House Plants Reduce Stress and Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Last week my favorite NPR talk show The 1A devoted a segment to house plants and their role in well-being. Listen here–and discover what you already know: you need a houseplant!

Here is my one house plant, an African Violet; at the end of every long hot Tucson summer it looks about dead, then starts to bud:

And then, once it buds, it flowers!

Sometimes, we are really out of touch with nurture. And nature. House plants help us nurture nature! And thus help us nurture our own natures. How can you not smile at a flower on your windowsill?

Plants connect us to the natural world; they are complex organisms with their own plant consciousness and plant spirit; they freshen the air; they are lush reminders of gardens.

Take a listen to The 1A. And get yourself a plant!

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