Intuitive Astrology Forecast April 8–14, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast! All times are Pacific Daylight Saving Time; which is local Tucson time right now.

This week has a little something for everyone, though in the background it is heavy, heavy, heavy as Saturn and Pluto occupy roughly the same spot in the sky. If it feels like nothing is ever going to change…..that is how these planets feel. Duty and patience and the long-game are what to keep in mind if you are feeling stalled out; it’s not forever, it just feels that way!

Still, this week has plenty of things to distract us from reality. The personal planets of love–Venus–and communication/talk–Mercury–make pleasant, brief contacts with the trans-personal planets Neptune and Pluto: our personal lives have opportunities this week to be influenced, in a positive way, by larger-than-life and out-of-this-world vibrations and intuitions that bring us in touch with our personal power and help us communicate about love and values.  If you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your loved one, this is the week to do it. Just about every night this week looks good for socializing, save for Friday; that whole day looks like a bit of a cluster–more below– so plan accordingly.

Monday through Wednesday April 8–10 are busy days with Wednesday being the most hectic. The Moon is in Gemini, along with Mars, action planet; these 2 stir up thinking and moods these days as they square Pisces–where Neptune, Venus, and Mercury are hanging out–and also square Jupiter in Sagittarius: when all these planets contact each other in a challenging way, it’s about making meaning of all the bits and pieces of our lives and putting them into a big picture or getting confused in the process. Tuesday night April 9 Venus and Neptune merge: this is a great day for artists to make art; it brings out our strongest ideals about love, and we can easily deny our romantic reality with this transit; you might realize you’ve been kissing a frog all this time, which can be a bit of a downer. If your head is in the clouds, the Sun in willful Aries squares Saturn–reality–early Wednesday morning–things may not feel like they are going your way, in fact they probably feel like they aren’t going anywhere at all, and if you are feeling stuck in a painful situation mid-week, just because it feels like forever doesn’t mean it’s really going to be that way–it isn’t. The energy is wonky; Sun/Saturn feels like serious and real limits, while all the dreamy/fantastic Pisces/Sagittarius energy has us checked out in our fantasy worlds. Wednesday morning April 10 at 10:00am Jupiter in Sagittarius stations to turn retrograde. Optimism, growth, positivity, legal issues, religion are the affairs of both Jupiter and Sagittarius. Big gains and big gambles happen when Jupiter slows to a stop. Look before you leap.

Wednesday night at 8:31 pm the Moon moves into Cancer and is here until late Friday night. With the Sun in Aries, this creates an uptick in moodiness and general hysteria; if you find yourself in tears or close to it, back off and to get some perspective. Thursday and Friday are good days for business, and making business decisions related to buying art or making decisions about buying things that bring beauty into your life; also business related to personal and spiritual values. Mercury squares Jupiter Thursday night at 9:18pm: big stories, big fantasies or just talking too much, thinking too much exhausting negative self-talk, firing off misguided texts….these are all possibilities. Mercury is in emotional Pisces; things can get paranoid here when Jupiter exerts it’s huge power of magnification: your silly little thoughts can turn a harmless mole into a major, exotic skin cancer in no time and have you frantically scheduling with a dermatologist you don’t need.

Friday April 12 looks to be the most intense day of the week. There are lots of planetary aspect patterns with the fast moving, moody moon; so expect the weather to be like 4-seasons-in-one-day on this day in particular. Plus, very early Saturday morning at 1:04 am the Sun in willful Aries makes it’s annual square to Pluto; this is felt very strongly on Friday. The Sun, in Aries, wants what it wants now; but Pluto doesn’t care about our will or want, it’s a karmic, transformative planet that breaks down structures that don’t work anymore. On Friday, expect to see/feel more signs of breakdown. Things can literally breakdown; hopefully you won’t be the first do discover a new gaping pothole. Pluto in Capricorn is authority figures; if you pick a fight with someone in authority, don’t expect it to go well on this day. Pluto is also power; so, odds are greater of getting into a dispute about abuse/misuse of power.

Saturday and Sunday April 13 and 14 look much better; the moon is in Leo, and Saturday is a bit more action and extroversion oriented; we want to talk and shine and share with our friends. It’s a great weekend to share your self-esteem with others and raise them up; lots of energy to chat, catch up and even have some surprisingly intense and powerful relationships with others. Enjoy the weekend….if you have already done your taxes, that is!



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