Your Daily Astrology Forecast through February 23, 2020

Welcome to the forecast. All times are MST.

With action-oriented Mars changing signs this Sunday, February 16, and thinking Mercury turning retrograde during your Monday commute home, the week gets off to a wonky start. Tuesday the Sun moves from rebellious Aquarius to dreamy, spacey Pisces. Read on to learn how this impacts you and all Zodiac Signs.

Unexpected delays, sudden intuitive insights and stuff from your personal past to come up on Monday as communicating Mercury turns retrograde in the most evasive sign of the zodiac–Pisces. In Pisces, Mercury likes to communicate in flexible, non-verbals ways like art, myths, legends, music, dance, dreams–if crude language must be used, Pisces prefers poetry and ballads. Try to find ways to explore these plastic ways of communicating. Pisces obfuscates and fudges the truth and can make things foggy–keep this in mind in your business dealings so you don’t get fooled.  Now through April 10 is best for assessing projects you have already started and devote time to editing, revising, reshaping and revisiting them–it is NOT ideal to initiate new action during this time, not because anything bad will happen but because increased delays and miscommunications are just more likely–the planet of communication is moving backwards, and will meet up with the Sun in Pisces next week so this Mercury Retrograde is a bit stronger.  For Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is your ruler–you are all a bit more like Pisces right now, and are feeling more spacey, tired, busy and not very grounded. More self-care, and let yourself space out in safe, healthy ways–you will feel surprisingly energized. For all signs, it is easy to get deceived when Pisces is strong. It’s easy to get caught up in an illusion with this retrograde–avoid making any rash decisions based on ideals, dreams, future plans and things that are too good to be true. Expect an increase in rain events and flooding during this retrograde as well.

Also on Monday, the warrior planet Mars is now in ambitious Capricorn–and makes very strong and easy angle to radical Uranus in status-quo Taurus. Despite Uranus being in Taurus now for almost 2 years, this slow moving revolutionary planet has not directly experienced Mars in Capricorn yet–so what to expect with the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn jacked up with these powerful planets? Look for disruptions and agitations related to the environment, climate change and natural disasters. I expect this week to see a very big muscular expression of power in the federal government here in the USA–last week President Trump was observed to make aggressive, vindictive moves against his opponents and make a big power grab at the DOJ (Department of Justice). Expect to see more of this, just worse, even more abusive and more concerning. Mars wants to get what it wants, and in Capricorn Mars wants power.  Our power-hungry POTUS will be on a tear this week.  Mars and Uranus  are super-strong for the next 7 days as they do their first trine as they form their first 120 degree angle to each other– there are 3 big powerful planets already in authoritarian Capricorn–rigid Saturn, burn-it-to-the-ground-and-start-over Pluto and expanding Jupiter–and Mars, like the steroid it is, just amps up everything in this sign of authority.  Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries are feeling this very powerful energy the most–if your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign is in one of these signs, you are learning lessons about limits of personal power and your relationship to authority and the limits involved–and I’m happy to say that these lessons will feel a whole lot less acute, personal and intractable  once we get past March 3rd.

The mood for fun evenings after work is a bit dim this week. Friday looks good. In general this week, try to avoid power plays at work and in your relationships. It is not a great time to move projects and relationships forward. Catch up with old friends, review projects, revisit unfinished projects and plan for your future–these are all great ways to maximize the energy this week.








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