The Bullet Journal: Organize your Life

I learned about the bullet journal method from a client, and I am very grateful–I am less stressed and more productive.

Previously, I organized my life on the back of envelopes and cocktail napkins. And a day-planner; which was somehow never convenient when I had a list to make or something to jot down.

Now I have one slender journal for my day planner which includes places for brainstorming, hashtags, grocery lists, project notes: all indexed and easy to locate. The bullet journal is a concept that can be used for your personal life, your business life, in any area that you need to organize.

Curious about the method, I bought the book; I highly recommend it, as the author explores mindfulness and meaning. Just reading about the ease of the system helped me feel relaxed.

The brilliance of the bullet journal is that it is an analog method to help our  brains organize our digital existence. In this week’s astrology forecast, I talked about the sign of Virgo and details; the bullet journal is just what you need to conquer all of your details!


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