Full Moon Gemini 2020: Find Meaning to Prepare for the Upcoming Aquarian Age

The historic conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn for most of 2020 ushered in life-changing circumstances for all of us. A year ago astrologers were wondering what powerful event this rare constellation would bring into our collective and personal lives in 2020–now we know, and the pandemic seems to be going on forever: believe it or not, a  big shift in vision and reality (finally!!!!) is around the corner mid-December. It will be a real start to the Aquarian age–a rough one, but a start nonetheless. Use Monday’s Full Moon to shift your focus.

For most of this year, nothing has really “started” due to a pandemic, and a prolonged square from rash Mars in assertive Aries moving forward, backward and then forward against entrenched Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in authoritarian Capricorn. It has been very frustrating on multiple levels. In astrology, when forceful Mars is blocked in a square by slower moving rigid Saturn…this type of energy is described as “driving with your brakes on”–and it feels that good. This square squares my Mars–advancing any of my agendas is and was impossible. If your birthday is the last 10 days of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer chances are you can relate to what I am saying.

This current Full Moon, and the New Moon in 2 weeks–can help us now start actively emerging from pandemic-stasis, and be ready to jump on board December 17 and 19, when Saturn and then Jupiter both enter the detached, intelligent sign of Aquarius and bring on the Aquarian Age. They leave the austere, hard-working sign of Capricorn. In Aquarius, both Saturn and Jupiter will express themselves in some unique way–if you have a birthday in early Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio or Leo expect a surprise of some sort the week before Christmas.

This Full Moon is the opposition between the Sun in Big-Picture Sagittarius and the intuitive Moon in intellectual Gemini. Sadge loves the journey, the epic adventure, the tall tale–Gemini loves all the individual data points, texts, emails, conversations and errands that went in to giving that vision enough legs so Sagittarius can take it and run. Discovering new information and using it to widen our vision and bring new meaning to our lives is what Gemini and Sagittarius teach us; and we all have these signs and the houses and planets they rule in our horoscopes. By now, at this stage of the pandemic, we all are starting to make some meaning out of what has happened in the past 9 months. Use this Full Moon to glean meaning from recent events to widen your vision and prepare to move forward when conditions improve. The Full Moon will be disctracting with so many details and optimistic ideals about the future swirling about–if you are a Gemini, Sadge, Pisces or Virgo take steps to stay grounded or you will burn out fast Monday.

This Full Moon does not touch on a lot of other planets–mostly Chiron, Mercury and the pervasively strong Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction are highlighted.

Wounded-healer Chiron in warrior Aries is in an easy angle to both the Sun and Moon. Look for where patterns of poor self-esteem sabotage your personal dreams and visions–find your allies that help you feel (or even fake) courage. Lessons on this topic are available to you, if you ask for guidance.

This Full Moon will bring to our awareness a nice easy angle with communicating Mercury and the 3 big Capricorn planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Just a few weeks ago, when Mercury moved from retrograde to direct motion November 3rd, it really did not have a hope in hell in communicating anything clearly–Mercury was then in the air sign of Libra, wanting to talk about relationships…..and was blocked the whole time by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in disciplined Capricorn. Sine then, thinking Mercury has moved into emotional Scorpio and now forms an easy, not antagonistic, angle to these big slow moving planets in Capricorn. Use this Full Moon to enjoy opportunities to think and talk deep if you have something to say, to write, to express, to create through handicrafts, to post, to blog: and, to do it with siblings, cousins, in your neighborhood…do it through dream-work and ritual. This energy between Saturn and Mercury remains strong through Tuesday at about noon time.

The Aquarian Age really is upon us–I know it sounds corny, right, but it’s true. The stars are dead serious. The super rare and powerful conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in 2020 really was the final coup-de-grace is weakening structures since Pluto initiated this era of transformation in 2008. These weakness will be challenged when Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius in December and January–to be ready for what is new ahead, use this Full Moon to orient yourself to whatever is personally meaningful to you….and start imagining how you might plan to bring that into your life.

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