Astrology Forecast April 29–May 5, 2019

Welcome to the forecast! All times are PDST, which is local time.

This is a dynamic week which ends with a New Moon in Taurus on Friday May 3. The day before and after the New Moon are good for acting to bring positive, mind-expanding ideas, people and experiences into your life; you can be in the right place at the right time and the right people will be hearing you because of other planetary influences with this New Moon. This week it’s all about whether you A) know your limits and B) can resist that last round, that final markdown, that amazing deal, that last hit. Because if you have good timing and abide by A and B above, good things can come your way this week. This week, timing is everything.

Monday 4/30 feels heavy: Saturn turns retrograde today at 5:55pm.  Those of you with your Sun or another planet/angle at 20 degrees of Capricorn–that’s January 11th–or 5 days on either side of that date are most impacted.  Same for 20 degrees of the other Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer and Libra. That’s April 10, June 13 and October 14. On a personal level, this generally feels depressing– the feeling is one of duty, responsibility, limits and a pervasive negative mood because nothing seems to be going anywhere. Capricorn teaches the lesson of patiently waiting. Capricorn out waits everyone and always gets what he/she wants, in the end, because the rest of us gave up. When Saturn turns retrograde this year, it does so at nearly the same degree as Pluto–not know for optimism–and the transiting South Node of the Moon–traditionally a point representing the past, past-lives and things that are past-their-prime in that you know them too well and need to move on. In short, Saturn turning retrograde this year can churn up old crap more easily this year as opposed to last year. If you feel depressed, find ways to nurture or imagine your way out by reading, watching movies, listening to music. Snacks and junk TV/movies can solve lots of problems. Just walk it off the next day–remember your physical health is priceless.

Tuesday 4/30 is fluid with a lot of different moods: stay grounded and don’t get pulled off course. Up until 11:38pm thinking, communicating, all skills, short trips, friendly competition–especially verbal–and dynamic encounters with siblings, neighbors and primary ed are all highlighted. Mercury is making a nice angle to Mars–but these planets move fast, so pace yourself on this moody day. Mercury moves on, though, to make a compulsively moody square to both Saturn and Pluto Wednesday 5/1 and Thursday 5/2. Both days avoid getting all obsessive-compulsive about nothing. Or anything, actually. Just take it easy. On days like these it’s easy to get into a beef, be bullied or be the bully. If you catch yourself latching on with a death grip….immediately release. It’s not worth it. Once we get past 2:38 pm Thursday things are a bit sunnier and it’s a great afternoon/evening for activities for humans and their pets/horses, but communication of all sorts is well supported.

By Friday 5/3 at 1:18pm the Moon moves into Taurus, kicking into gear the New Moon in Taurus–exact Saturday afternoon at 3:46pm. Friday–Sunday are all good nights to go out–the energy of the weekend is very positive, allowing us access to stability and innovation as we make new fresh starts in areas assigned to Taurus such as: Planet Earth, farms, banks, currencies, cosmetics, archaeology, decorative arts, interior design, beauty industry, skin care as well as hoarding disorders–Taurus loves to collect. On a collective level, this New Moon brings some unpredictable acceleration to the cracks, erosion and austerity in the government we’ve been experiencing since 2016:  the infrastructure of the country is falling apart, so perhaps more rapid erosion of government or innovations in austerity: government will be even more in the news this week–as if it is not enough already.  For those of us plowing (ha ha, Taurus image) ahead on a personal level trying to make positive change, this New Moon highlights a very dynamic planetary aspect that can bring some good luck to your quest for change, and this energy is exact Sunday 5/5 at 2:57pm: Mars–action planet–opposite Jupiter–growth planet. This happens every 2 years. There is a strong need for freedom to act as you see fit: no restrictions, you just want to continue growing and advancing your agenda, whatever it happens to be. Just check your motives, desires–and don’t overestimate your resources or capacities. Don’t overspend only to be cash-strapped by mid-summer. For those of you not acting foolishly, the days leading up to Sunday May 5 are great for being in the right place at the right time–or managing to be where the right people need to hear/see you–to move forward with your desires and bring positive people/resources/abilities/skills into your life: it’s all about timing. I knew a physician once who often said of luck: you rehearse your luck. That’s this aspect, in a nutshell. And it is strongly enhanced the the New Moon on Friday. I hope you all have a lucky weekend. And, this weekend, I’d avoid overdoing it with booze, extreme sports and organized gambling. If the casino is your thing, maybe limit your cash or time with the one-armed bandits: having a plan can save you some serious simoleans this weekend!





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