Intuitive Astrology Forecast April 1–7, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Daylight Savings Time–same as Tucson time.

April is going to be an intense month as the Sun in Aries moves to square Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn the next 2 weeks. This while both those planets slow to turn retrograde.  Jupiter is also about to turn retrograde next week. Because of all the moving parts,  a forecast for all 12 Zodiac Signs follows the forecast this week–I think everyone needs a little extra help right now. Please use the share button below or to the right to spread the forecast!

This week starts with the Moon in Pisces; Monday April Fool’s Day is a bit goofy feeling and a slow start–being fooled is a possibility. It’s dreamy but also anxious; stay grounded and look to dreams, metaphors, images, art, music, prayer and meditation to inspire you and help you solve problems and get some guidance. With not just the Moon but Mercury and Neptune also in Pisces, it’s very fluid Monday through Wednesday. This is very compassionate energy, and healing. The shadow of Pisces is victimization and denial, so keep this in mind; aim for empathy, and use music and art and dance to express yourself.

Things get a bit more serious and combative Wednesday night at 7:56pm when the Moon moves into Aries. This is when we start feeling the New Moon in Aries which is exact at 1:50am Friday. When the Sun and Moon are dark in the sky the other planets shine, and this month Saturn and Pluto are the planets that form a tight square–a hard angle–to the Sun and Moon and their presence will be felt. It’s easy to be a bully and backslide with bullying behavior–to others or in your own self-talk to yourself–with this New Moon. Maybe you feel you just can’t prevail–don’t beat up on yourself.

The negativity is increased, I’m sorry to say, because the day before on Thursday April 4th Pluto in Capricorn meets up with the South Node of the Moon. Capricorn is power/authority and the South Node of the Moon is, in short, the low-road, as opposed to the high road, which is the North Node. Not everything about the South Node is adverse, but Pluto likes power and I’d look for power grabs around this day as those in power seek to tighten their hold using old ways and old fears. Avoid giving in to your fears or despair. How to use the New Moon productively? How can you assert yourself, promote yourself, enjoy your autonomy? How can you manifest courage to continue your quest optimistically despite any perceived, or real, adversity.

When Aries and Capricorn meet, there is usually conflict and there will be some military action likely by April 20th. I was thinking it would be Venezuela related, but now it seems like it may be on our own border, just 65 miles from where I now write. My produce prices will skyrocket if the border shuts down–here in Tucson we are spoiled by abundant, fresh and affordable produce. Still, if there ever was a week for this power move to occur it would be this week.  Aries is the symbol of the warrior/bully and Capricorn the government/police/military. The energy favors bullies this week and attempts at powerful action.

Finally, for some analysis of the recent Boeing Max 8 737 plane crashes, click here.

Forecast for the SUN SIGNS (can apply to your moon and Rising Sign as well more here).

(for more info on Sun Sign dates click here):

If your Sun is a Fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus):  Uranus in Taurus is giving all of you born in the first week of these signs a strong sense of changing values and a need to be free and unique. For Aquarius and Leo, this is a challenge; for Scorpio, this is going to come at you from people/events in your environment, your relationships Taurus? You are integrating this energy internally; you Taurus folks detest change and instability, and yet that’s exactly what you are learning to tolerate and assimilate. Why? Taurus is learning detachment. Not easy for the sign that collects things!

And a shout out to Leo: if you were born the last week of this sign, this month you’ll feel big positive growth in your life, not something Leo generally needs as they have the strongest self-esteem of them all. Jupiter will give you a big boost this month; if you doubt yourself, this month you can turn it around. This can create a bit of an egomaniac though. Focus on others besides yourself and help raise their self-esteem, too.

If your Sun is a Cardinal sign (Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries) then you are really going to feel this New Moon April 5th.. This month might sting a bit for all of you, but for those of you born in the last half of these signs, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is causing a lot of problems in your personal weather forecast. Both of these planets station to turn retrograde this month, ratcheting up the tension for all of you because when slow moving planets come to a stop they drill down. You can come up with oil, or just be stuck in the dentist’s chair: it’s up to you this month. It’s a lot like last April, just more intensely negative if you do not take good care.

For Capricorn and Cancer: Capricorn, you are a disciplined sign and wait patiently for the moment to act on your ambitions–because you are ambitious. This month your patience will be tested as you wait and at the same time feel like what you have worked for is slipping through your fingers–and then you’ll probably find fault with yourself as well. Capricorn gets depressed; ruled by Saturn, the Sea-Goat knows reality and when things hurt for them they tend to just achieve more, leading to ruthlessness.  Don’t be ruthless on yourself. Read about the sign of Cancer and practice nurturing things for yourself to get back in touch with your soul, in case you forgot about it.

The sign of Cancer is the opposite of Capricorn and doesn’t like the ruthless ladder-climbing nature of Capricorn. Cancer holds the key for all the Cardinal signs right now, and all of us in general: self-nurture. Whatever nurtures you, do it and then do more of it.  This Capricorn energy is so ruthless, no one is thinking about home and hearth (Cancer). Cancer people can best use the intense energy opposing them by getting rid of self-care and nutrition related habits that are unhelpful/neurotic–find ways to restructure your home life so you can eat better. Restructuring home life can be a major clean/expunge in your domestic life right now. There may be very painful areas of your family life being exposed or opened up, or even a bit more family hysteria in general as the Sun in Aries squares Cancer most of April, adding a lot of fire to emotions being expressed by your loved ones and your clan. Just know this is a phase, and you all know phases well, being creatures of the Moon: retreat, nourish: that’s your ticket out until the tides change and indicate when it’s safe for you to initiate action again. Mars will be going through your sign in May/June; so know you’ll feel stronger soon. Take bathroom breaks. No one ever questions that. Ask your ancestors for help.

For Aries and Libra, you are squared by Pluto and Saturn; that’s a challenge, and you will likely feel thwarted this month about some project or relationship you want to advance: timing is everything, keep that in mind. Aries and Libra oppose each other but need each other. First, of course, Aries: this month, expect to feel cock-blocked as you want to advance and get the hand of the Man in your face instead. Aries rules the head; avoid head injuries this month as you struggle with some frustration, because Aries wants to be first, not told no, and really bangs her head against the wall insisting on the goddess-give prerogative to act on willful urges. For the next 3 weeks, continue to plan and map out your agenda knowing this will only strengthen your muscles and courage so your have a clearer path to victorious action….know that Mars in Gemini is giving you some versatile and quick opportunities to blow off some steam, get in a snarky comment and otherwise process your temper. You Aries people like to be first in relationships, too, but expect challenges there too, so read on….

Libra folks learn through relationships, more than any of the other signs; so that’s the area where you lovely people will be challenged to release your grip on structured relationships because you simply cannot stop/change any transformative change process going on in your life now. Since this is a square, you really are challenged. Transformation as you know is part butterfly/part unrecognizable-larval-thing. You are either seeing a beautiful butterfly or the other thing in your relationships now. Since Libra, like it’s Venus ruled relative Taurus, likes only pretty things–face it, you can be shallow this way–it’s hard for Libra to cope with the larval parts of relationships and life in general. Libra brings beauty into our lives and a detached, gracious balance in all they do, inspiring us all to appreciate harmony; they have a great mental acumen for law and military strategy.  Avoid using words to solve relationship problems this month as Mars in Gemini will be giving your Sun energy to take action on what’s important to you–which for Libra is always relationships. This applies to the relationship an artist has with her art object or a man has with his life partner or an attorney has with his client: those types of one on one relationships. Maybe consider meditating on the larva and the larval stage which leads, generally, to great beauty.

Finally, a shout out to all Aries natives born the last week of that sign: Jupiter in Sagittarius stations to go retrograde this month, and will add a strong, big, expansive shot of energy to your Sun. Don’t let your ego get carried away; same goes for Leo. Instead focus on faith and positive areas of self-growth and self-improvement.

If your Sun Sign is a Mutable Sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) then this month will see you busier than usual, closing all sorts of loops and opening new ones, thinking you have a grasp on reality but really…..think twice….do you really? This month Jupiter in Sagittarius–ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces–makes it’s once-a-year station retrograde at 24 degrees on 4/10/2019. It’s going to really vibrate through all you Mutable signs and make whatever is growing in your life/consciousness now grow even more, whether good or ill, especially in the Jupiter areas of law/courts, higher ed, foreign travel, teaching, gurus, publishing, dogma, religion, aviation, exploration, outdoor adventure, sports, horses and especially faith.

For Sagittarius and Pisces, this is your ruler: you can accomplish a lot, are more charismatic and are feeling whatever you are feeling in a big way, and you are lucky, too: just don’t push it, as Sagittarius lives large and Pisces ignores reality and both of you can be deluded. Virgo is squared by this station retrograde: for you Virgos, I’d slow down this month, because you are into details and Jupiter can make all the little pieces too big to handle, leading to you being critical and judgmental about yourself and others. Remember, the details are there of your own doing, most likely; look at life on a large movie screen these next few weeks and have faith. Plug into faith; let yourself trust a big picture that is unfolding, not just the details you control so well. Gemini? This energy is opposite you and with Mars in Gemini this month, too, you are SO energized and SO accident prone. Gemini rules the hands, so please wear wrist-guards as you roller-blade and eat cotton candy at the same time. On the bright side, when Jupiter is opposite you, it is in front of you and brings Jupiter-related things into your life (see the list at the beginning). Big surprises are possible with this aspect and big winds of change will be whooshing through your life this month. Make efforts to slow down this month so you don’t wear out your fragile nervous system. Maybe use tech less.  Instead of a sprained wrist, let’s opt for new publishing contract or a fun foreign trip!


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