Your Valentine’s Day 2020 Astrology Forecast for All Signs plus Mercury Retrograde

Welcome to the Forecast!

All times are MST.

In general, the trend this week (now through Monday February 17)  for all signs is an uptick in being a bit too busy and thus easily distracted from your personal goals. This week ahead appears to offer a lot of energy to focus on the big picture–or big distractions–at the expense of details. Maybe let yourself watch some long, inflated movie or leaf through some travel literature to burn off some of this need to expand your horizons…even if most of the day you do not see much past your cubicle.  This week, whether in business or pleasure, do not avoid, forget or discount the details you need to attend to in order to keep your big dreams afloat. Give yourself more time to get things done; other people will be more confused and distracted especially Sunday and Monday. Mercury goes retrograde in wishy-washy Pisces Monday afternoon February 17th. Action oriented Mars changes signs from philosophical Sagittarius to business-minded Capricron one day earlier and adds to the sudden tempo change.

Valentine’s Day could be an emotional mine-field this year: the quick moving moody Moon is in grudge-holding Scorpio so it’s not a very light-heated mood for you lovers. Additional factors make getting booty-hurt and feeling wounded a little too easy, so you may have to armor-up and be able to take a few swings if you want to achieve your romantic goals: being a good sport is key, as Mars is winding up his tour of athletic Sagittarius this weekend. At 29 degrees, Mars is stronger than usual on Valentine’s Day. Things can come to an end when planets are at 29 degrees– it blows to get dumped on Valentine’s Day, and with Mars here this year odds are slightly higher than average. Consider factoring in some action or something dynamic that lets you horse around to burn off some of this assertive energy–Mars makes a nice angle to the Sun in  detached Aquarius. Maybe keep it a bit fun and easy going to get the most out of this Valentine’s Day. Games, arch-chair travel, travel movies, sports, debates and even bookish activities are winners this Valentine’s Day. With so many planets in practical, why-spend-more Capricorn just getting your foot out the door and giving yourself permission to have fun will be an accomplishment. And give yourself plenty of time! Mercury is at a standstill in the sky this Valentine’s Day–in amorphous, not reality based Pisces. Expect delays or miscommunications  in travel and restaurant reservations.

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