Astrology Forecast for April 22–28, 2019

Tucson, AZ:

Welcome to the forecast. All times are Pacific Daylight Saving Time.

The Sun moved in to Taurus a few days ago and the pace has slowed down, things feel a bit lazier. Taurus can be lazy, and the strongest aspect pattern this week (Mars squaring Neptune), exact on Saturday, is a very tiring aspect: this combination is great for taking it easy, shoring up your reserves and very poor for getting any hard, vigorous physical work done. Or getting anything done that requires intense focus and concentration–it’s just too flaky. If you’ve been feeling exhausted…..the trend will continue this week, with energy perking up again once we get to Sunday. Sunday looks like the nicest day of the week at this point, probably the best day to socialize.

If you are a Taurus or know a Taurus, some of this will be familiar to you. Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning it is a huge reservoir of energy and can really sustain and endure, just like Fixed cousins Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo; but unlike the others, Taurus is is the most stubborn of them all because it is fixed Earth. Earth is the element we all know, as humans, the best; it is the material plane, and most of you reading this are aware that there is more to life than material things….but it’s hard to believe there is more than meets the eye, and many people never get beyond the material plane. Taurus is not just fixed earth, but also ruled by Venus, planet of leisure and love. There are 2 other Zodiac signs in the element of Earth, but they are not fixed, and they are not ruled by planets as pleasant and indolent as Venus. So Taurus can really get stuck in pleasant things–hence the reputation to be lazy.  Taurus loves, wants and collects security, which it craves, and luxury, which it loves.  At it’s best, the Sun in Taurus knows gratitude for the gifts of our 5 senses and all Mother Earth gives us, including the gift of money: Taurus is a wise steward when high functioning, knowing moderation in values and in the collection and amassing of resources/money. At it’s worst, Taurus hoards and overreacts and is stuck; this sign gets stuck in ways no other sign does, which is a disaster if the place where one is stuck is mental illness. All Taurus people are having their worlds shaken by Uranus, which is in this sign for the next 7 years. Those of you born in the first part of Taurus are feeling it the most; Taurus people are feeling values changing and unfamiliar freedom urges and needs.

Monday April 22 at 4:05pm the Sun in Taurus crosses paths with Uranus; there is a strong need and expression of freedom on this day, as well as the 3 days before and after; however, Taurus is a conservative sign, it does not like change in the material world, but this does not mean it cannot be radical in a conservative manner. A collective expression of this energy is the arrest of a private citizen in a private militia expressing conservative values in a radical way; this story was in the news as this aspect was forming at the start of the weekend, a link to the Reuters story here. This is Earth Day–Happy Earth Day. This could be the most radical Earth Day since Earth Day started!

Wednesday April 24 Pluto in Capricorn stops to turn retrograde at 11:45am. For those of you born in the last 2 weeks of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn–you are most influenced by this. Find out more about your Sun Sign dates here. Every year Pluto stops once to turn backwards, and the weeks leading up to and after this point can feel intense and relentless in the part of your chart where Capricorn operates. Capricorn has great qualities, but Pluto tends to bring out the worst: Pluto represents secrets, power, control and all transformative processes and it can be a bully in Capricorn–the sign of the CEO, all business, no pleasure–encouraging you to deny your own personal need for comfort and safety, whatever that means to you: chances are, right now you are not doing enough of it, especially if you are feeling depressed.  Many of my clients have big insights when Pluto is turning retrograde. Accidents happen, too, if you are pushing yourself too hard and not paying attention to the basic rules of the road…whatever that road is. If you find yourself feeling like you’ve made some sort of psychic or emotional breakthrough recently or in the next 2 weeks, you probably have; claim your victory if you have! Pay attention to ways you can reclaim your own personal power, even as our larger systems of power appear to be cracking. Learning how to identify, plan, build and ultimately depend on your own personal structures is key at this time. Thoughts are structures–our beliefs and emotions need thoughts. We need to transform our thoughts!

Wednesday and Thursday are serious days; duty, responsibility, work for others…by Friday the Moon moves from sober Capricorn to freedom loving Aquarius: on Friday, in some way or fashion, the mood is to disrupt–folks might be a bit unglued at work as they struggle to maintain after a long week of having to maintain. Just watch you don’t get caught up on something too idealistic, that is if you have any energy, because early Saturday at 6:04am the biggest aspect pattern of the week is exact: Mars–action–in easily bored Gemini squares Neptune–illusions–in Pisces–spirituality/fantasies/dreams/addictions.  This energy is draining, and has been feeling draining all week; we feel discouraged, disheartened more easily this week. Why? Mars, the action planet and ego planet, can’t act and be egotistical when confounded by Neptune. Neptune doesn’t care about the ego, it just wants to bliss-out on love, compassion, ideals, drugs, Spirit, martyrdom. Mars likes a clear path to victory; Neptune is a fog, dissolving ego so there is more room for the magical and non-ordinary. Picking a fight may not get you very far due to depleted energies. This energy is really impacting those of you born the last half of the Mutable signs–Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo–dates here. In fact, the only one of these signs without a planet in it now is humble Virgo. I recommend using some of the strengths of high-functioning Virgo this week to feel better and balance out all the clamoring noise from Neptune, Mars and Jupiter–seriously, these 3 are confusing us all with a celestial shell game. Stick to a routine, act on feelings of compassion, hone your skills, make yourself have experiences that build self-confidence, and then repeat; bring order where there is none; do something positive and of service to animals, create a healthy daily routine, use handicrafts to soothe your mind.

Finally, last January in one of my forecasts I reviewed some star charts related to the arrest of former NPR affiliate news reporter and current political activist and prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Then, I suggested that in April there would be positive movement on his case. Late last week, it was announced Mumia will get a new hearing to appeal his conviction for murder. This is great news for Mumia! News on this story here.




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