Storming the United States Capitol: The Last Hours of Mars in Aries 2021

Storming the US Capitol January 6, 2021

Above is a star chart for 1pm yesterday in Washington, D.C. when a mob of White Americans—angered by allegations of election fraud by both corporate media and the US President (indeed spurred on by the President)—stormed the US Capitol from 4 directions, many with gas masks, all White and entitled. A very bad day for White people. The apogee of the Trump presidency. It was ugly. Not a lot of twinkle in the stars.

Most of the stars right now are locked in super tense aspects to each other with no way out—except to blow. Yesterday saw 2 simultaneous strong squares going on at the same time—and one was being set off by a “crisis degree” (more below)—very volatile. The other involved the historic Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in radical Aquarius forming a square to equally radical Uranus traveling through stubborn Taurus. The conjunction is something new that starts a new cycle of growth; that is challenged by Uranus, which in Taurus loves the status quo.

Often there is a pressure valve somewhere—but not now, so these are unusual times. To help us all get through this, I posted a YouTube video January 5th looking at the advancing storm—or advancing pressure cooker—and you can watch that here. More videos will follow with advice about developing trends, how to cope and what you can do to feel better.

If you do NOT want to feel better, consider watching this video of yesterday’s mayhem at the US Capitol. The footage is raw, unfiltered—it is from RT (Russia), so, a traditional enemy but probably a reliable source if you want the unvarnished look.

It is unnerving and so deeply saddening to see the Capitol be sullied, cracked, broken, disrespected, fouled……And, looking at the astrology of the moment—this is the culmination of the worst of a Mars in Aries square a Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter conjunction. That was the enduring celestial phenomenon of 2020. It was in orb for 5 months and 2 days, ending just before Christmas—the plan (Capricorn) to battle (Aries) was in the making for months.

Let us now analyze and explore the star chart above:

Warrior Mars in fighting Aries at 29 degrees, is at the very end of it’s run—going out in a blaze of glory. In astrology 29 degrees of any sign is a crisis degree—a planet poised at this degree is about to flip to the next Zodiac sign, and at this delicate point contains all the lessons it has learned in it’s current trip through it’s current sign. It’s also a crisitunity degree—a crisis can have a positive outcome. We do have planets going in and out of signs all the time so 29 cannot always be a crisis, right, but the likelihood is higher for a planet that is just volatile by definition: Mars. Forceful Mars has been in Aries for over 5 months—a normal run for the Red Planet is 2 months—due to being retrograde: it was with us during the heated presidential campaign, the debates, the election, the absurd legal challenges to the election and now this assault on our country.

Yesterday at 29 degrees, Mars formed a square—a challenge—to 3 planets in authoritarian Capricorn: ruthless power-hungry Pluto, social media savvy Mercury and free-will Sun. Capricorn rules governments, institutions and cops. Aries and Capricorn are 2 of the 4 signs of the Zodiac that want to start something—in this case, when they square each other, they usually want to start a fight. Aries wants to move ahead unrestrained, no questions asked to get what it wants; Capricorn wants to identify and work towards a goal (that will earn responsible and substantial income)—Cappy does not like the rash and brazen way Aries does business. They move in the same way, but have different agendas.

Moving on….Mercury—ruler of all media—is key in yesterday’ events. The President’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts are all now locked. Chatty Mercury is in the sign of authority, as is rapacious Pluto—this is a power-hungry combination that wants control of speech. The Sun amplifies this power-grabbing impulse—the Sun is a symbol of free-will, but in this case may be speaking to the free-will of those in authority and who own the media. The President and the media together stoked anger and pitted American against American in the past 4 years—now it is about to blow as they continue to manipulate this anger. And blow it will—with this current constellation of energy, there is nowhere for this anger to go except to pop. There are no flowing, harmonious aspects to act as pressure valve. Expect more shocks in the next few weeks—especially shocks that impact our national security.

At the same time that Mars, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun were locked in their epic battle, another challenging square was taking place yesterday—this time not with Zodiac signs that want to start things, but with signs that like to get stuck in things. Expansive Jupiter and rigid Saturn—remember the Christmas star?—are now conjunct in fanatical Aquarius for the first time since circa 1405. These 2 planets are insisting on a new social order—right now they are locked in a tight square with Uranus, in status-quo loving Taurus. Neither wants to budge. This square is parked on top of two sensitive national security points: the first is Joe Biden’s natal moon, which is at about 1 degree of Taurus, and the progressed moon of the USA, which is at about 1 degree of Aquarius. There are national security implications with these developments.

This is likely the start of more censorship. Yesterday’s riot will be likely be used by the incoming Biden/Harris administration as a justification for more social control—many well-meaning but misguided Americans want a return to the establishment of norms (Taurus) and will support this. But with exciting, radical Uranus in Taurus there will be no return to the old ways. We will all, instead, have to endure more barricades, obstacles and delays when we visit D.C.

When the astrology is dynamic, I say fasten your seatbelts. This energy is beyond dynamic, though. I say find a flak jacket and somewhere to hunker down, even if all you got is a blanket fort. At least you will be comfy. Taurus loves creature comforts!

  4 comments for “Storming the United States Capitol: The Last Hours of Mars in Aries 2021

  1. Randy Myers
    January 8, 2021 at 6:10 pm

    This insight is a refreshing way to look at what is going on with America these days.
    It is so well written and easy to digest with not a full understanding of astrology.
    Thank you very much for the information.


    • January 8, 2021 at 9:01 pm

      Thanks Randy—that’s a high compliment—and stay tuned for more information!


  2. GrahamTD
    January 10, 2021 at 6:19 pm

    When Trump was elected, the image that came to me was of a growing boil. His election is often referred to as a symptom rather than a cause, his presidency has allowed certain factions to become more open in their activities. Wonder when this boil is gonna get lanced …


    • January 11, 2021 at 10:09 pm

      I do think of the President as a symptom not a cause; the enduring image of one rioter carrying the Confederate flag through the US Capitol eloquently sums it all up—the cause you speak of goes back to our founding. This is all part of the US Pluto return— a once in 244 year cycle. The Saturn return only takes 29 years in comparison. Some writing and video on the US Pluto return coming soon:)

      Liked by 1 person

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