Full Moon in Leo 2021: The Current State of Time for All Signs

The Moon is growing full as I speak, and today at just about 12:04 PM Tucson time she reaches her peak. This month the moon is in fiery, dramatic and super-loyal Leo. For the next 2 1/2 days the power of this full moon will linger.

Here is the link to the video Full Moon forecast.

What’s the theme and what energy to maximize? Be loyal to yourself—and that means eliminating what is getting in your way of tying that knot to your own heart this lunation. All Zodiac Signs rule different parts of the body. The sign of Leo rules the heart.

Here is the image I shared in my video this Full Moon—a card from the Lynn Andrews Power Deck. This is card #5: Quickening

We are moving into a more positive future—the old guard is hanging on tight, though. And by “moving” I mean that—the Aquarian Age will kick into gear early 2024 when the slow moving, planet that defines entire generations Pluto moves into free-wheeling Aquarius. And by future I do not mean some hippie-tinged Neo-liberal paradise—more of an ecumenical future, in both the body politic and the body Spirit.

How all this will be is unfolding. Our imaginations are powerful—but what if things were better than you can imagine? That is the future for you if you choose to use this Full Moon to be expressive (Leo) in the way you choose to eliminate (Scorpio). Scorpio energy—whether it be exalted or in the gutter—is strong this lunation, especially in regard to power moves in personal relationships and money.

How to maximize this Full Moon? Use the highest values of Scorpio this lunation—share your resources, investigate your psychic or intuitive powers, deeply investigate an area of interest to you—maybe with the intention of using what you learn as fuel for a plan to make and advance when the energy improves (in March). Write a passionate letter to get out feelings about something you need to eliminate and then burn it (safely, maybe in the kitchen sink) dramatically, maybe with some break-up song on in the background.

Stay safe and be healthy—please share with anyone you think would benefit. Astrology is healing—share the love!

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