making an easy angle to Uranus (surprises, new stimulation, new groups) in Taurus (music, nature, the 5 senses, peace loving). This is exact on Wednesday 3/27 at 9:44am, but it’s in effect through the week. Meeting unique, different people related to your changing values; unique opportunities to connect to new things/people of value. You have to keep your eyes and intuition open; this particular angle doesn’t clobber you over the head, it requires you to look for and respond to an opportunity.

The other planetary events this week involve Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo) so if you have your Sun or Rising Sign or Moon in these signs, listen up because all of you are more vulnerable to the wacky timing this week.  Tuesday 3/26 at 12:43pm Venus moves from rational Aquarius to super-emo Pisces: for the next 3 weeks romance and what we value (Venus) will get very idealistic, and romantic love will quadruple in intensity. Venus in Pisces is the most romantic Venus of them all. We love to fantasize about love–with my Venus in Pisces, I’m here to tell you that it is the ultimate Say Anything placement, we have our head in the clouds on this topic and only live to make our beloved the perfect mix-tape (Pisces rules all music). But fantasizing or dreaming too much about love can get downright irrational; Pisces dissolves reality as well as getting us to believe in our ideals and that we can shoot for the moon. Neptune is in Pisces so will amplify this energy. Remember, if it’s too good to be true it is! Feel the feels but keep your feet on the ground. Early Thursday 3/28 Mercury turns direct at 6:59am, in Pisces, very close to Neptune–very spiritual and liminal, but to the ungrounded very confusing. The days leading up to this are excellent for dreamwork, meditation and work with angels/spirit guides/prayer and any forgiveness/compassion work you may need to do on yourself or for others.

Late Saturday 3/30 at 11:12pm Mars, action planet, moves for stubborn and immovable Taurus into fluid, rapid Gemini. If your Sun or Rising Sign is Gemini, prepare to get a 6 week jolt of espresso; and pay attention Gemini, with Mars going over you and Jupiter opposite you in adventurous Sagittarius, you are all seriously accident prone now. Gemini is the fastest sign, these folks are versatile and agile; Mars here likes to be assertive with language, and uses words and a super strong intellect to fight battles. Gemini is mild wind, aviation, weather forecasters, all forms of travel, siblings, neighbors, snarky talk, languages, puns, rappers; given it’s association with wind and weather, I expect Mars here to stir up some more extreme weather events. The tempo really will pick up dramatically, both personally and collectively, and there will be an uptick in aggressive talk as well. The President has his Sun in Gemini so Mars will definitely add more fuel to his Twitter account. I think when Mars moves into Gemini, we’re going to see some unprecedented news in regard to the relationship between the US government and the aviation industry. The cozy relationship between Boeing and the US government will likely blow up during this time–more on aviation-related charts next week.

In closing, the terrorist attack and stunning changes in the country of New Zealand have captivated the world; click here to read more about the astrology of New Zealand.



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