Astrology Forecast For All 12 Zodiac Signs through February 9

Welcome to the forecast! All times are MST.

There was a great opinion piece in The Guardian last week about contemporary astrology–check this out. 

And, before I get into the forecast for the week ahead–a quick look at last week, because the New Moon in Aquarius last Friday 1/24–which was in effect through Sunday afternoon 1/26–was a loaded with volatile, unpredictable and shocking planetary aspect patterns that laid the table for significant–but impossible to conceive or predict–events.

Friday January 24–in China, the unprecedented travel ban in Wuhan and Hubei Province begins–50 million people are prevented from travel to reduce spread of the new Coronovirus (timeline here).

Also on this date, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake devastates Eastern Turkey.

Sunday January 26–First reports about former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s new book appear in the New York Times in which he writes that the President told him he would not lift the freeze on security aid to Ukraine until that country investigated his rivals, the Bidens. This bombshell drops in the middle the US Senate Impeachment Trial of the President.

Sunday January 26–tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and 7 others: their deaths shock a nation. I have never heard the word “shock” used so much on ESPN or sports radio as I have in the past week. At the time of the the tragedy the Moon in Aquarius is at 27 degrees–which is the exact same as the USA Moon. This is a national tragedy–the outpouring of grief is stunning across the nation.

I believe that, from what I am seeing, the new Coronavirus is going to intensify and be very disruptive. Why? More next week.

ARIES–You are likely working more than you want, and feeling restricted, and possibly even feeling a bit depressed–uncharacteristic for the sign that is famous for unflappable confidence. You need to wait till March 22 for the weight to be lifted. This Friday the 7th Venus, planet of love, goes into Aries–you may want to start something in romance or business, but you will have to avoid impulse and plan and strategize your way.

TAURUS–3 planets in Capricorn are grounding already grounded Taurus, and in the sign of banks and possessions, this week is good for business and maintaining your personal status quo, if that’s what floats your boat. It’s an excellent week for you to dig into your dreams and spiritual practices with easy access to 3 dreamy Pisces planets making nice angles to all 30 degrees of Taurus, so wherever your Sun falls, maybe look to values larger than your bank account.

GEMINI and VIRGO–you are lumped together because you are both ruled by the quick moving and quick-witted Mercury, and your ruler moves into the sign of PISCES Monday February 3rd. Save for the moon, no other planet moves as fast as Mercury–which is why Gemini and Virgo are restless, always thinking, busy and in motion. Expect to feel more impractical, spacey, intuitive, dreamy, inspired or deluded depending on whether you are taking the high road or the low one. Through Thursday, Mercury makes a nice angle to Uranus–the other intellectual planet of the Zodiac. There are opportunities for you to have powerful dreams, creative thoughts, sudden unexpected short trips and surprises related to handicrafts. Mercury rules the hands and wrists and all crafts made by human hands.

CANCER–Like your Aries cousins, you really need to wait till March 22 to start feeling like you can safely emerge from you hobbit-hole; it feels harsh out there, but what seems rough is just designed to help you structure your watery depths so your intuitive and creativity and domestic life can continue to provide the security you crave. Right now your Sun is getting a lot of emo energy from watery Pisces; the element of water is not structured–work on accepting and incorporating whatever structures are being imposed on you now. There are 3 planets in Capricorn opposing you now–with Mars due to join them March 18th, the feeling of being under the gun will only increase.

LEO–Are you an early Leo, with a July birthday around the 22nd–26th? The first part of the week may offer a crisitunity of some sort, and a fated one at that–whatever comes your way, you’ll need to use your intuition and intellect to work it out. Creativity is your key. Do you have a Leo birthday from August 12–21? There is a Full Moon in Leo on February 9th–in effect the 7th–9th–and there are quite a few adjustments you will need to make, Leo, on these days to really shine–accept that emotional expression is safe and OK, and that only by trusting feelings and accepting responsibility for your behavior will you truly shine. This week you can be a petty housecat or a leader of the pride–up to you.

LIBRA–Like your opposite sign, Aries, you are not feeling light and fluffy–the Libra default setting. Responsibilities have to be met, work has to be done–both professionally and in your relationships. Libra does not like to commit–consider making a commitment to yourself, to improve your current state of affairs by accepting the reality of whatever situation or relationship is dogging you. Give yourself a firm foundation for your light-hearted exploits. On the February 7th Venus moves into Aries, opposite your Sun; this can bring love or something you value into your life. A firm footing will improve your odds!

SCORPIO–Detachment, Scorpio, that is the theme for you this week; it’s the opposite of what you do so well: constantly dig deeper and deeper at your latest obsession, and, nursing grudges. Detachment is helpful for you; allowing a bit of space helps see the big picture–not everything needs a full blown investigation, and, some things can truly be accepted at face value. Scorpio does not trust easily. Maybe start practicing now. Starting late next month, the push to detach from your strong hidden emotions will only increase making it that much harder to practice trust.

SAGITTARIUS–You are feeling very energized, Sagittarius–don’t overdo it this week, it’s easy to over-eat, over-drink, travel to excess and stand on your soap-box. Mars is traveling through this sign, giving every Saggitarian Sun a boost of assertiveness–the last thing you all really need, as the fire signs are the most resilient of the Zodiac and could use a bit of hubris now and then. Sadge loves to make meaning out of things–this is a great week to explore dreams, myths, stories and spiritual practices that can help you make meaning of your world.  Sadge also has a temper: with Mars here, you could fly off the handle or horse around to excess. Finding a project or adventure to work on will help you process this action-energy of Mars.

CAPRICORN–Starting mid-month, Mars will enter your sign and give all of you a big boost to work harder, climb higher and build your personal authority. To prepare, take stock of where you are now–no doubt, you have been working very hard. Think back to December 2017 and how since that time, there is more structure in your life, either imposed on you or because of your own hard work–and it’s been intense. This period in your life is coming to a close in late March. Figure out now what projects you want to advance, and which ones can wait, so when you get this surge of energy to move things ahead mid-February, you are well positioned to move forward.

AQUARIUS–The Sun is currently transiting this unique zodiac sign, giving everyone born under this eccentric star a little extra sparkle now through February 18th.  ; the Sun makes few aspect,Please read GEMINI and VIRGO about a special aspect for you this week–it involves your ruler, Uranus. Look for creative opportunities with neighbors, siblings–Aquarius people are experiencing big changes in their personal values. Uranus makes this nice aspect with Mercury 2 more times this month–super intuitive out-of-this-world insights are yours for the taking this month.

PISCES–Things have been a bit too dreamy for Pisces people lately–3 planets are transiting that time now, all of them prone to being completely impractical and/or inspired when in this sign: Neptune, Mercury and Venus. The first you can’t do much about–slow moving Neptune is there 5 more years. Mercury is here through April 3. But romantic Venus is in Pisces now, and in this sign it really puts a spell on you; this February at 2:03pm Venus moves into Aries, lightening up the Pisces fog a bit and helping you all see a bit better.




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