Sound Therapy for Healing: A Visit to the So-Sound Sanctuary at Spa-Tique in Middleton, Wisconsin

I just tried Sound Therapy for the first time while visiting the Madison, Wisconsin area, at the Spa-Tique run by Susan Harrison. Here I am with my mom and Susan at her lovely healing space:

Here is my mom on the Sound Lounge; this technology allows for healing sound frequencies to flow through the body, the table is amplified to transmit the same frequencies you hear through the headphones. This is a very peaceful, healing feeling that promotes profound relaxation. I was so relaxed after half an hour lying on the Sound Lounge feeling beautiful healing sounds moving through me. It’s not just headphones; its like the massage table is singing, too. It’s not motorized vibration; it is sound.

I also tried using the Kasina Mind Media System for Light and Sound unit; this uses visual imagery coordinated with sound.

It looks nerdy; but it was relaxing!!

Remember how Ella Fitzgerald broke glass when she sang a high note? She did, read more here. Sound matters. Susan is an expert on sound and how the body can heal with the thoughtful use of sound; talking to her about her body of knowledge was refreshing!

If you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area…..give this a try! Sound therapy can help the body heal itself!

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