The Astrology of the Qassem Soleimani Assassination

It doesn’t take a genius astrologer to predict that the USA will suffer some painful retaliation from President Trump’s provocative assassination of elite Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on January 2, 2020 The real question is when and how bad. So far we have seen the Iranian Revolutionary Guard fire missiles at American bases in Iraq–remarkable, but since no American lives were lost, today the Trump administration states this shows Iran does not want to escalate the conflict. So. Can we really believe that this is the extent of Iran’s retaliation?

As usual, astrology can give us some context.

On January 2nd, when Trump gave the order and the assassination was carried out, Mars was at 29 degrees of Scorpio. When a planet is at 29 degrees it is called a “critical degree” because events that occur at this degree are more important, more vital, more visceral than the other 28 degrees.  There are 12 Zodiac signs; each gets it’s own 30 degrees of the 360 degrees in a circle. 29 degrees is the end of the line: a planet like Mars is at maximum expression here. Because 29 is the end, events that happen when planets travel over this degree often involve endings.

Scorpio rules death and the new life emerges from death. Mars is the willful action planet. A murder committed when Mars is at 29 degrees of Scorpio is going to have more long-term consequences, be messier and have a greater impact than a murder committed at another time.

Mars at 29 degrees of Scorpio forms a square (a 90 degree angle–a challenge) to the natal moon of the USA, which is at 27 degrees of Aquarius. The moon symbolizes safety and security.  The assassination makes the USA less safe and secure–and as a result, as a nation we are likely to get hit harder by Iran and feel less safe. January 10 and the week following are the most likely dates I think to see any direct action from Iran. I think if a cyber-attack were to occur–and that has been the speculation, given their superiority at covert computer attacks–it is most likely to occur in the weeks after March 23: authoritarian Saturn moves into technological Aquarius on this date–and forms a square to revolutionary, futuristic Uranus. In the myths of old, Saturn and Uranus were enemies and a square between them is a challenge between structure and chaos.

So what next? The full moon on Friday January 10th is of epic proportions and the 12th and 13th are very powerful days. More to come when I write a full moon forecast tomorrow. We are all in for some big changes.

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