The 1861 US Civil War and The 2021 US Inauguration: Same Astrology, Same White Supremacy…Same Outcome?

U.S. Civil War—Day One, 1861

The star chart above is for the US Civil War. Here we see big-government Saturn squaring a tight conjunction between fighting Mars and revolutionary Uranus. This explosive constellation alone cannot be seen in isolation: it is part of the larger star pattern and destiny of that time. But it sure can seen as a serious threat—and a harbinger of explosions: the planets involved are the most powerful and willful in all the Zodiac. Mars and Saturn in particular are symbolic of the war machine when they clash—as they are now.

So check this out, the same explosive constellation is present today—stern, authoritarian, police-and-military ruling Saturn is squaring a conjunction of head-butting, gun-firing Mars and rebellious, screw-you Uranus:

January 12, 2021

This started January 6th, at 5pm Washington DC time, right as the US Capitol Riot was quelled. Because of the timing, this square speaks to continued violence and crack-downs related to the substance of the riot until Mars moves well past Uranus in several weeks and out of the sign of Taurus entirely early March. This square is not the same square that brought us the actual riot, which had a different astrological mechanism (more on that here).

In the uncertain days since the Storming of the US Capitol, the roiling anger of President Trump’s base, combined with the increasing assertion of White Supremacy by White Americans is clear, visceral and breathtaking in it’s enduring horror. It is not surprising that the stars today look like they did 160 years ago.

What does this mean for you personally? In astrology nothing is “bad” or “good”—the energy from the stars is a continuum from shadow to light—it is our choice how we engage with it. Just as Scorpio can be a scorpion or a dove, we can choose the low road or the high road. For example, this stressful aspect between Mars/Uranus and Saturn can lead to ingenious mechanical solutions, inventions, engineering and work-arounds in our daily lives—it’s the McGyver aspect. It’s the breakthrough aspect—creative breakthroughs, US Capitol breakthroughs: as I said, it is a continuum. What do you need to break-through in order to get out, get to the other side, to be free of whatever has you chained? And if you are breaking through some personal obstacle and running into opposition, what is stopping your momentum?

This contellation of Mars/Uranus and Saturn is very rare—and that is another reason to proceed with caution, expect the unexpected and take the January 6th Insurrection seriously.

I looked at star charts for the USA from 1861 to the present….the only other time we even came close to what we are dealing with now was in May 1953 at the height of the Cold War, Jim Crow and McCarthyism. Then, gaslighting, dissolving Neptune was merged with Saturn as it squared warrior Mars and man-the-barricades Uranus—the Cold War was a fuzzier, foggier and vaguer kind of conflict. Still deadly—but not clear. The Russians were an invisible enemy, communists were invisible among us and Black Americans were brutalized by fascist Jim Crow structuresand regulations that were invisible to White Americans—until Whites were confronted with images (Neptune rules photos) on TV. Though it could be argued that the structural inequities Black Americans face remain invisible to Whites to this day—it is the conceit of the privilege. Without Neptune present to moderate in 1953, the McCarthy Era would likely have been more overtly violent than it was.

Until now, we have always had peaceful transfers of power. For the first time in 244 years that is off the table, and the January 6th transgression opens up more potential for violence. We are starting the Aquarian Age—the call for social justic and equal opportunity is getting louder, it is the call of the majority, and I believe it will prevail. It cannot be stopped—though the elites will try and it may look bleak at times. Expect strong pushback from the status quo—just as you can expect pushback from your own personal status quo if you are trying to change. And… it matters little: when aggressive Mars meets iconoclastic Uranus…and bad-cop Saturn puts up the hand…things blow up in response, or Eureka moments help us resolve the tension and slip free.

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