Full Moon in Cancer 2020: Your Personal Daily Forecast

OVERVIEW: January 10–13 are pivotal days for us all, and planet Earth: the energy is extremely intense and unpredictable. Have courage and be kind to others; the astrology now is very hard to tolerate–the temptation to burn it all down and blow it all up is great. Events that occur during this time have enormous significance–these are the most powerful days of the year.

After the 10th, all planets are in direct motion–no retrogrades until mid-February. When all planets move forward, things advance more quickly.

Friday 1/10–The full moon today at 12:11 PST is in the sign it rules–Cancer: home, hearth, family, emotions, security and safety are the domains of this sign. Today is also an eclipse, so the moon does not shine down on us–instead we feel it’s shadow. It is not a very friendly moon, this one, inviting you over for a nice cozy meal with loved ones; no, this moon is nothing like that at all, this moon has her door barricaded against the opposing (that is, directly opposite) masculine, stern Capricorn planets that at worst are power-hungry, control-seeking, authoritarian-loving….and have no interest in your own personal comfort. Does this sound like your own internal landscape–are you under the thumb of your own ruthless self-control? Or is it a romantic partner, a boss, a job, a parent that is keeping you down?

Here is a map of the skies for this full moon–notice all the cluster of Capricorn planets opposite the moon:

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 2020

This lunar eclipse is calling for us all to reject inner–and outer–controlling forces that deny the legitimacy of our loving affirmations and aspirations.

To make this full moon more intense, iconoclastic Uranus turns from retrograde to direct motion today. This transit brings shocks, surprises and upsets in the week before and after it changes direction—it moves slowly, so the influence builds up and then lingers a while. Clearly, the past 7 days have been nothing but upsets in the world order–unlwaful assassinations, civilian passenger planes shot out of the sky, escalating storms of wild fires….and a major earthquake.

This is the energy of breakthroughs–there are spiritual breakthroughs, personal ones…and there are military ones: on all levels, there is an enormous force pushing us to break free of old programming—-this, to make progress on our personal life journeys. Self-empowerment demands that we take the Capricorn journey of one step at a time up that mountain.

Saturday 1/11:

The morning has a surprise to it–big-hearted moon in Leo squares–challenges–iconoclastic Uranus. You can feel good by thinking outside the box.

Today there is easy access to the passionate element of fire: for people with a lot of fire in their charts (that’s you Leo, Aries and Sadge), it’s been a big wet blanket since the Winter Solstice 3 weeks ago. Capricorn’s cold hard reality makes the Fire-type unusually depressed–the usual fire-sign fantasies about the triumph of self-expression, personal adventure and perseverance against all odds are extinguished by the stern authority of Capricorn.

It’s not much, but today the element of Fire offers some optimism with these planets: Mars in grandstanding Sagittarius, the Moon in self-esteem loving Leo and the wounded healer Chiron in warrior Aries. Taking action on healing; taking action on personal philosophies or beliefs; coming up with new philosophies that support your healing and physical expression; having courage to change. Sadge loves movement–walking, running, hiking or dancing are all good options.

Sunday 1/12:

Any big dreams you had yesterday about being personally effective may feel thwarted this morning–do not take it personally. The moon is still in self-loving Leo, and for most of the morning it forms an irritating angle to dreamy Neptune: adjustments are called for, and when you make them you still hold on to your dreams….and your sanity.

But today’s big news is the EXACT conjunction–merger–of controlling Saturn and secretive Pluto in Capricorn. Lessons about personal power and the consequences of giving it away, hiding it, manipulating it and not being honest about it are themes with this pairing. Much has been written about this–the last time these 2 met in Capricorn was 1518.

Monday 1/13–Wednesday 1/15

Monday is like Sunday, just worse because most of us have to go to work today.

However, for you romantic types who can tolerate a wild hair…..the planet of love, Venus, moves into dreamy romantic Pisces today and immediately forms an easy angle to eccentric, unconventional Uranus. If you are looking for love you may meet someone offbeat, from a different country, religion, tribe or social class; this trend continues through the 15th. But maybe stay in to swipe left or right–Tuesday evening looks to be a bit critical and cranky due to a Mars/Moon square, but Wednesday is a nice night to go out.

Thursday 1/16:

Communicating Mercury moves into cerebral, detached Aquarius this afternoon. There is space to think; new ideas can more easily come to your consciousness–the thinking planet is brainy, chatty and eccentric in this sign. However, Mercury does immediately form a challenge to Uranus, planet of the unexpected: mercury rules travel, and with surprises possible, mind your commute home today and Friday as well.  You may find yourself surprised at what you are thinking and learning about! New ideas–let them in!

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