Happy Halloween and Samhain 2019 Astrology Forecast!

Happy Halloween! And of course happy Samhain! Click below for video!


Week Ahead: 

Before we get to Halloween we have to get through this weekend. Aggressive Mars wants to start negotiations, relationships in Libra and squares Authority-Figure Saturn in Serious Saturn. It’s not unusual to loose one’s cool under these stars. Things improve after Sunday.

Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween this year 0842am PST. Anticipate snafus, delays, glitches. In the sign of Scorpio, thoughts are deep, emotional. If you seriously want to commune with your dearly departed loved ones…or if you want to incubate a dream, explore shamanic journeying or engage in some deep occult practice, this Halloween offers you powerful energy to maybe give your intuition and psychic powers a bit of a boost. Mercury is very psychic in Scorpio. Many of you Millennials know this as many of you have Pluto in Scorpio, making you more likely to experience what I’m talking about. Pluto rules Scorpio.

I’m already feeling Mercury retrograde. Today I could not find my digital camera for shooting HD video. I know I put it somewhere safe before I left for my 2 week vacation; now, upon my return…..I seriously spent 90 minutes today looking for where I could have put it. So instead I shot on my Ipad, which for me is more of a pain as far as YouTube is concerned. The thing is, I just do not lose track of things. I blame the astrology of the day, the astro du jour!


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