Astrology Forecast for New Moon in Aquarius and January 2020

Happy Aquarius Season! Today January 20th the Sun went into the sign of Aquarius, where it travels now through February 20. Aquarians are at best offbeat, intellectual, helpful, friendly, emotionally detached humanitarians who have an eccentric orbit of friends and social causes and often love humanity more than one specific human. The Sun traveling through this sign will bring up more interest in social and environmental justice and all humanitarian causes; Aquarius–and Uranus, ruler of this rebel sign–can take radical tendencies to a radical extreme.  Aquarius is emotionally detached. If you are in a relationship with an Aquarian, you know it is like relating to Spock sometimes: you have to explain the lived emotional reality of humans to them over and over again.

The Week Ahead–all times are Mountain Standard Time:

Business: This is a good week for business opportunities to be available or to have open up in unexpected ways–perhaps through a social interaction or simply an investment tip. This is a good time for creating, negotiating and initiating contracts and  transactions–adjusting financial portfolios, buying art. Today the Sun moved into Aquarius, ushering in the spirit of sudden change–a universal life principal that the sign of Aquarius rules. There is something new in the air: ideals, the future. At the same time, what-we-value Venus in idealistic Pisces is forming an easy angle to expansive Jupiter in practical Capricorn. Maybe you will find an opportunity to move your petroleum based stock portfolio to a 100% green energy collection of stocks.

Things are smooth sailing now through mid-February, when Mercury next goes retrograde into mid-March. By May, 4 planets will be retrograde–less forward momentum. Look for opportunities to grow what you value–your relationships, your values, your money.

Relationships: If you are having some relationship problems and need to hash something out, I’d say do it sooner rather than later…..sooner being the next few days. Increasing confusion and friction in one-on-one relationships is more likely as the week progresses–loving (Venus) is forming a challenging angle to desiring Mars Sunday night. Venus is in touchy-feely Pisces gets hurt feelings when Mars in emotionally absent Sagittarius wants to horse around no strings–or romance–attached. Now, if your dream romantic weekend includes camping, rodeos, backpacking, exploring…then you’ll have no problems, your temperament will likely weather this annual challenge because you groove to the Sadge spirit of adventure–and blockheadedness. But if you are the romantic comedy type….a good way to deal with this confusion is dance and and fluid movement like swimming or visual arts like film or movie making. Organize pictures; ride your bike to a photo exhibit; walk to a film. Mars is Sadge is movement; Pisces is the image: combined, both are the moving image, movies, and propaganda.  Mars likes physical energy and Pisces likes to flow–and both want to make religious or spiritual meaning. If you and your partner are at an impasse, go dancing; try and make the week ahead, and the weekend,  light-and-fluffy in the relationship department and turf off any serious talks until after 1/29. This Venus/Mars square is exaggerated this time around due to interference by gas-lighting Neptune. Things aren’t quite what they seem, just like the movies. Give it a few days and you’ll see more clearly on 1/30 when Mars and Venus have moved away from Neptune and each other.

The Moon is New in Aquarius on Friday afternoon; and, it squares–forms a challenge–to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus has been in and out of Taurus since May of 2017–this is the first time it is contacting the Sun in Aquarius, and I’ll be curious to see what much needed shake-ups and disruptions we experience.  Most of the planets during this New Moon are in Zodiac signs that are concerned with the collective experiences (Aquarius) and social structures (Capricorn) of human condition–so much of what is playing out in our collective spheres–social media, politics–is related to what is playing out in our own private sphere. This New Moon, the Sun (free will) and the Moon (security) in rebellious Aquarius challenge individualistic Uranus in status-quo Taurus. Clashes between rebels and those wanting to preserve the system are very possible Thursday through the weekend. Expect some big surprise. I know, in astrology you are looking for something more specific–but Uranus and Aquarius are chaotic and unpredictable energies, and when repressed, they express their needs for freedom at any cost.  This New Moon is volatile–so I’m predicting surprising events, something very unanticipated in the impeachment trial and something shocking about the climate crisis. We have a few volcanoes in Alaska and the Philippines spewing steam and lava, maybe a volcano will blow.

What are good intentions for this New Moon? Intentions about setting goals and allowing yourself to have positive dreams for your future and the future of all humankind. Make intentions about friendship, being a good friend, finding new friends. Intentions about creativity, uniqueness–finding unique, creative solutions to entrenched problems. Being your own best friend! That is a challenge for most. Aquarius is the sign of the friend. We would all be better off with more friends and less screen time.  Look for ways to accept your own needs for self-expression and ways to express your unique nature; find ways to fight for social justice, if that is your thing, or volunteer for a political cause. Or join a non-partisan civic group. Or join a group–Aquarius rules groups. A knitting group? A book group? The New Moon in Aquarius is time for new beginnings in the human feeling–use these ideas for your own new start.

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